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Woodward Copper Summer Camp

by Justin Phipps,

Just got back from Woodward at Copper, The Videograss session five, and I’ll tell you that it should for sure be on your bucket list to visit. 278 more words



So in all the mayhem and glory of having a newborn baby I totally forgot that it’s was my sidekicks birthday yesterday!


Lucky he and his family hadn’t forgotten and a date night was planned on our behalf. 661 more words


Journal Entry #14

There are many reasons to take a zero day. The big three are to recover/heal, to get chores done, and to relax. Zeros are the best way to reduce burnout and raise morale. 201 more words


Journal Entry #13

After such a sound sleep, I awoke at a reasonable hour to go on collecting myself. Before I had done much more than sit up, Veggie was back. 290 more words


What To Ask Web Hosting Providers Before Signing A Contract

All websites need a host in which to reside before they can be access by the online public. Choosing a service provider has become a lot more difficult recently with so many new players entering the industry. 323 more words


How to Form a Support Circle: Teen Talks Post I

I am turning out a new “Teen Talk” series in which I shall address mental health issues related to teenagers. If you are past this incubatory time in your life, fantastic. 502 more words

Mental Health

I love my job, but I love my health more...

I’m going to start this blog with a disclaimer: I love my job. I love my coworkers. I love my students. I love everything about teaching and I know I have the most absolutely perfect schedule and situation for a mom who has to work. 941 more words