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Story 2, part 2 - how to deal with anxiety


I said I was going to keep posting regularly but Uni has taken me over! HOWEVER, here’s a post following my last one on Anxiety and panic attacks, and how I deal with it.. 884 more words


Bard The Wandering Caretaker

Lore: Bard travels through realms beyond the imagination of mortal beings. Some of Valoran’s greatest scholars have spent their lives trying to understand the mysteries he embodies. 585 more words


I’ve been feeling blocked these past few days.  I can’t seem to find the words to write and I’m hoping that writing about it here will dislodge the ugly block in my head.  480 more words


Support #2FAB on Patreon!

Enjoy what you’re learning through our Bible podcasts? Then become a patron of the arts.

2FAB is now on Patreon, a website dedicated to supporting artists of all kinds. 74 more words


Uphold the Paris Climate Agreement (Yes, You Personally)

Learn what you, personally, can do to uphold the spirit of the Paris agreement on climate change.

On June 1, Trump announced that the United States would exit the Paris climate accord, making it one of just three nations–the others are Nicaragua and Syria–of 198 to sit it out. 528 more words

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What I wished people understood about my mental health

It can be hard to talk to those you care for about your mental health or even physical health issues. Sometimes the things others say to me can really burn although I truly believe many people mean well. 490 more words

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