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World Autism Awareness Day

Just a quick post to the lovely blogging community, to ask that just for one today (today April 2nd) to turn your blogs blue in support of… 36 more words

Interactive Poetry - Thank You for Being Patient

I want to apologize for taking so long to post my interactive poetry. The past several weeks have been extremely hectic as the semester is coming to an end and I haven’t had time to write much. 93 more words


Framed Work

Hi everyone, so as days are getting closer to summer and my planned summer road trip with my friends. Our fundraising has been stuck. My good friend Luiz who does framing work on the sided decided to support me. 96 more words



I know I haven’t been on in awhile.. I just haven’t known what to say. I’m not too sure I know now either! In 34 minutes, I will officially be five days late. 77 more words


You're the flame that burns me so I know that I'm still alive

Hello all! I’m excited to have some time to write.  Things have been mostly okay. Been having some anxiety but nothing super severe. The abilify seems to be working. 666 more words


Check out my new gig!

Hey guys!

I have missed you all so much!  But, a lot has happened since we last talked!  I am now working at aboutboulder.com as a photojournalist.   120 more words

Camp Nanowrimo

After many years of being signed up to the Nanowrimo and thinking that I would actually join in, I am now finally participating.

It is only the first day however my cabin mates are all friendly and helpful. 162 more words