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"American Crime" and what it can teach writers about supporting characters

American Crime was the most riveting television series I watched this year. The diverse cast all seemed to be working at the top of their game, and the storylines and characters were multi-layered, revealing new details each week. 478 more words


Who Would You Make A Spin Off Movie About?

If you were asked to create a spin-off movie based on a supporting character from any film? Who would you choose? And what would the film be about? 363 more words

Pets in fiction

Charles Yallowitz made a post the other day that really got me thinking. You can check out his post here.

I didn’t realize how many animals I write about. 964 more words


TV's Best Supporting Characters (according to me)

Without supporting characters, some of TV’s most memorable moments would not have even happened. Below is a short list of 5 of the best supporting characters that (I think) deserve some time in the limelight and praise for helping bring depth to some of TV’s most well known protagonists. 45 more words

TV Show General

Top 10 Disney Supporting Characters #1 Rafiki

I said we’d see Rafiki again, and voila!  Our beloved baboon takes the number one spot, and it isn’t hard to see why.  Besides being awesome, he is easily one of the most recognized Disney characters aside from Mickey Mouse. 305 more words


Top 10 Disney Supporting Characters #2 Olivia Flaversham

Possibly the best kid in any movie ever– the fact that she’s a mouse is immaterial.

Miss Flaversham is the heroine of The Great Mouse Detective (1987).   376 more words


Top 10 Disney Supporting Characters #3 Kaa

Ever since I saw The Jungle Book twenty years ago or so, I was really enamored of the giant, hypnotic snake.  I wanted powers like that, too!   380 more words