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What to Consider for Supporting Characters

Besides the protagonist, several other characters feature in our stories, as they should. What would our tale be without the antagonist? Certainly it would fall flat with no conflict. 567 more words

Salerno 1947

When one sees this rug for sale at auctions today, it often carries the note that the pattern was “designed for the chapel in Salerno, Italy.” But which chapel? 2,111 more words

The Swedish Rug Blog

The Supporting Cast

I finally have the first draft of my new novel in. Hurray! Now I can get back to regular blogging. This week I’m discussing a story’s supporting cast with friend and writing mentor Sydney Smith. 830 more words


7 Inspirational Quotes From Supporting Characters

A couple of weekends ago, three of my roommates and I were sitting in our apartment watching “Good Will Hunting.” After the movie ended, the conversation somehow got onto the topic of protagonists and how we’re hard-pressed to find a protagonist that we like more than the supporting characters. 192 more words

The Odyssey Online Fall 2016

Character Profile: Frithugeorn Finhope

Role: Supporting, Referenced

Series: The Valley of Magic

I needed a way to deliver a lot of background and world history without clogging up the book with too much bland exposition. 364 more words


Character Profile: Wulfweard, the head cook

Role: Supporting

Story Series: The Valley of Magic

Is it strange that I am more interested in my supporting cast rather than my protagonists? Of course, there isn’t a lot of space in the text of the book to develop these characters fully, so there is are many ideas in my head about their backgrounds that might not make it into the book. 362 more words


Secondary Characters and Why You Need Them

One of the most common issues with supporting characters occurs when the writer simply forgets to include them. This means that the main character spends a lot of time wandering around alone. 678 more words