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A Soft Place to Land- Supporting Characters

For the most part the supporting cast will be comprised of those found in I Believe in the Mystery and What Matters Most .  The minor addition to my cast of characters include: 80 more words

Guiding Light

Jilly: Oops! I Did It Again

Do you make the same mistakes over and over?

Last week I finally got back to my WIP after almost a month fighting the good fight of Real Life. 537 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

6 Supporting Characters That I Like More Than The Protagonists

There are just certain moments when the supporting characters in a story are the better characters. Sometimes, it’s the fault of the author for creating a supporting character with more depth than the protagonist. 544 more words


Write Your Own Spooky Story: Day 2 Supporting Characters/Setting/Plot Planning

Write Your Spooky Story Day 2: Supporting Characters, Setting, Plot Planning

Welcome back. Today is Day 2 of writing your own Spooky story. I’ve been getting feedback from people that you’re looking forward to writing a story with me this week. 617 more words


Chronicling The Craft: Draft #2 Revisions - 50% Complete

Tips on Killing Off Reducing Your Cast of Supporting Characters, Plus a New Excerpt from The Keeper’s Curse

“Chronicling The Craft” is an article series where I share my experience with working on my YA fantasy novel… 3,446 more words

Writing Tips

Does The Sidekick Make The Hero?

I had the good fortune of participating in RMFW’s Colorado Gold writing conference this weekend. While I attended several productive workshops, I found a few to be especially informative, including one about sidekicks in fiction. 551 more words


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This is a reblog of an excellent post by Allison Maruska on the uses of sidekicks. I know many of us get attached to our characters (I certainly do) and maybe don't think of 'using' them, but it can be productive to take a step back and consider how this type of character can fill a role in a story. It's certainly worth a long look to see if your supporting characters are doing everything they can to make your story shine. As an example, I read somewhere that JK Rowling said that Hermione was an incredibly useful character for exposition in Harry Potter. Nobody would be surprised at any information Hermione had to offer. They'd all just assume she read it in a book somewhere.

Supporting Characters - The Side Kick

Erika Wassall, the Jersey Farm Scribe here, with the second of a series of posts on Supporting Characters:

Supporting Characters – The Sidekick 

Here is the link for the first in the series:  723 more words