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Submit Your Questions for Aurek's Character Interview!

Last summer’s character interview of Eva, the protagonist of my YA fantasy WIP The Keeper’s Curse, was a huge success. I had so much fun answering readers’ questions (and so did Eva *wink*), and the overall response to the interview blew me away.  608 more words


Top 9 Supporting Characters in Literature

They’re called sidekicks. They play second fiddle, but some secondary characters are as memorable as the protagonists they support. In fact, well-drawn supporting characters are a hallmark of exceptional novels. 489 more words


Sarah Harding: Dino Slayer

Character: Sarah Harding

Text: The Lost World, by Michael Crichton


Sarah Harding spends most of the first half of The Lost World, well, not really in it much. 664 more words


A Soft Place to Land- Supporting Characters

For the most part the supporting cast will be comprised of those found in I Believe in the Mystery and What Matters Most .  The minor addition to my cast of characters include: 80 more words

Guiding Light

Jilly: Oops! I Did It Again

Do you make the same mistakes over and over?

Last week I finally got back to my WIP after almost a month fighting the good fight of Real Life. 537 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

6 Supporting Characters That I Like More Than The Protagonists

There are just certain moments when the supporting characters in a story are the better characters. Sometimes, it’s the fault of the author for creating a supporting character with more depth than the protagonist. 544 more words


Write Your Own Spooky Story: Day 2 Supporting Characters/Setting/Plot Planning

Write Your Spooky Story Day 2: Supporting Characters, Setting, Plot Planning

Welcome back. Today is Day 2 of writing your own Spooky story. I’ve been getting feedback from people that you’re looking forward to writing a story with me this week. 617 more words