On Writing: Scaring Kids with Helen Grant

Halloween may be behind us, but that’s not to say that the scary fun is over.

I (Kristina) was one of those children who just loved being scared. 1,035 more words

Penguin Random House Editor Offers Tips on Beefing Up Supporting Characters

Have you thought of making the supporting characters in your novel the stars of their own lives? It’s the key to developing more interesting secondary characters, according to a Penguin Random House editor. 285 more words


Emma Asks...What Supporting Characters Deserve a Spin-off?

We’re all well aware of the heavyweight characters of the literary world: Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Oliver Twist, Romeo and Juliet, and Sherlock Holmes to name but a handful. 907 more words

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Characters In Your Story

Chapter Two Characters in Your Story

There are a number of characters that are included in your stories and they really need to be there to make it interesting. 2,992 more words


On Writing: Supporting Characters with Phaedra Patrick

While some books can hold their own with a solid, unshakeable protagonist (ahem, Jack Reacher), most books need to have an array of interesting, fully-realised supporting characters. 932 more words

Top 5 Tuesday Special - Top 10 Side Characters

This week is a special edition to end August’s Top 5 series, with a top 10 special instead! I’m gutted I missed last week’s Top 5 Retellings, but I’m excited to jump back into… 844 more words

Revise It! The Golden Principle of Supporting Characters

Supporting characters are as vital as their name implies: they support your main characters and plot arcs so that everything runs smoothly (or horribly, as the case may be–disasters make good fiction). 804 more words