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Give your supporting characters unique talents that fit your plot so each contributes something to the story. This enhances their individuality and helps avoid redundancy in your characters by justifying their existence in the story. 65 more words

Group Belonging - Archetypes 4

Group Belonging

The trio of archetypes in this group is Everyman, Jester and Lover. They are the people that create and hold the connections within society. 1,016 more words


Guest Post: Where Do Those Characters in the Books Come From? by Jerold Last

by Jerold Last

As we try to create the imaginary worlds of our books, to be believable we have to rely on reality for inspiration.  I use the places I’ve lived in and visited in South America as settings in my South American Mystery novels.  1,222 more words

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Pigeonholing is popular in Cozy Mysteries.

It shouldn’t be.

The suspect pool is, by necessity, swarming with supporting characters. Shoving these players into tiny, readily identifiable, readily expected categories is easy to do… 51 more words


Life is About Connection - Supporting Characters

Talk about life teaching you a lesson! Holy crap, lately I have been having a bunch of what Oprah calls “A-Ha!” moments. Some of them have been while I’m running which helps me to work through things. 987 more words


Svea Noren’s Documented designs for NK

As readers of this blog know, I have been tracking a designer named Svea Norén, comparing several rugs which all seem to carry a common SN signature and employ similar motifs and colors. 1,512 more words

The Swedish Rug Blog

Culture and Characters: Travel, Travel, Travel

Hola amigo!

I have the privilege to travel to Ecuador this summer to study Spanish!

What’s that? Oh, well yeah I won’t be helping with the post-production for the film… yea… it’s okay though! 398 more words

Supporting Characters