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Happy nearly-June! 😨

How did we get here– why isn’t time pausing?? My watch flat-lined two weeks ago, but the calendar’s still going! (Rude.)

Fell off the wagon… 780 more words



Gaslighting is a popular form of disinformation these days.

Say an untruth often enough and in a loud enough voice, the lie becomes fact (if simply to stop arguing over the inanity of it). 61 more words


Happy Birthday, Mary!

Today Mary Karlsson Moeschlin turns 90 years old. Still energetic, and interested in textiles and painting, which have occupied most of her life, it seems a good moment to look at one of her early rugs. 1,512 more words

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Dialogue... "What was that?"

“Hey how was your day? What did you do?”

“Hey Mark! Yeah man, it was great. I went out with my girlfriend and had lunch, but then got pulled over by a cop and it was a long ordeal and I’m really frustrated with it…which kinda sucks because I had a nice date.

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Supporting Characters

Quiet on the Set!

“Quiet on the set!”. Four words. Not special at all on their own. Yet, they bring emotion to everyone who hears them. Fear. Excitement. Anticipation. Joy. 383 more words

Supporting Characters

A commercial version of Skanian weaving: Erik Lundberg

For those of you who read a previous very short-lived post on this company, my apologies. This was a serious flame-out on my part! My basic assumption behind the post was just wrong. 1,755 more words

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March 4th

March 4th is a crappy day on the calendar for me. 3.4.1994 my friend was murdered and the Hippy lost his mind. I am not sure if it was a teenager dying; or that both of the Hippie’s fathers (he was adopted by his step-dad as a boy) had died six months prior or if it was his birthday approaching (41) and he decided to have a mid-life crisis and change our entire lives on a dime but all those things happened at the same time and was pretty much the end of my relationship with the Hippy as he sold all his businesses; told his 16 year old daughter (me) to find a place to live (he didn’t care where) and told his wife to go or divorce him and he was in Jamaica not two months later.

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