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So There ARE Others Out There

Recently I Googled about stay-at-home moms (SAHMs). Several blogs and articles appeared and I quickly noticed a trend, SAHMs struggle with isolation, depression, anger, lack of feeling accomplished and feeling unappreciated in society which were things I had not contemplated when deciding to be a SAHM. 1,299 more words

#Why me...(Guest Blog)

Why do my children always ask me?

I am married with two children and have a equal relationship with my husband.  He does his fair share of the housework and parenting (which is probably because I work full time!) – it has not always been the case and when I did work less hours, I did a lot more of the household chores. 536 more words

Honest Parenting

#Clarity in Killer Wellies

Clarity in Killer Wellies?

Sometimes we forget who we are when we become a mum and being responsible for others.  Focusing so much on how to be the best mother to our children and what being this ‘good mum’ really means. 559 more words

Honest Parenting

#kindness taken for weakness

“All of my kindness is taken for weakness…” (Rihana)

So I love these lyrics and they got me thinking, that yes my kindness does often get mistaken for weakness by myself and others. 563 more words

Honest Parenting