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Don't be judgey...

I’m pretty confident that no one feels like they are the perfect parent.  I know I have my moments where I think “hot damn, I am a great mom!” but I also have many “I am not enough” moments too. 552 more words


The Postpartum Life

You did it! After nine months of swollen ankles, ridiculous food aversions and cravings, uncomfortable waddling,  sleeping with a man-sized pillow that your husband was strangely jealous of, comparing your growing stomach to fruits and vegetables, and trying to believe friends when they complimented you on your beautiful glow, you delivered a precious, healthy baby.   842 more words

Support MOMS by Shopping on Amazon!

Who doesn’t love to shop? We know that we do. Did you know that you can support mothers around the world while you shop??? You can! 126 more words

Supporting MOMS

Baby Sacks- Re-introducing the Culture of Baby-wearing in Haiti

Women all over the world wear their babies in wraps or slings, making it easier for them to carry their babies long distances and freeing their arms/hands to hold something else. 463 more words

This Mother's Day, Let's EMBRACE Our Strength

Before I became a mama, I read and researched anything and everything I could to make sure I was prepared for our Monster.

While it prepared me in theory (although some days I couldn’t remember anything I had read), it didn’t prepare for everything. 1,664 more words