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Let Your Love Remind Me Who I Am

Not sure how much further I can press

I don’t even get dressed

I’m depressed, feelings suppressed

Repressed memories surfacing

I need to be reminded who I am… 16 more words


Man is the only creature that has imposed norms upon the body

Man is the only creature that has imposed norms upon the body. The only creature who thinks that he’s so intelligent that he will be able to decide whether this system is alright or not. 409 more words


Blind in One Eye of the Psyche as an Individual and a Collective (Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 255)

The rupture between faith and knowledge* is a symptom of the split consciousness which is so characteristic of the mental disorder of the day. It is as if two different persons were making statements about the same thing, each from their own point of view, or as if one person in two different frames of mind were sketching a picture of his experience. 279 more words

YouTube: A Failing Community, A Successful Business

Within the past two years, YouTube has made quite an amount of changes to their site. Many of these changes have effected creators for the worst, such as algorithms used to demonetize content, based upon certain boundaries that is set up by YouTube staff, in which, this bot learns from. 425 more words


Overcast Clouds, 70°F

Pequea Township, PA, USA

Neither do I, handle lies. But no one has told me what happened that day. No one even offered. 262 more words


The tragedy that is man

L: Sir, why is it that we cannot suppress the nature’s call but we keep on suppressing our expressions for lifetime. Is it that the body has a separate consciousness that cannot be held on? 1,179 more words



In those still hands, she held the power to steal the attention of the desirous,

for a span shorter than the  history of the longing, longer than the thrill of its fulfillment. 18 more words