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Little do you know

In my mind, there’s a place.

You ought not enter. It’s not a passing phase.

Here I scream, here I cry.

Loud and clear, no one to fear. 104 more words



The flow of your dissatisfaction
at being single meanders
through your sentences,
staining them with the cold blues
of an angry sea.

But memory is a highway, 118 more words


Divided appellate panel debates the proper standard for search of probationer's home

Does the search of a probationer’s home require reasonable suspicion or is it lawful so long as it is reasonable based upon the totality of the circumstances?   654 more words

Criminal Law

Anger + Putting On A Face (Ashley)

I noticed that when I write really angry posts or share anything where I’m heated, I end up deleting it later on. This is because it’s very short-lived for me and isn’t something I want to “stick”. 557 more words




Solenoids and solenoid valves capable of holding in any position (up to three positions) without the constant application of electrical current utilize latching technology. 198 more words

Inflation as an ideological construct

Why is it we so easily accept the framing of inflation as somehow a force of nature? Or in ‘economic’ terms, as an extraordinarily complex interplay of supply and demand? 274 more words