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Why men are so obsessed with sex - The explanation is deeper than you think!

In his very interesting and insightful article Steve Bearman, Ph.D. and founder of the Interchange Counseling Institute in San Francisco analyses several steps that lead many men to become obsessed with sex as a compensation for the early learnt suppression of their intimate feelings and body sense. 90 more words


That explains it

Started my period… The emotional intensity just before the period is CRAZY!! Especially for burdened women.

For new comers, suggest you read about burden and suppression… 115 more words


The Upper Middle Child, or the Role of Self-Suppression in Social Acceptance

I am a middle child, but barely. Granted, I did not follow with the immediacy of certain biblical heel-grabbers of yore. However, at merely fifteen months the junior, I did not waste any time. 1,902 more words

Personal Thoughts


Neglected, abused

Suppression of thought ensues

Feeling unworthy


Diamonds in the Mine Or Mined

‘If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants’.

Isaac Newton

I’ve been thinking a lot about growth of late, and as happens frequently to me when I’m in that mode, little hints from here and there float in and you begin to see a new picture emerging. 287 more words

Coal Mining

Complicate - Simplify

We Human Beings love complicated stuff. We don’t like things coming our way easy. So where ever we can complicate we do it whole heartedly. We at times entangle our emotions so much that we’re ourselves confused. 310 more words


BASEMENT FIRES: Strategies, Tactics, Dangers, And 'What Lies Beneath' A Fire In The Subdivision...

Basement and cellar fires are the most dangerous fires inside a structure that firemen will face, which explains why basement fires have killed and injured more firemen than any upper floor fires have. 86 more words