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Calvino’s “exactitude” (or “exact”) appears in literature in the form of mood, atmosphere, and general tone. Already we’ve seen that The Invention Of Wings is full to the brim with emotions on both sides of the playing field: a trapped and (constantly) endangered slave, Hetti, and her mother, Charlotte — both discriminated against, dehumanized, controlled, manipulated, outcasted, harmed, and mistreated, THE LIST GOES ON; and then we have the white plantation mistress’s daughter, Sarah, and, though born into privilege on the mere basis of being white-skinned, she doesn’t tolerate slavery in the least bit and goes on to dedicate her life to the anti-slavery cause while concurrently fighting for the rights of women. 609 more words


S Is For Suppression

When some politicians and citizens talk about wanting to take back America, I know some mean specifically from our first African-American president. But for the rest who make this acclimation, since they are almost always white men, I believe what these folks really want is to go back a lot farther in time to a post World War II era or even before the Civil War because those were times when white men dominated unquestionably. 1,082 more words

April '15 A-Z

Preparing For Fires In Parking Garages; What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Fires in parking garages may be rare occurrences, but you don’t want to be caught off guard when a difficult PG fire happens on your watch. 27 more words


SERVICE STATIONS: The Hazards Of Gas Station And Auto Repair Shop Fires.

“Service Stations” are defined as fueling stations and auto repair shops. A vehicle burning on a lift inside an auto repair shop is considered a structure fire. 125 more words


TRAIN FIRES: Preparing For Railroad Emergency Response Incidents At The Train Station

RAILROAD EMERGENCIES: Fire departments respond to a variety of railroad emergencies at the platform, along the tracks and inside of the train station. Companies can be dispatched for train fires, EMS calls, alarm activations, pin/crush extrication, suicides, derailments, elevator/escalator rescue, gas/electric incidents, bomb threats/terrorism and structure assignments within the station or attached occupancies such as parking garages or restaurants. 82 more words


Resurrecting the Magdalene

This week I had a gathering in my home of Magdalenes – women that I know in whom I recognize the gifts and the call of the Magdalene.  1,035 more words



Broken spirited

Who bears such a weighted soul

Not moving forward