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Sustenance and Substance

Excerpt from Whole Happy and Healthy: A Revolutionary Approach to Understanding and Thriving with Mental Illness http://amzn.to/2mUjVRK

Mental Health


I would like to recommend a book today, by my friend, Phil Barber. I have only known Phil a few months, but we have been sharing quite a journey together on our weekly sessions of something called ‘Solo Autobiographical Theatre.’ You can‘t call it a drama class alone, as it is much more than that as you may guess from the autobiographical bit in the title. 1,053 more words


Baggy Eyes You'd Think Were Lies

I feel A-OK but your eyes doubt me.

“Im concerned” you say.

But I wonder..

Are you concerned because my eyes look doubtful or because they don’t look doubtful like you think they should? 13 more words


How do you express when you can’t find the words?

How do you acknowledge your own feelings when you don’t even know what you’re feeling? 86 more words

Creative Writing

Chinese, Taiwanese, or Chinese Taiwanese?

There are many factors that play into how Chinese and American people see their identities. Chinese people pride themselves on being a civilization with 5,000 years of history, and hence everyone who is born into a Chinese family, no matter the geographic location, is obliged to always identify him or herself as Chinese. 300 more words


Woe to the Artist!

To be an Artist,

make Discomfort a daily meal.

Sit on that massage chair – a tool you wield to make your Art,

Be Full with Hurt and Infuriation, 19 more words

Poetry/ Reflections


Do you know a woman who already opposed as a girl the misogynist educational measures and disciplining of adults. Maybe you were even one of these non-conformist girls. 644 more words

Ingrid Auer