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The Folly of history, heritage and culture

Folly Beach is a town located on a sliver of sand known as Folly Island in Charleston County, South Carolina. As you cross the bridge to the island, over Folly Creek, there is an old boat on the side of the road that washed ashore in 1989 during Hurricane Hugo. 542 more words


group think and safe spaces

A classic interpretation of the spread of ideas is to point out how analogous the process is to the spread of disease. That is to say that any disease which wiped out millions of people must have its origin in a single individual. 1,043 more words


Day 97/365: Suppression

Over the moon would be the appropriate emotion to be feeling right now. But for some reason I cannot summon it. The project that I have been talking about in blog posts is about to be launched. 483 more words

Stones for Walls

The new Medievalism.

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Bounce Back

Revolt doesn’t help

Wars are just useless,

Rebels do nothing

But contribute to history endless.

Noone to blame

Not even the rebels,

When the big bang loudly… 85 more words

Who suppressed your vote, Ohio?

Chances are, you did. But Ohio tried to clean out its voter rolls of people who hadn’t, y’know, voted, that got shot down in court, and now the nine wise folk in D.C. 20 more words

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