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It's not aging that suppresses the immune system

“Almost every time I ask a doctor why an elderly person is experiencing certain symptoms, such as chronic constipation, acid reflux, chronic infections, etc, they say… ‘Oh, it’s just the aging process.’ Ugh… right. 175 more words

Why America needs Kanye West

Kanye West makes it easy for people to hate him. He throws tantrums at award shows, he snatches mics from blond pop princesses, he rants at concerts, he screams at radio hosts who don’t have the answers. 151 more words

Hip Hop

Day 277 - Suppressing Conflict

Continuing with Suppression patterns. This time opening up CONFLICT.

Part of the problem is not to be honest with myself, thus remaining in circles of levels of my mind’s superficial self-defined reaction-loops, such as focusing to the positive and negative energies I feel by the judgements I allow to be triggered automatically and call this as my personality. 1,147 more words

Day 276 - Suppression to forgive

Let’s continue Suppression investigation with a ‘free ride’ Self-forgiveness flow. Whatever comes as I realize in the moment as I could do more self-honestly, I give a shot for change with wording the pattern I understand as how and why I participated within. 1,162 more words

Day 275 - Suppression to stop

The EQAFE series of Quantum Physical provides exceptional support by looking at the physical manifestation of the self-acceptance and
mind-personalities on the human face.

These interviews are supporting with the point of SUPPRESSION: 1,616 more words

How divided is America?

The on-screen news ticker in our mess hall (known to others as the “break room” or the “auditorium”) proclaimed today (among many other things) that Obama had said something about the US not being that divided. 2,133 more words

Handling Suppression On Earth

The Ballroom by Anna Hope.

“Do you know me?” she said, lifting her face to his. “Do you know who I am?”
“Aye,” he said softly. “I believe I do,”  296 more words