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Cage of Suppression

This track was written and recorded five years ago, however, it ended up sitting in the dark recesses of my hard drive as I struggled to finish it. 51 more words


Pen to Skin

I often will write things on my arms. Sometimes it’s something I need to remember. Sometimes it’s quotes. Today it was both. On the top of my arm I wrote “fear cuts deeper than swords”. 863 more words


The Fiery Inside

Spreading positivity, she went brightening days
As calm as an ocean she looked on the surface
Hiding the inner turmoil, these were her ways
Frustrations and hurt piled up at shocking pace… 54 more words



to go
to be alone
and hidden
from the
of loved ones
except the
the bathtub
if you can
get away… 56 more words


Taiwanese culture?

If you are able to read Chinese, the comment section of the Facebook picture above provides a selection of fairly common (and ongoing) arguments used for and against Taiwan-independence and a Taiwanese identity. 89 more words


Biting The Hand That Slaps You

Inaccurate Data

I’m suspicious more and more of the information Uber uses, not only for its trip request algorithms, but also for their ratings system, and how it’s impossible to navigate their “linear” support channels. 547 more words


 Navigating the Deceptive Terrain of Propaganda Territory

Truth or Propaganda?

Stella Morabito

If you can’t ask a candid question of a professor or fellow students without fear of retribution, you aren’t in a place of learning. 1,256 more words

All-Encompassing Gospel