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A Tale Of Two Women Who Fell 18 Steps Short Of Sabarimala Shrine

Journalist Kavitha Jakkal and activist Rehana Fathima were on the verge of creating history when a human barricade of Priest and Devotees awaited them.

For more on this report by Team StoryInfinity read – Outlook.

Roe V Wade decision permits murder and should be overturned

The Court ruled that abortion must be permitted for any reason a woman chooses until the child becomes viable; after viability, an abortion must still be permitted if an abortion doctor deems the abortion necessary to protect a woman’s “health,”defined by the Court in another ruling issued the same day as “all factors–physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age–relevant to the well-being of the patient.” 393 more words


AP-NORC Poll: Just 1 in 4 thinks Kavanaugh told entire truth

WASHINGTON (AP) — Just 1 in 4 people thinks Brett Kavanaugh was completely honest when he heatedly rebuffed charges of sexual assault and heavy drinking during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing, and Republicans and Democrats hold starkly divergent views of whether his sworn testimony to senators was credible, a poll released Friday showed. 781 more words


'The Pervasive, Distorting Power of White-Male Privilege'

That would be the title of a recent article in the Washington Post.

Yep, I see them all over the town where I live in Southern Oregon: these bent, frail old men, their bodies wracked by the fruit of a lifetime of hard labor in logging — white male privilege exemplified.   482 more words

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Supreme Court pauses kids' climate change suit before trial

The Supreme Court on Friday night temporarily halted an upcoming trial on a climate change lawsuit brought by children against the U.S. government, after the Trump administration had sought to dismiss the case. 390 more words


Kamala Harris Blasts GOP In South Carolina Political Debut

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) — Kamala Harris came to South Carolina with the stated intent of boosting turnout for the midterm elections, but many voters here wanted to talk to the California senator about her role in the battle over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and her next political moves. 526 more words


The Mirror of Racial Tyranny in The Civil Rights Cases

This week marks the 135th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s opinion in The Civil Rights Cases, 109 U.S. 3 (1883). While to some this is a mere historical footnote, the decision is worth remembering because it reflects the tensions at play today concerning how constitutional law can, through unrelenting formalism and a preference towards denying the salience of race, contributes to enduring structural oppression. 1,080 more words