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Khamenei Says Nuclear Deal, if Passed, Won't Help U.S. -- "We won't allow American political, economic or cultural influence in Iran."


DUBAI — Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers will not open the Islamic Republic to political or economic influence from the United States, and could still be blocked by either country, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Monday. 354 more words


BLOG 265 August 10, 2015

United States television commercials are beginning to heat up. One set of advertisements says, “Run from the Iran Negotiations.” The other side features Israeli generals who support the nuclear deal. 488 more words

Middle East

Iran’s Ahmadinejad seeks political comeback

Few expect a rerun of Ahmadinejad’s surprise victory in the 2005 elections, which kicked off an eight-year presidency marked by confrontation with the West, incendiary rhetoric toward Israel and refusal to compromise on the disputed nuclear program.

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Iran's conservatives take aim at nuclear deal

Iran’s security hawks have begun sniping at their country’s historic nuclear deal, emboldened a day after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei described some of the world powers that signed it as “untrustworthy”. 528 more words

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Tentative agreement on Iran sanctions relief

Damn fools, giving everything to them. World powers and Iran have reached tentative agreement on sanctions relief for the Islamic Republic, among the most contentious issues in a long-term nuclear agreement that negotiators hope to clinch over the next several days according to the AP. 357 more words

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Obama Open To 'Creative Negotiations' On Iran Sanctions

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama on Friday left open the door to “creative negotiations” in response to Iran’s demand that punishing sanctions be immediately lifted as part of a nuclear deal, even though the initial agreement calls for the penalties to be removed over time. 581 more words