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2017, April 10 - 2497 - avoidance 3

close all the doors and (5)
ignore the problem. Too late! (7)
it has exploded (5)


2017, February 23 - 2373 - depressed 4

i’ve locked myself in (5)
a cell of my own design (7)
but I have the key (5)


Old Dogs, New Tricks

Old Dog, New Trick

I just witnessed our Siberian Husky, Trooper, suppress a desire he almost always embraces. Our property is next to a piece of property which belongs to a church. 206 more words


Disable Hadoop log messages in the console

If you are a beginner to Hadoop/map-reduce ecosystem, you must have seen the messages that are displayed in the console when you run commands. It could be useful for a beginner and sometimes help you to understand the functionality.   126 more words

Do you wonder?

Do you ever wonder if any of the old memories you have aren’t really moments you retrieve but ones that your mind has created? Or do you wonder how many actual memories your mind managed to suppress, if any? 74 more words