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Do you wonder?

Do you ever wonder if any of the old memories you have aren’t really moments you retrieve but ones that your mind has created? Or do you wonder how many actual memories your mind managed to suppress, if any? 74 more words


And he slowly trapped them,
Into glass bottles,
Like flies for his amusement,
Only this time, he wanted away from his everyday battles.

He felt better, 80 more words


Differences and Consequences

Perennially haunted by the general views

Evolved dreams from the negatives of life

Differences are all the same with different hues

It’s discreet, but the gaps continuously widen… 69 more words


Vox populi

When they

Get too realistic

Few coercive


Plant fabricated


To sway them

Away from

The united voices

Scurrying and squirming

To plot sinister plans… 19 more words