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There is enough fire in the sun

there is enough fire in the world

and a bit too much in thy heart

and a bit too much in thy world . 162 more words

2017, April 10 - 2497 - avoidance 3

close all the doors and (5)
ignore the problem. Too late! (7)
it has exploded (5)


2017, February 23 - 2373 - depressed 4

i’ve locked myself in (5)
a cell of my own design (7)
but I have the key (5)


Old Dogs, New Tricks

Old Dog, New Trick

I just witnessed our Siberian Husky, Trooper, suppress a desire he almost always embraces. Our property is next to a piece of property which belongs to a church. 206 more words


Disable Hadoop log messages in the console

If you are a beginner to Hadoop/map-reduce ecosystem, you must have seen the messages that are displayed in the console when you run commands. It could be useful for a beginner and sometimes help you to understand the functionality.   126 more words