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Essie- Sure Shot

Hi friends!!!

I’ve been seeing some really gorgeous Essie swatches lately and it really got  me in the mood to relive some of my favorites from this brand. 164 more words

Moni'sMani- Nail Art Lovers Page

Beastie Boys Series (Updated) - The Sounds Of Science Anthology

I was fortunate to find a gorgeous, as-good-as-new used copy of this 2CD, 1999 anthology. Why I’m just getting a copy of this thing of beauty now (it was released 15 years ago) is beyond me. 763 more words

Song of the Day: Villains - Sure Shot

Today’s song is  Villains by New York hip-hopper SURE SHOT - go ahead, check it out and be sure to add this super-slick track to your collection.

Songs Of The Day

Beastie Boys: The Series - Awesome I Fuckin' Shot That! (DVD, 2006)

You all know the concept. Beasties threw a concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC 2004-10-09 – of course, it was sold out. They gave cameras to 50 people in the crowd and let them film the whole thing. 990 more words

Acme Sure Shot Stapler

While they didn’t manufacture rocket-powered roller skates or jet-propelled unicycles, if Wile E. Coyote needed a stapler he knew exactly where to go and what to get. 894 more words


Beastie Boys: The Series - The In Sound From Way Out (1996)

At this point I must be driving The Earl Of Swirl crazy. He’s been waiting for me (even “doing the ‘I have to pee dance'” of anticipation) to reach some future point in the Beastie Boys’ discography (I think it’s Hello Nasty) and all of this pissing around with EPs and instrumental albums has got to be driving him nuts. 394 more words

Beastie Boys: The Series - Ill Communication (1994)

The Preamble:

Anyone even close to interested in the Beastie Boys HAS TO own this record. It has hits, deep cuts, their trademark snotty sass, punk funk groove up the wazoo and it’s just a great album, top to bottom. 987 more words