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experiencing exploding light - Happy End @Spezlwirtschaft

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Munich/close to Marienplatz (city center) –  Happy End at Spezlwirtschaft

“Bang!”. The first sound. Crackle, tinkle, click this and a dull bang four meters away. 359 more words

Regional - Traditional

Scallop and Chorizo Pasta with Homemade Spinach and Ricotta Pesto

This is a bowlful of my all time favourite things. Scallops are a real luxury for me, and they’re something that I very seldom actually get to eat. 529 more words


Enjoy a taste of the islands with Bonefish Grill's Tropical Style Seafood Ceviche

RICHMOND, Va – Aaron Clifton, Managing Partner at Bonefish Grill, provided us a taste of the islands in the Virginia This Morning kitchen with their tangy and tasty Tropical Style Seafood Ceviche. 59 more words

Virginia This Morning

Surf and turf

I’m getting caught up so I’ll fill you in on last night’s surf dinner (Salmon with Tzatziki sauce) and tonight’s turf – curried pork satay.  Both are easy and good for weeknights. 197 more words


Steak and...Potatoes!

So, let’s talk about steak.

Namely, steak “holidays”.

Now I have always had a good sense of humor, so when someone told me a “Steak Day” exists as the male answer to Valentine’s Day for  women my first thought was to laugh and think, “I cook all the time”! 807 more words


The HI life...(Hawaii)

So far up, so far down, so far wide, I could see all around….

Hiking the extinct volcanoes on Sunday was incredible. On my Instagram KLINGTOJOY you can find some views. 279 more words

Matrimonial Musings

17 - Steak Oscar (aka Lopsided Surf and Turf)

So “Lopsided Surf and Turf” may be something I just came up with, but I think that it’s going to stick as my new nickname for the steak/shrimp/asparagus/hollandaise sauce combo that Mateja and I dined on tonight. 465 more words