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slipware pottery

This week in my internship, I have been experimenting with slipware pottery. This has a fairly easy decorating process but, without a plan, you can end up with a final product that wasn’t what was intended. 201 more words



Working on hand sewing projects is strange. You are sitting down, relaxed, to work on a project, but your mind could be racing. It might be a time that engenders new ideas or brings resolution to problems. 135 more words


Hanazuki AW 2017

I was hired to work on developing trend, graphics, print and product for new Hasbro brand, Hanazuki. Based on a game, Hanazuki’s world revolves around mood (which we know for tweens can fluctuate quite quickly) and celebrates all aspects of self expression! 102 more words


Fun idea

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…………….oh, wait. That’s another story. Anyhow, one of my inspirations was the work of Jan Mullen of Australia. 290 more words


Gosh-I made a decision!

Many decisions are hard for me and I put them off as long as possible…it’s that I always see so many ‘what ifs’ and when a decision is made, that eliminates all the other possibilities. 178 more words


Lazy and loving it!

This was a decadently delicious lazy day today. We started out with breakfast with my niece, her husband and their daughter and my sister-in-law. Bacon…need I say more?! 267 more words

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