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An art post a day, 30-day DOD challenge! Day 17 #FashionFlat #PrintAndPattern

A throwback to 2007 and product development for HPD at Moret Group in NYC. I got all the interesting projects for years!  I’d get the prototype offer samples from the factories, draw the silhouette (flats) and create seamless repeats in available colors (at first) and from a palette I created and approved later on (once product was developed and selling).

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Interactive illustrations can change people perception

Recently I found this video from Surface Design Show where artists, designers, architects submit their work for prize. This presentation was just stunning, the simple illustrations, with strong concept and story,bring the company’s tent to completely different level. 111 more words


Fall Floral

Fall Floral 2016 is a digital design created in Affinity Designer.

I worked with a mouse, gradient fills, and layers to create this fall floral pattern.


An art post a day, 30-day DOD challenge! Day 13, “Pillows on a Table”

Drew a new, geometric pattern tile, merchandised it out in three color ways in a pillow silhouette, sitting atop a mocked-up table.

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An art post a day, 30-day DOD challenge! Day 12, “Graffiti"

Just for fun. It’s important for artists & designers to play. I could see this as a Tibetan carpet or as tapestry.

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