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Writing notes in OneNote: Practical Guidelines

You need a tablet with stylus for this. It is very natural and easy.
Here are some guidelines which will help you be more effective. 446 more words


Why I bought a chromebook

A couple of weeks ago I decided to dump my recently bought Surface Pro ( 1st version) in favor of a chromebook.

Keep in mind that I use Linux on all my computers since 6 years ago. 642 more words


Have you noticed the miraculous Touch Mode in Office 2013?

Using Office on a Windows touch tablet is difficult – because all the buttons and menu options are very close together. You end up choosing the wrong option by mistake. 103 more words


Microsoft releases details of its upcoming Surface 3 tablet

When details of this were first announced, I honestly did a double take because the timing of it happened to coincide with April Fools Day here in Australia. 398 more words


Surface 3

Microsoft has announced a new addition to the Surface line, the Surface 3, now this device borrows heavily form the Surface Pro 3 line and rightly so. 117 more words


Microsoft ditches ARM for Intel with new $499 Surface 3, its latest iPad competitor

After two generations of ARM-based tablets that ran a limited version of Windows, Microsoft has finally abandoned the low-power processors for Intel’s latest Atom chips, allowing the third-generation Surface to run full-fledged Windows 8.1. 279 more words