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Slow Charging of Surface Devices


My Surface device won’t charge faster. How to fix?


Here are the a few recommendations from Microsoft:

  1. Always try to charge your Surface device  with the  Connect charger that came with your Surface for faster charging.
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In Plain Sight

I just found out that I have a micro sd slot on my surface pro. Which means it is going to make it a whole lot easier transferring my photos from my gopro. 61 more words


If Your Surface Device Hangs

Here are the steps to follow if your Surface device hangs or starts not responding:

Surface Studio, Surface Laptop, the newest Surface Pro, and Surface Book 2… 222 more words

Surface Pro (Model 1796 and Model 1807) May 25 Updates

May 25 release

The following updates are available for all Surface Pro (Model 1796 and Model 1807) devices:

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#Microsoft Surface Pro gets updated with reliability improvements

Surface Pro gets updated with reliability improvements

Microsoft today released a firmware update for its Surface Pro tablet, the first that the device has received since March 15. 169 more words

Bhikan Deshmukh

A week in Apple's eco system

My first week in the Apple eco system

It’s just been over a week since I got my MacBook and my iPhone and I can honestly say I’m enjoying the experience. 892 more words

Microsoft Surface Pro frame making

After consulting with my group I have been given the instructions of cleaning up some photographs in order to develop them into frames. 

the process consisted in cleaning the original background moving the characters onto a new illustrated background. 

Level 5 Visual Communication