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Microsoft Announces Surface Pro 4 And New Surface Pen

Microsoft today in its special event announces its new Surface Pro 4 to stand with Apple’s iPad Pro and Google’s Pixel C in the market. The new Surface Pro is thinner, lighter, and more powerful, while also having a larger display than its predecessor. 169 more words


Google Pixel C: Microsoft finalmente tuvo razón

Google tuvo un evento hace unos pocos días donde hizo el anuncio de algunos nuevos miembros de su línea Nexus. No fue un gran evento como los que hace Apple, pero creo que la gran noticia es que finalmente Microsoft puede decir que se adelantó a todos y nuevamente es el líder de una categoría nueva que podría llamarse Ultra Convertible como una evolución de los 2-1 y los híbridos. 829 more words


Microsoft is hosting an event on October 6- What To Expect

Microsoft is hosting an event on October 6, the tagline of which is: “We have some exciting news to share about Windows 10 devices.” While this is not as subtle as Apple’s event invites — which contain, if anything, misdirection — there is still a big grey area surrounding exactly what Microsoft will, and won’t, unveil. 1,134 more words


So sánh nhanh Google Pixel C, iPad Air 2 và Surface 3

Với sự xuất hiện của Google Pixel C, việc lựa chọn một tablet với hiệu năng tốt, màn hình đẹp đi kèm giá thành vừa phải trở nên khó khăn rất nhiều. 839 more words


Top 3 Laptops for College 2015

I am sure you have in recent times tried to acquire some  piece of technology and you had some difficulty in finding the right device. Today i would like to talk about laptops. 222 more words


Microsoft Surface Pro Is Coming.

over a year since we saw a new Surface Pro tablet and we have high hopes to see a new model at Microsoft’s next event on October 6. 310 more words