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Surface pro 4 review 

Recently I decided I wanted a new laptop or tablet because my old one was running slow and I just wanted to try one of the new tablet/ laptop devices that are going around the market right now. 455 more words


Which Microsoft Surface You Should Buy

The question is, what do you want from your Surface? Are you a student or an office employee who needs more performance and flexibility than others? 884 more words

No new Surface 'Pro 5' after all?

Lots of others ‘crystal ball gaze’ into the future of Microsoft’s ‘Surface’ products. Here is another perspective. A lighter tone than the usual post, here is a look at both what Microsoft are likely to do, and what¬†they should do. 405 more words


Microsoft Surface Pro 4: The Do-It-All Machine (Review)

I have already reviewed the Surface Pro 3 and I was mostly happy with it. I have upgraded to the newer Surface Pro 4 though, and I have been using it for roughly a year, so I thought, I would do a review. 948 more words



Suggested posts and targeted ads in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. feed are common place anymore. I get it; its how social media sites monetize. I usually gloss over them, but today a suggested post for, … 290 more words

Let's see how long this lasts!

Last year I decided I wanted to buy myself a new laptop. Mine was old and frail and I wasn’t sure how much longer she would last. 104 more words

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Is Expected To Be Released In March 2017

Microsoft is planning to release there new Surface Pro 5 and release it in the first quarter part of this year. It is supposed to have many new features and improvement from there previous Surface Pro 4. 127 more words