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Upgrading a Surface Pro to Windows 10

I was thinking that being the first one here to get a Windows 10 upgrade to come through and complete I’d have a few war stories to tell about the experience and be bearing some scars. 457 more words


Microsoft Surface Pro - bug with Windows Updates and battery

В Microsoft Surface Pro (Windows 8.1) есть проблема. Если вдруг оно загрузило обновления, установило их и попросило перезагрузку, то батарея быстро разряжается даже если Surface выключен и лежит на полочке. Больше чем на 1 день такого ожидания его не хватает.

Т.е. вчера утром немного почитал (новости + книжку), уровень заряда батареи был 60%, выключил, поставил на подзарядку, через час отключил и положил на полку. Сегодня утром заряд батареи = 7%. И мелькают два сообщения, одно что обновления требуют перезагрузку, а второе что батарея разрядилась до 7%. Значит типичный глюк для планшетов – неверная обработка системных уведомлений, сжирает слишком много ресурсов.

А до этого лежал на полке неделю и ничего, не разрядился.

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Surface Pro 3 Updated Review

Just a quick update on my feelings towards the Surface Pro 3 (original review can be found here http://thegeekregistry.com/2015/06/15/surface-pro-3/).

In have had this device for over a month and it is still amazing. 178 more words

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Chicago Fun

I drove to Chicago Illinois on Friday to go to a three week Center for Talent Development (CTD)  writing camp at Northwestern University. I stayed at my grandparent’s house until 9:30 this morning, where I drove to the hotel me and my Mom and I are staying at in Evanston. 221 more words

How to Train your Surface

A lot of people I speak to would like to use the inking features of Windows 8.1 and their surface – especially the Ink-to-Text feature of OneNote however they struggle to make the process efficient for them and get frustrated when things don’t work out as expected. 320 more words

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Sẽ không có Surface Pro 4 trong năm nay?

Thiết kế chủ đạo của chiếc Surface Pro 4 sẽ không khác biệt nhiều với người tiền nhiệm Surface Pro 3, thay vào đó, Microsoft sẽ tập trung trau chuốt các chi tiết nhỏ trên thiết bị này. 556 more words


Microsoft launches new Surface Pro 3 model

WASHINGTON: Microsoft has launched a sixth model to its range of Surface Pro 3 tablets.

According to the Verge, the new device has the same 1.7GHz Core i7 processor and 8GB of memory as the versions before it, but unlike older i7 models which featured either 256GB or 512GB of storage, the new variant comes with only 128GB of space. 24 more words