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Wireless connection with surface using windows 10.

Just a quick video teaching how to properly connect to a wireless display using Windows 10.


six Easy Methods to Refresh Inner surface Without Remodelling

How to make interior rapidly if you obtained tired of this, but not however ready for remodelling and money-spending? There are a minimum of 6 easy details, which could add comfort and more inviting feel to the home. 11 more words

Microsoft’s Surface Phone could come packing some powerful tech

Microsoft s Surface Phone could come packing some powerful tech. Snapdragon 835 processor rumored. Leaks continue to drip out of Redmond about the supposedly forthcoming Microsoft Surface Phone, and the latest from the rumor mill suggests the specs of the new device (or devices) are going to be well worth waiting for. 26 more words

Microsoft has a patent for a foldable phone-to-tablet device

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

Microsoft has a patent for a foldable phone-to-tablet device

Foldable phones are going to be the next big trend as there is an increasing number of companies filing patents on these devices. 213 more words


What if Microsoft's Surface Phone is actually a foldable Surface tablet?

Microsoft might be out of the smartphone-making business for the time being, but the company has been rumored to be working on a high-end Surface Phone. 267 more words


Experimentation 2

One of the first experimental projects I did this semester was based upon the ideas of texture and water. Last year I created abstract photos of water, and to build upon this I used a mirror and glass outliner in order to create a stark outline of the pattern created by one of the photos, showing the undulating waves of water from a stream. 92 more words


Mensa Mensae Mensam

Which as anyone who has had the misfortune to study Latin at school will be aware means table. This is the story of a table: 631 more words