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Nextie NXT38C07 38mm carbon road rims

I have been asked a few times about the longevity of the braking surface on the Nextie road carbon rims and thanks to the British summer I have been able to test them in all conditions including some really wet days over the last 5 months. 127 more words


Ships of the Soviet Navy : Kirov class

During the 1970s, the Soviet navy was undergoing massive expansion, aimed at countering the US-NATO naval might. Several combat vessels of various tonnage and roles were under construction. 2,243 more words


Upgrade a Windows 10

He estado revisando Windows 10 desde que estaba en beta, y para eso preparé mi PC para la ocasión: Un disco SSD de 240 GB para tener solamente el sistema operativo y un disco híbrido de 2 Tb para todos los demás programas. 857 more words


Preparing for the Festival of Quilts

So the last 2-3 weeks I have been busy creating more files for laser cutting in wood and plastics ready for next week. Here’s a small preview of the work you’ll get to see next week… 6 more words

Cenote Emote

Like some great cenote
emotions lie deep within,
hiding beauty
and sometimes danger
from those who explore
only the surface
of who I am.

©2015 Sharron R. McMillan

Living Simply

Windows 10, Surface, and Comcast

Today is the first day of downloading and using windows 10.  So, I have downloaded and have been using now since this morning and so far so good.   182 more words