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What Is Your Escape Mechanism?

Open your eyes.

I have had my eyes tightly shut for too long. Swimming was my passion, but also a great distraction to hide myself… 499 more words

Life Lessons

Off to the Publisher-Chapter 2

The last post featured 5 bracelets that were submitted to Belle Armoire Jewelry for the Summer 2017 issue. Hooray…they were accepted!!! But, be careful ‘what you wish for’. 68 more words

Laurie Prophater

Back to Me

I’ve been very lax in blogging and doing pretty much anything creative lately, and it’s having a toll on my mood. I’ve been struggling with depression and have found that I’m easily irritated and frustrated. 186 more words


Different Types of Resistors Play Different Roles in Circuit Manufacturing

The number of common items in which resistors are used can be surprising to someone not familiar with basic electrical science. It would indeed be difficult to function effectively without the household appliances or other equipment that make use of these electrical units designed to help control currents moving through a circuit. 386 more words


Microsoft just confirmed the existence of the Surface Pro 5

Surface. A line of laptop/tablet hybrids that are really amazing(I’d like one to keep running SIGMΛ Fi lul.) And let me just say this right now, people have been waiting since forever for a brand new updated surface pro tablet. 206 more words


We finally have a computer that can survive the surface of Venus

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Venus is one of the most inhospitable places in the solar system. Descending through the clouds of boiling sulphuric rain is actually the easy bit—the hard bit is not being cremated by the surface temperature of 470°C (878°F) or crushed by the atmospheric pressure, which is about 90 times that of Earth, the same as swimming 900 metres under water. 722 more words