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Microsoft is about to fix your Surface Pro 3’s poor battery life

Microsoft has provided an update on the major Surface Pro 3 battery flaw which has plagued some users, and the company has confirmed that a patch to cure the problem has been hammered out and should be arriving soon. 22 more words


Radio 70, side B, track 6: "The First Time" by Surface

Oh, Surface, damn this song is good.  Pretty sure that I was totally in love with the idea that I’d break down crying the first time I looked into a girl’s eyes because my heart was just so full of love for her.   114 more words

KISD FM/98.7 (Pipestone, MN)

Unbelievable facts

  1. The total combined weight of the world’s ant population is heavier than the weight of the human population. :O
  2. In space, astronauts cannot cry because there is no gravity.
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Microsoft will fix Surface Pro 3 battery issues through software

Microsoft was right about its hunch that Surface Pro 3 battery degradation was a software problem. The company reports that it has ruled out hardware as a cause for the shrinking battery capacity, and that it’s working on a patch that should bring your Windows tablet back to normal. 115 more words


Recommended Reading: What happened at Hyperloop One?

How Hyperloop One
went off the rails
Sarah McBride,

The folks at Hyperloop One are one group trying to make Elon Musk’s seemingly crazy idea of a levitating pod transportation system a reality.

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Imagined Surfaces: the 'Undetermined Capacity' in Henry James

Henry James’s works are famous for their interest in the life of the hidden mind, but James was also interested in the idea of surfaces, and how as a writer to “render the look of things, the look that conveys their meaning.” In an  259 more words

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