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Australia's Silicon Valley of Surfing

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By Ron Gluckman

From the rooftop of Rip Curl’s headquarters in Torquay on Australia’s southern coast, Steve Kay squints into the scorching Victoria sun, surveying his surfing empire. 1,503 more words

Money Matters

Casein Glue

Used that super dry curd to make some glue. Did some different combinations to test for water resistance. Only one made the grade. I was able to pry apart the left two easily with my hands. 86 more words


2nd Hand Surfboards for Sale

Points to consider while getting a surfboard for beginners

You need to have listened to people saying that browsing is their bag. It is one of those tasks that astound the rate of interest of many people, particularly in the summertime. 603 more words

2nd Hand Surfboards For Sale

Enjoy the Surfing with High Quality Surfboard

Many companies made different electric and gas powered boards, each designed for different surfing style. Better surfboard enhances the performance while surfing and give better satisfaction to the person. 273 more words


Casein Glue: Waterproof Experiment #1

Water-resistant wood glue made from 100% biodegradable ingredients. Read it left to right top to bottom. *Old curds = Dried curds. *New curds = Fresh curds.


Shellac Experiment: Waterproof #3

I ended up leaving the rubbery shellac in salt water for three days. No significant deterioration was seen. It was all still basically in tact, there were some small soft or half dissolved pieces coming off. 42 more words

Shellac Experiment: Waterproof #2

I have some leftover shellac that’s still rubbery. I’m going to leave it in salt water for 24 hours to see how it holds up. Stay tuned for the results…