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Fiberglass Surfboard Construction Materials

The conventional fiberglass surfboard blank uses polyurethane foam, which is hand formed or formed with a CNC machine using a polyurethane foam center. Weighted fiberglass is laid over the foam core, and then laminated with polyester resin. 514 more words



This board takes small wave surfing to a whole new level. A ‘fun’ level for beginners, a ‘progressive’ level for intermediate surfers and a ’shredding’ level for advanced surfers when the conditions aren’t looking to flash. 116 more words


The Difference Between Epoxy and Fiberglass Surfboards

What’s the difference between epoxy and fiberglass surfboards? This can be confusing to those just starting out and thinking about purchasing a surfboard. To the new surfer a Simon Anderson surfboard is a surfboard. 543 more words

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We have developed a few different style of logos for use on boards and shirts.

Firstly the original logo and used on any board over 6’4 or any retro style board. 31 more words

Surfboard Repairs Made Easy

There are lots of challenges out there both in the water and on the land that can and will play havoc with your surfboard. Stone, coral, other surfers and boards, are dangers that can easily damage your surf board. 617 more words


Art is Life 2

Art is Life….10″x 10″ acrylic on canvas.