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Teaser: TGR To Release Andy Irons Documentary

I don’t want to be one of those guys who says they don’t care, just staying somewhere in the top ten for a few more years. 98 more words


MIT is Creating a Furry Wetsuit Inspired By Beavers & Sea Otters Pelts

Inspired by hairy, semiaquatic mammals such as beavers and sea otters, a group of MIT engineers are fabricating fur-like rubbery pelts learn how these mammals stay warm and even dry while diving underwater. 7 more words


Talking about books and the big-wave brotherhood

Stoked! by Chris Bertish

Stealing the Wave by Andy Martin

“Me and My Board” was a discussion session hosted by the 2016 Open Book Festival in Cape Town on Saturday, 10 September 2016. 360 more words


Seaside Shelter

Some long lost clips from a weekend at surf town La Union with the Circle Hostel.


The Circle Hostel


WATCH: Porpoise Goes Airborne Mid-Wave...Lands on Surfer

This surfer must have had the surprise of a lifetime after getting knocked off his board by some local wildlife.  I think that was on porpoise. 21 more words


WATCH: Hurricane Hermine Provides For All-Time Conditions On Long Island, NY

The term “overhead” rarely applies to surfing on Long Island but thanks to the occasional hurricane, it does happen. Hurricane Hermine was the culprit this year, blasting the eastern seaboard with swell after swell for the diehard surfers of NYC.

*Video courtesy of Gabriel Reuben


WATCH: Surfer Unknowingly Rides Directly Over Great White Shark

Do you think this kind of thing has been happening all along and we are just becoming aware of it with the spread of drone photography or is there another explanation? 33 more words