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Underwater Flatulence

A little underwater trumpet noise… What’s not funny about that? “You don’t have to be smart to laugh at farts but you need to be stupid not to.” – Louis CK


WATCH: Surfer Lands First Ever Backside 540°

While a backside 540 is pretty standard in snowboarding, the move is damn near impossible in surfing. Enter Albee Layer, who recently greased the aerial while filming with… 9 more words



“If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll be seasick every day.” ~Leonard Cohen

12nov16. Ocean Beach. San Diego, CA.


FUNNY: 11 Year Old Aussie Surf Prodigy Roasts Dad in Hilarious TV Interview

“He had to suck his gut in for photos, it was really funny”

How does it feel to get absolutely roasted on live TV….ask this Australian surf prodigy Sabre Norris’s dad.   39 more words


Big Wave Surfer Hopes To Cross The Atlantic... On A SUP!

Trans-Atlantic crossings are ripe with history. Since Christopher Columbus made what is largely considered the first modern crossing of the Atlantic, a series of pioneers have tried their hand at the route– some witnessing success while others were exposed to complete failure. 277 more words


Moda = Revolutionary New Surfboards Inspired By Snowboards

“Moda delivers snowboard-quality flex because we put snowboard technology directly inside our surfboards. Patent pending.”

It may look like a boogie board with fins but I assure you, this radical new snowboard inspired surfboard by… 246 more words


FUNNY: Surf Tips With Joey B [Ice Coast Kills Sh*t]

Certified mountain-man/water-man Joey B not only shreds on a snowboard but his surf skills are on point too.

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Just make sure to grab some Parmigiano, Italian Sausage, and extra virgin olive before beginning this tutorial.

*Video courtesy of IceCoastKillsShit