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My Second Love - The Water; Surf and Beach photos from 2014 & 2015

Again, with the aim of getting this blog going and getting up everything I’d neglected to at the time of taking them here’s a massive selection of photo’s I’ve taken in the last year when out on a surf trip or a stole at the beach. 20 more words


Surf's up!

According to annual turn of the seasons, summer is here. However with the Irish weather being as fickle as it normally is it seems a lot more like an eternal autumn day. 341 more words


Pic of the Day

“Why do I get the feeling I am overdressed for this beach?”

This Versatile Waterproof Speaker Might Be Your Next River Accessory...

Its always been a challenge to reliably incorporate tunes when it comes to water sports, but the Red Fox Rover IPX7 may be the solution.  This badboy attaches to almost anything and can spend a good half hour in a shallow river before experiencing any damage to its acoustics so you don’t even have to hustle. 16 more words


If You Going To Chile This Summer To Ski You Might Want To Check Out The Surf As Well...

This is some Goonies shit here.  Picturesque and rugged.  If you find yourself in a down week at Valle Nevado consider hitting up the coast for the some surf because if there is one thing that Chile has a bunch of its coast.   13 more words


Interview with Chris Gorman Author of Indi Surfs

Tired of reading about princesses to his young daughter and discovering the lack of  “true surf vibe” children’s books, Chris Gorman and his daughter Indi, decided to change this. 878 more words


Aloha Hawaii!

My best friend and I moved to Hawaii 20 days ago.

We were both living normal, every day lives- me (Katie) in New York City working for a fashion company and her (Mere) in the Jersey Shore working as a full time Nanny. 109 more words