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How are you, Love ?

How are you, Love ?

How do you do – the things that you do ?

  • How love … ?

With Love .




Patrick Trefz and SURFERS’ BLOOD

Patrick Trefz has been sharing Santa Cruz surfing with the world for decades. He’s worked tirelessly with the area’s best surfers to capture that elusive “shot”. 533 more words

Surfing This Way

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Recently I read that a local teen in my area named Micha Cantor, was a Junior Pro surfer for Team USA. 218 more words


FUNNY: Surf Tips With Joey B [Ice Coast Kills Sh*t]

Certified mountain-man/water-man Joey B not only shreds on a snowboard but his surf skills are on point too.

Related: Joey B’s Board Tuning Tips

Just make sure to grab some Parmigiano, Italian Sausage, and extra virgin olive before beginning this tutorial.

*Video courtesy of IceCoastKillsShit


'I can't reach the nose and I can't reach the eyeballs': Oregon surfer punched shark in gills to survive

PORTLAND, Ore. — Joseph Tanner was resting his arms on his surf board, his lower body dangling in the water, when something grabbed his right leg and yanked him under the waves. 580 more words


Ernie goes to Bali (May 2016)

Bali is one of those places I’ve always felt a bit ambivalent about, though it surely deserves a spot on anyone’s bucket list. Famous for its golden beaches and terraced jungle valleys, it’s also the subject of one of the most famous anthropological essays of all time – Clifford Geertz’s… 2,005 more words


It's All Happening

Snapping pictures from a balcony in Main Beach on the Gold Coast. Yep, there’s a lot going on in this picture – but that’s life at the top. Queensland. Australia.