Still More Pain

The pain in my neck is increasing still. I made another appointment with the surgeon who performed my surgery. The medication I am taking does n0t stop my pain, but, makes me pretty dizzy; hydrocodone. 80 more words



Yesterday I was live tweeting Grey’s Anatomy when these questions started to appear in my mentions:

Isn’t that the show where everyone dies?

Is there anything in this show other than doctors and interns? 290 more words

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What the Surgeon Ought to Be

The conditions necessary for the Surgeon are four:  First, he should be learned; Second, he should be expert; Third, he must be ingenious, and Fourth, he should be able to adapt himself. 160 more words


Don't date a surgeon...

…who is also a divorced dad, unless you have infinite patience of off-the-charts saintly proportions. Unless you are as flexible as a Russian gymnast. And unless you have a fulfilling life of your own to get on with for the 98% of the time you won’t see him. 1,082 more words

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Baby Surgeons (Fickle Friday #35)

The past few weeks have been exhausting and I have had barely much sleep at all. Today I concluded that if I were to enter a panda-lookalike contest, I would actually win out over an actual panda. 542 more words

Too Often...

Thank you to the A&E doctors

nurses, surgeons – the lot

who saved a dying boy

who took a hit

from a gunshot

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Prescription for Indian Medical care Challenges?

In order to meet with the billowing need for medical care facilities in Indian rural and semi urban areas, India will have to add 15 lakh new beds,  15 lakh medical practitioners and 30 lakh new nurses over the next 10 years, according to various surveys. 315 more words