When I Grow Up, I Want to be a Nurse!

Yes, a nurse is what I said I wanted to be for many of my developmental years. In third grade, I checked out a lot of biographical books from my school library.   1,582 more words

Culture & Identity

It Takes a Village

They say it takes a village to raise a child. The same thing can be said of beating cancer. You don’t beat cancer on your own. 1,251 more words

Beating Cancer

Too Often...

Thank you to the A&E doctors

nurses, surgeons – the lot

who saved a dying boy

who took a hit

from a gunshot

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29 Surgeons Share Their Biggest 'Oh Shit' Moments From Serious Operations

1. We ran a spike through a man’s eyeball

I was a junior doctor working in neurosurgery back in 2008 when one of the senior registrars (I suppose the equivalent is chief resident in the USA) told me his most unfortunate moment.

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Here is how you can keep kids' spines healthy and happy

Backpacks containing heavy textbooks and electronic gadgets such as laptops or tablets can be the cause of back-related pain in school-aged children. Injured muscles and joints can later result in posture problems as well as back, neck and shoulder pain. 332 more words

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Touch Surgery: Practice surgery anytime, anywhere!

Touch Surgery is a mobile platform that allows doctors, health care professionals and medical students to learn and practice surgical procedures on their phone.

Touch Surgery is a serious game on mobile devices designed for physicians, in particular, that guides the player through a series of surgical procedures, using a process called Cognitive Task Simulation, which fragments each operation in its early stages and key decision points. 367 more words


In the news: Surgeons recommend the Baha 5 SuperPower

From Consumer’s DigestDr. Eric Smouha (pictured), director of otology at Mount Sinai Hospital, and Michael Scott, auditory implant program coordinator at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, are among the prestigious surgeons who recommend the Baha 5 SuperPower to their hard of hearing patients. 111 more words

Hearing Loss