Smooth Operators - Surgeons Rely on Music to Stay on Task

An ophthalmologist at the Maryland Vision Institute in Hagerstown, Kinga Michelle Huzella, MD, frequently performs surgery to treat patients’ vision problems. Dr. Michelle Huzella takes a professional interest in the benefits of playing music during operations. 172 more words

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The Newness Wains—Defending the Faith

Happy with the surge of new found faith? Give it time. This is just the beginning…

Being carefully guided in belief, we learn what “we believe”, but the group effect has some curious side effects. 309 more words


Surgeons remove 36 magnetic balls from toddler's stomach, report says

A toddler in China who was rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pain, high fever and a history of vomiting was revealed to have ingested 36 magnetic balls, which had attached to each other while in her digestive tract and caused two holes in her intestine. 12 more words

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Too Often...

Thank you to the A&E doctors

nurses, surgeons – the lot

who saved a dying boy

who took a hit

from a gunshot

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Some updates

There’s a lot going on in my life right now so here’s a little update.

This week I’m headed down to San Francisco to do consults with 2 possible surgeons for vaginoplasty (bottom surgery). 545 more words

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10/4 UCI Transplant/Nephrology Symposium

The University of California at Irvine will present an October 4, 2019 Kidney/Pancreas Transplant & Nephrology Symposium.  For details and registration see https://surgery.uci.edu/transplant-cme/.  Find a Save-the-Date poster at https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/nwrn.org/files/N/UCI/UCISymposium2019.pdf.

Staff Education

Sustainable Surgery: Day Twenty One

As it was the day before Ms V and Mr P were to set off for their next adventure Mr P offered to go over to the laundromat to make sure we were up to date with our clothing etc. 945 more words

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