Love and Pain in Civil War Hospitals

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“The pain of my wound was forgotten. I drank in the sound of her voice greedily, until at last the words lost their meaning and I fell into a sound sleep, the first I had enjoyed since I received my wound,” recalled a Federal captain in 1863 as he laid in a hospital bed after receiving a painful wound in his side.[1] This young officer was so apparently star struck by a beautiful young nurse from Washington, DC, that he had to share the story with one of the country’s most popular, pro-Democrat newspapers,  599 more words


British surgeons find 27 contact lenses lodged in woman's eye

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

British surgeons were preparing a 67-year-old woman for cataract surgery last November when they found something unexpected – 27 contact lenses, which had been stuck in the patient’s eye. 225 more words

Current Affairs

How Surgeons Prepared for Battles

Preparing massive armies for large-scale combat engagements involved every single person and department, from providing ammunition to troops to delivering orders to and from commands. Besides the jobs that assisted in achieving strategic and tactical victories on the battlefield, the most important, and laborious, role in both the Federal and Confederate armies was care of the wounded. 562 more words


The 12 most automated jobs in the US

At least for now, surgeons can breathe a sigh of relief. It ll be 36 years until they re outperformed by robots in the operating room, according to AI researchers. 45 more words

Hello Hope

(July 2015, Hope)

In June of 2015, I had to put my beautiful girl Halen down. She had been battling cancer for the past 8 months and it was time for me to make the agonizing decision to say good-bye to my girl. 612 more words


Memoirs of another spontaneous pneumothorax

So, my lung collapsed again Monday.

After a month or so of feeling lousy (see last post)  I had a sneaking suspicion something in me was going to give, and give it did. 1,114 more words

Too Often...

Thank you to the A&E doctors

nurses, surgeons – the lot

who saved a dying boy

who took a hit

from a gunshot

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