Port-a-cath and Chemotherapy

Counselling for Cancer

Happy April Fool’s Day to you all. I hope you have a few laughs. Ha Ha hee hee.

What a torrid 2 days. 2,577 more words


All About Plastic Surgeons In Vancouver BC

http://bit.ly/1LeTeR4 Thinking about plastic surgery in Vancouver? Check out this site before hand to do some research!

Letter: Ottawa Hospital surgeons are committed to patients' well-being

Re: Ending a painful wait, March 23.

A recent Citizen article highlighted the improvement in wait times for hip and knee replacement surgery.

The improvements are wonderful news for our community and I was disappointed to read a followup article on the subject that left readers with the impression that the surgeons at The Ottawa Hospital weren’t open to changing the way they provide care and that the hospital is too large to adapt to health care’s ever-changing needs. 156 more words


World first as surgeons spot a brain tumour - with a 'bleeping pen': Laser helps surgeons tell the difference between healthy and cancerous tissue

Surgeons often describe the tricky operation to remove a brain tumour as ‘trying to pluck a spider out of jelly’. Take out too little and the cancerous ‘legs’ remain and regrow – but take out too much and there is a risk of cutting away healthy tissue and leaving the patient disabled. 154 more words

Survey: Patients have favorable view of orthopedic surgeon, industry relationships

Although results of a prospective, self-administered survey of 218 patients found 62% expressed they should be somewhat concerned about financial relationships between orthopedic surgeons and the industry, most patients had supportive attitudes towards these relations and believe they are beneficial to patients.


Medical Device

What's a Job "Really" Worth? (It Depends . . . )

Recently, the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League signed a 28-year-old defensive tackle named Ndamukong Suh to a multi-year contract worth—hold onto your hats—$114,375,000.  Just let that sink in for a while.   1,099 more words

In My Opinion

Veterinary practice review. Bell Equine. Mereworth, Kent.

When thinking about veterinary practices I believe that when you pay for good service you should expect it, that knowledge is key, reliability is a massive bonus, that credit should be given when its due and that after 20 years in the industry I know when a practice is doing a great job and more importantly when they are not! 310 more words