The Rising Need of the Laparoscopy Training Program

Today more and more surgeries are being done with the help of the laparoscopic instrument. Handling this instrument is a tough job as it needs to be inserted at the right place so that the correct view can be seen and surgery can be performed successfully. 473 more words



A real-life, one sided battle, between a robot and a flesh and blood human has just taken place. Like the terminator, this machine was driven by a computer and killed without remorse or conscience. 603 more words


How to Go About Finding the Best Laparoscopic Surgeon?

Laparoscopy is the modern day kind of surgery which is performed using the instrument called laparoscope. The main idea of using this instrument is to a clearer and refined view of the organs which makes it easy to perform the surgery. 486 more words


Everything You Should Know About the Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is one of the most common problems faced by several people. Today’s lifestyle is so critical that one easily gains weight and then there is no control over the same. 497 more words


Rely On the Best Cancer Surgeon for an Effective Treatment

Cancer is one of the deadliest health issues that not only affect the patient but people around. It is not easy to fight with cancer as early diagnosis is what needs to be done to get rid of the same. 504 more words


The Many Benefits of Digital Marketing for Surgeons

Why should you be actively developing a digital marketing strategy for your medical practice? There are many important reasons. Basically, it’s the most dynamic way to impact your practice. 48 more words

New Brunswick to add 25 health specialists, help reduce wait times

New Brunswick is set to hire 25 new health specialists in the province. Recruitment is set to begin immediately with the goal of filling all positions this fiscal year. 330 more words