Surgical Humour

Before we sign off for the weekend, here’s a humorous comic to brighten your day:

Artist: Jason Wolfe

Scans and diagnosis part II: thoughts on doctors, nurses, and the whole shebang

Three weeks ago I’ve decided that I equally detest hospital waiting rooms together with airports. I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s office, lying down in examination beds – being poked and prodded by gloved hands. 597 more words


Why is Communicating with Patients Such a Challenge?

It makes some people’s skin crawl just to think of it.

What is it?  It’s the unforgiving blank stare you get after spending valuable time explaining your diagnosis to “Patient X”. 615 more words

The Catch 22

I am recovering now from my recent hernia surgery, and I keep thinking how funny it might be to channel my late mother for this blog post. 1,196 more words


Breast Augmentation Windsor CA

If you’re looking for more information about getting a breast augmentation in Windsor CA, just call Dr. Barry Silberg. He can provide you with his mommy makeover or breast surgery. 6 more words

Too Often...

Thank you to the A&E doctors

nurses, surgeons – the lot

who saved a dying boy

who took a hit

from a gunshot

© Kait King, 2015

Kait King Author

A few good reasons why Cosmetic surgeons and plumbers should not go to parties

He stood near the table, fishing out the honey roasted almonds. A housewarming party. Three people were in his vicinity, the owner of the house and a couple he did not know, they were talking about plastic and cosmetic surgeons. 996 more words