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Доктор Дхарма Чоудхари - международный лидер в трансплантации костного мозга в Индии


Костный мозг – это мягкая жировая ткань внутри костей, которая продуцирует стволовые клетки, которые созревают в разные кровяные клетки, из которых три основных типа – эритроциты, которые переносят кислород; белые кровяные клетки, которые борются с инфекциями; и тромбоциты, которые помогают остановить кровотечение.


Plastic surgery done in developing countries can carry substantial risks of complications

Patients traveling to developing countries for plastic surgery procedures may experience severe complications.

The costs of treating complications due to medical tourism often fall on the patient’s public health insurance coverage, according to the report by ASPS Member Surgeon Dennis Orgill, MD, PhD, and colleagues of Brigham and Women’s Hospital-Harvard Medical School. 261 more words


What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag Before Surgery

I went for my first surgery dressed in jeans. It was a day surgery, needless to say, that was a horrible idea. Dressing up afterward was not easy, my bladder was sore and my urethra was upset that a catheter had gone visiting, yet there I was trying to keep up with fashion and fit into a snug pair of jeans while anesthesia coursed through my veins. 389 more words


Endometriosis Surgery - Check!

Where to begin? The past two weeks have been insane. Chalk full of unexpected blessings, changes, and trauma.

I flew to Gig Harbor, WA almost 2 weeks ago to have surgery by Dr. 1,524 more words


Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy at 35: Day 14

Two weeks in and I seem to have taken a step or two backwards. I’m not sure if it’s part of the healing process, but I seem to have to clear my throat a lot and talking is very difficult due to being hoarse almost to the point of losing my voice. 501 more words


06.17.2018 - It's The Little Things

My boy surprised me with flowers. Isn’t that the sweetest? i didn’t want to cry, but I did a little when he wasn’t looking. He knew, because he’s heard me complain and has caught my tears, that the last two week straight have been very hard and stressful for me. 189 more words