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Road to Reduction - Episode 6: Pre-Opportunity


This podcast is detailing my journey to a breast reduction. Its meant to help others considering/getting a reduction by examining the process, emotions, and healing that go into the journey. 40 more words

2.5 Weeks till the Chop: The Why

If you’ve found yourself to my page, you are most likely searching for answers and questioning whether or not you are ready to choose surgery as the solution to your unhappiness. 1,232 more words

Big Boobs

Caption: This is what my head looks like now

“Well, at least now, you get to eat all the ice cream that you want.” She says.
“I’m an adult, I could’ve always done that.” 65 more words


Checklists: should we use them?

When applying for medical school, one is encouraged to read a lot. Scientific, medical and medical ethics books are all recommended. I decided to jump on board, not realising that I would reignite my love for reading and end up reading a new book every week. 609 more words

On Pain.

This post is mostly about having to endure different types of pain, I will get into the specifics at a later date as I need to go through all my notes and files. 792 more words


Get Some Answers

I’m finally going to get some answers. Answers to the question, what kind of damage happened to my shoulder when I fell with the dog 7 weeks ago. 108 more words

Colon cancer: After three surgeries and two cycles of chemo, he wanted to give up

Sam (not real name) is a 43-year-old Malaysian from a town in central Malaysia. He came with his family to seek our help. Unfortunately, he came empty-handed — no medical reports. 1,076 more words