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Gallstones, Gluttony and Treats!

I was diagnosed with gallstones a few weeks ago after a good few months of pain, scans and doctors you want to punch in the goolies because they’re so bloody irritating. 316 more words

Weight Loss

Going Back to Work Post-Surgery

Monday (it is currently 2:45 am on Sunday) I’m going back to work after a little over a week off for surgery. I am worried because I’ve gained a few pounds and I’m self-conscious about that. 145 more words


Bits and pieces

I’m having a hard time lately putting my life into coherent, flowing thoughts. Right now, it’s more of a jumbled, stream-of-consciousness, think all the thoughts blur. 957 more words

my bikini selfie: bag, scar, and all

Two months ago, I was admitted into the hospital with horrible abdominal pain and distension. I hadn’t been able to eat for over a week because it would make my symptoms worse. 187 more words


Update #2 s/p Surgery - 7/23/16

Wohoo! The surgery was a success! The hardest part was actually just getting an IV in me. I apparently have tiny veins that twist and turn when you try to stick needles in them. 737 more words

Blog Posts & Updates

Update On Edgar's Health

Written By Edgar (originally posted to Facebook):

“I want to address some of the concerns that people have had about my health, but I want to put it in its proper context. 4,399 more words


I Wanna Be Sedated

In a little over two weeks, I have the second surgery. The stress has been driving me nuts; I doubt it’s a coincidence that my blood sugar has catapulted to over 200. 465 more words