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Mons Resection Surgery Results

We got back two weeks ago from a  successful Mons resection. The hubby is feeling pretty great, but there were some issues. The hubby went in depth on his surgery tumblr. 75 more words

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Baby born with heart outside her body, a first in the UK!

A baby that needed surgery within an hour of being born to attempt to fix a rare condition that caused her heart to develop outside her body has survived a life-saving operation in what is the first ever in the UK… 148 more words


Abdominal pain: Differential diagnosis

In this illustration you can find 4 different possible diagnosis from their typical location and presentation. Remember to identify signs of inflamation like fever and altered bloodwork and never forget to continuously assess the severity of your patient though appearance and vitals. 39 more words

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Well, once again we have a Big Money vs Ordinary Citizen issue raging across the country. Please read up on Net Neutrality if you aren’t familiar with it, and then call or email your Congressman and tell them to get on the right side and reverse the recent overturn of regulations. 333 more words


Deadlifting with a JPouch

Now I am going to say this right off the start, I am not giving an instructional video on how to do deadlifts and yes I know how to do deadlifts with proper form. 144 more words

Ulcerative Colitis

'Chopping' vs changing: focal dystonia resolution

As you may know, in recent months I have maintained my work on musician’s focal hand dystonia resolution on this other page, the idea being to keep anything I do in the realm of dystonia resolution neater and less mixed up with things of a more general ‘guitaristic’ or musical nature. 1,851 more words


update and Girl Power!!

        No real news to report with my wound. I’ve been been changing the dressing once a day, its gross and it hurts…. I was able to get a weeks worth of stronger pain medicine from my doctor and that has helped tremendously with making my pain more tolerable, but its still there. 333 more words