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My Birthdate is actually my removal date

“How many C-sections are too many?” This headline has been gaining more and more traction in the mainstream media and within the baby blogosphere. Newspapers seem to focus on the medical pros and cons of having a C-section, while the baby blogs tend more towards emotional accounts and horror stories of labors that ended in unintentional surgical deliveries. 688 more words

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The surprising factor behind a spike in C-sections


Cesarean delivery of a baby—or C-section—is the most commonly performed surgery in the world.

Rising C-section rates are a problem all over the world—but it’s particularly notable in the United States.

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Your Biggest C-Section Risk May Be Your Hospital


Consumer Reports finds that your risk of a cesarean section can be more than nine times higher depending on the hospital you choose.

The most common major surgery performed in the U.S isn’t to remove an appendix or replace a knee.

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