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C-Sections and Your Child's Health

Here is the best article I’ve seen about birth in a long time in that it is respectful, well-researched with the research provided, and very informative.  90 more words


Fat, Pain and Tolerance

As I laid in a hospital bed recovering from an emergency surgery, knowing that they had removed 3 kg of flesh, I started to wonder about how I had lived so long with this. 489 more words

Self Care

Encouragement for C-Section Mamas

Surprise of all surprises, C-section birth has become a topic I am passionate about. It has been almost three months since Joey was born (has it really been that long?) and even now new feelings and emotions and memories come up. 2,171 more words


What's Mine is Mine

I had an interesting experience a few years ago. A friend had attended her first hospital birth, as doula for her friend. This would be her first certifying birth, as she had just completed her training seminar. 399 more words


You Can't Always Get What You Want...

…but amazingly, you usually get what you need. Sometimes birth is just. like. that.

My last doula clients changed practices at 35 weeks gestation. We had just met and they were telling me that they had never heard of a doula before finding me online, none of their friends or family had ever used a doula. 407 more words


Heather's Planned C-Section

Please give a brief description of yourself, and what number baby/birth you’re sharing with us.

I’m Heather, a doula and midwifery student, 32 years old with two children, and the birth I’m sharing is my second child, my daughter. 1,011 more words

The Birth Interview Project

5 Reasons to Question your OB's push for Cesarean Section

I know we all want to put ours and our unborn babies health into our OBGYN’s hands without question. I know so many moms who have told me that they did not have the degree and their doctor does so they will go with his word on the matter. 768 more words