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Surgical Illustration

Here’s the final assignment for my surgical illustration class. It’s depicting a VP Shunt Replacement in a child. VP shunts are used in cases of Hydrocephalus where cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is accumulating in the ventricles of the brain. 47 more words


This is my last project for my Surgical Illustration class. I’m depicting here a Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy of the left kidney. This kidney was being removed from a woman in her 30’s. 205 more words

Medical Illustration

Surgery in Lines

This procedure is of an open carpal tunnel release surgery on the right hand. The steps to the surgery are in the text. I chose to elaborate on the hand markings to show where the underlying anatomy is. 48 more words

Medical Illustration

OR scribbles

What an amazing adventure surgical illustration is! Friday I went in to view surgery for the first time. The procedures to get in can be a hassle, but it’s for the best. 230 more words

Medical Illustration

Let's see that brain...

This semester I had a Surgical Orientation class, which  provided an opportunity for us to get introduced to techniques and protocol in the world of surgery. 247 more words

Medical Illustration

Carbon Dust!

For my last surgical illustration project I decided to tackle carbon dust – it always looks so neat, and after a demo in class one day it looked like fun too. 118 more words



In addition to coursework I’ve also been working with a surgeon in the area on aorta pathologies and fixes for patient outreach on the web. It’s been a really nice change of pace to work on this after the 3D and animation work, and I really love doing surgical illustration. 16 more words