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Liposuction Sonoma

Are you searching for a place that can help you with your  liposuction surgery in Sonoma? Dr. Barry Silberg can help you out. He can  provide you with the Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck today.

Loving an Addict (Part 3)

A few months went by and our relationship was beyond perfect. He was clean from heroin and we were happy. When you date a recovering addict it can almost be just as stressful as dating a current user. 665 more words


Mama's 2010

The following is a copy of the letter sent to my mother’s attorney while we attempted to file malpractice against a surgeon in 2012- two years after the course of the events described.

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I'm baaackkkkk

Hello loves, I pray all has been well with you!!! The last time I left you I was about to head out for my birthday celebration back in December!! 222 more words


10 Tips for Interacting with Trans People

Not everyone spends their lives around transgender people. In fact, many people may never have met anyone who identifies as transgender (at least as far as they know). 630 more words