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10 Tips for Interacting with Trans People

Not everyone spends their lives around transgender people. In fact, many people may never have met anyone who identifies as transgender (at least as far as they know). 630 more words


Before Simple Surgery

-Clarence Holm (last thoughts before orthoscopic surgery)

Coasting through the pre-op check list
Restricted fluids, solids dismissed
Simple surgery done with scopes
Correcting damage restoring hopes…

119 more words

Curious Feelings....wait, what?

Its been a week!

Terrible weather, a heart surgery, and house anxiety, coupled with that “waiting for pay day so I can buy toilet paper” feeling. 599 more words

Colouring in the Brain

How frustrating is it as a student when you’re trying to learn the different areas of the brain and it all looks the same? Each fissure is incredibly similar to the untrained eye. 193 more words


Odds and Ends

I have been moving this week…again. This will be the third time in a year (or fourth if I count a temp move into a storage unit and am really trying to invoke sympathy). 751 more words


I’m no licensed expert in the medical field however, I’ve been smoking marijuana ,off an on, for the past 40 years and I believe that I have earned a masters degree in the blue collar,on the job experience of the human behavior department, most commonly referred to as life and the pursuit of happiness. 471 more words


Managed Health Care: UK woman with extreme abdominal herniation waiting 2 years for surgury

Grandmother looks pregnant because two huge hernias – the size of a baby’s head and  a melon – are pushing through her stomach… but she’s still waiting for surgery… 338 more words

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