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Bryson LOUGHMILLER - Speaker @ DefCamp #7

Bryson Loughmiller received his Master of Information Systems Management degree with an emphasis in Information Security from Brigham Young University. For the past year and a half, he’s enjoyed working at Adobe as an Information Security Analyst/Engineer, where he works to correlate large amounts of data in an effort to catch and stop threats.

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Speaker @ DefCamp #7

Daniel BARBU is a Ph.D candidate in the field of Information Security who brings passion into his daily tasks. He enjoyed learning and growing while working at Electronic Arts, Dell Secureworks and now Adobe.

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Suricata 3.2beta1 ready for testing

We’re happy to announce Suricata 3.2beta1. The plan is to release a release candidate within a few weeks, so please help us test this release! 360 more words


OPNsense how to mute IDS/Suricata Alerts

This is a tutorial on how to mute any rules that you want muted on your OPNsense firewall using the Suricata Intrusion Detection System (IDS). For this example I will be using the custom rule that can be created to block certain countries for example, here is the rule that I use to block common botnet/spam counties. 394 more words


Suricata SELKS 1 Giriş

Daha önce IDS ile ilgili olarak bir seri yazı yazmıştım ama başlıkta Suricata olmasına rağmen bu makale serisinde Suicata ile alakalı çok fazla bilgi yoktu. Bu makale serisinin ilkine  1,058 more words


Expanded Suricata Roadmap Development Session @ SuriCon

We are excited to offer an expanded community brainstorming session on Suricata’s Road Map Development at this year’s SuriCon .  Don’t miss your chance to particpate in this important discussion – register for SuriCon today – http://suricon.net… 101 more words


Roadmap Development Session at SuriCon

One of the most exciting things of last year’s Suricata User Conference in Barcelona was the road map discussion. For those who weren’t there, this is how it worked: the dev team sat on the stage and explained some of the ideas for next steps in Suricata development. 235 more words