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Dolores Romero Martinez April 18, 1927-August 1, 2014

My grandmother passed. We were very close.

There are many things that could be said about my grandma. She was interesting, strong, supportive, and many other adjectives. 293 more words


County Connections

About a year ago I received Sarah Jane Taylor’s death certificate and being the lazy/inept  genealogist that I am, I haven’t done that much with it.   325 more words


Mom's Autosomal DNA

Two things surprised me about her autosomal results: her 10% nonspecific Northern European (in addition to 3.7% British & Irish and .9% French & German), and her low amount of Middle Eastern and North African.   20 more words


Dr. McDonald Interprets Grandma's Data

Most likely fit is 58.1% (+-  0.2%) Europe (all Western Europe) and 19.3% (+-  0.1%) Mideast (all North Africa) and 22.6% (+-  0.3%) America (various subcontinents) 273 more words


Grandma's Family Tree DNA Results

They were expected to be due January 23, but so far her Family Finder and Population Finder results have come in:

I find it interesting that FTDNA reports grandma’s European population as Romanian and not a mix of peoples.   81 more words


The Mystery of Juana Ortega/Sarah Taylor

I’ve previously written about this here and haven’t gotten much further.  My DNA tests haven’t helped much because, of the matches that I’m sure are related through Sarah Taylor, we haven’t been able to establish a clear connection between our families. 99 more words