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Hitchcock Puzzle

Hello there,

Have been trying to figure out who the parents of James Hitchcock are, but is proving quite tricky.


James Hitchcock was born abt 1846 in Somerset, England… 151 more words


Don't panic!

I’ve been partly inspired to write this post because of a post I have just read and also because. ME,  yes me is getting married in 4 months. 994 more words



  • Maiden names are indexed before married names in the Surname field.
  • Do not assume the surname of an individual based on the surname of someone else, such as a parent or spouse.
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The Mystery of the Box, Part 1 - McElmoyle

It is wooden and rectangular, about 16″ x 6″ x 6″ or so. It is hinged at the back and has a rough clip at the front to keep it closed. 732 more words


बेसिरपैर का इतिहास

-संतोष कुमार

इस निबंध का आशय इतिहास को बेसिरपैर कहने का नहीं है, न ही ऐसा कहने का मुझे कोई अधिकार है अपितु मैं आपका ध्यान उन चीज़ों की और आकृष्ट करना चाहता हूँ जिन्हें हम साधारण और सामान्य मान  चुके है और शायद ही कभी हमने ये विचार होगा की इन चीज़ों का भी बहुत गहरा इतिहास है .

Simmonds is an awkward last name

How on Earth does someone have this surname without constantly getting it mistaken for the more common “Simmons”? You can’t pronounce the D in it without the pronunciation almost grinding to a halt, thus, it sounds identical to Simmons if you want to say it practically. 42 more words

Royes, Wyatts, Farrows, Mastersons

James Roye ( – d. bef 1796, PA)
& Nancy (1748 – 1835, Clermont co, OH)

Joseph P Wyatt (1783, Maryland or Delaware? – 25 Jan 1856, Clermont co, OH) 3,519 more words