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Were your ancestors Vikings?

There’s been a rash of articles floating around my alerts about Viking surnames. Apparently the TV channel History teamed up with experts from the Centre for Nordic Studies in the University of the Highlands and Islands, in which it looks like the experts did all the work and shared their knowledge and the TV channel surveyed 2000 people on questions which, given the answers, probably looked a bit like: “Do you want to be descended from a Viking?” and “Do you know anything about the Vikings?” Scintillating stuff. 966 more words


1,042 Family Tree Names and surnames table

Time to celebrate because I have completed my MIONSIOG Family Tree project.

As my readers know, I look for stories in old newspapers and when I find an interesting one, I create a family tree using the information in the newspaper item. 362 more words

Family Trees

Map Your Surname in the UK

This web site might be of interest to geographers – it produces a ‘heat map’ for the UK according to the distribution of selected surnames. 265 more words


A is for: A Genealogy Study

Recently, I’ve seen a couple posts about surnames in family trees, and I find surnames fascinating. Here are a few that pop up in my family tree. 348 more words


A history of Surnames...

So a friend posted one of those “See what our last name means” sites on facebook.

I looked… (yes, I should have been writing)
my maiden name translated to “lusty” 12 more words


What does your last name say about you?

In a recent tweet Ancestry.co.uk asked “What does your last name say about you?”

Naturally I followed the link to “Discover the meaning and history behind your last name” which is… 11 more words


Reclaiming all the past

These thoughts are for all you white family historians out there.  Particularly the ones who are, like me, struggling to tell the unmentionable, the dishonorable chapters of our ancestors’ lives.   207 more words