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Surnames For My Book

Here are some of the major surnames and locations I am researching for my own family. This is by no means all of them, simply an attempt to give a rough idea and let Pages in category “Arabic-language surnames” The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 492 total. 618 more words

A Dictionary Of Jewish Surnames From The Russian Empire Pdf

GMT a dictionary of jewish pdf – a consise dictionary of the words in the hebrew bible; with their jewish surnames from the russian empire A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Kingdom of Poland. 387 more words

52 Ancestors #11 Norma Murray nee Cripps (1921-2018)

Many years ago I heard this quote and it seems to fit perfectly at the moment. “God never gives us more than we can handle. Everything that comes our way is coming our way so that we can grow and evolve.” 1,824 more words


French last names

In many European languages information for the English speaker family names are often preceded by a preposition (de, da, di, von, and van all mean “of”), an article (le and la mean “the”) or both (du, des, del,de la, della and van der all mean “of the”). 814 more words


French Given Names and Surnames

French Given Names and Surnames

French people have one, two or more given names (first names). One of them (nowadays almost always the first, in the past often the last) is used in daily life (but someone can also choose a username that was not given); the others are solely for official documents, such as passport, birth, death and marriage certificates. 674 more words


Surnames, 11th Century

Surnames, 11th Century

The custom of family names did not really arise in Europe until patrician Venetian families began to hand down the second name from father to son in the 11th century. 687 more words


Why a Confucius descendant wanted to change his name

18 March 2018 | Alice Yan | South China Morning Post

“Having a famous ancestor is not always fun. Just ask Kong Weike.

The Shandong painter is a 78th generation descendant of Confucius (BC551-BC479), China’s ancient philosophy master and founder of Confucianism. 1,210 more words