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Life and Times of Edward Boling and Mary Wharton


Recently, I updated a surname report to cover all 12, 495 persons in my ancestral tree, which has grown from 10,772 since I produced my… 1,014 more words

Culture & Identity

How we became the Wildes

I never liked my last name. “Papke” reminded me of Pap Smear so every time I heard or saw my full name I just thought VAGINA. 543 more words

D is for: A Genealogy Study

I don’t know if you’re having fun with these posts, but I surely am. Do let me know if our ancestry surnames ever cross, and if you have any interesting tidbits about the last names of your ancestors! 783 more words


Expecting Native Pronunciation of Names

I wrote once before about my practice of teaching people to pronounce my name the native Chinese way: Wäng. Lately I’ve spent more time and taken more opportunities to urge other people to teach Americans to say their names in authentically native ways. 372 more words

Points of View

I look through a viewfinder at least once a day.  Photography makes me practice seeing different points of view; the very act of framing the familiar often reveals a hidden detail that adds unexpected meaning, an “aha!” that leaves me changed. 708 more words


C is for... A Genealogy Study

Surnames are fascinating to me (as you probably can tell). I’ve covered both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ surnames in my family tree so far. Without further ado, here are the ‘Cs’. 2,282 more words


Unusual English Surnames

Here are a few interesting  and notable English surnames I have come across:

  1.  Bratton
  2.  Touley
  3.  Beetlestone
  4.  Thurlow
  5.  Mumby
  6.  Elkington
  7.  Bradding
  8.  Elsmore
  9.  Fothergill
  10. Goddard

The -Wood’s: 42 more words