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Scottish Surnames and Spelling

It is important to note that spelling was not consistent until dictionaries made it standard in the 1800s. Until this time, spelling was quite fluid and tended to be according to the enumerator or registrar. 46 more words

Random Fact: Week 29

Second names of Icelanders are names of their parents plus the word ‘son’ for men and ‘daughter’ for women. The second name of a man whose father’s name is Jón would be Jónsson (son of Jón). 60 more words


It's A Nguyen Thing

Now that my husband and I are married, it’s quite funny how people respond to me having such an unusual surname, ranging from the curious to the downright insulting. 276 more words


What's in a Name?


The name Landles has a variety of spellings. It came through my family as a middle name in the last three generations with this spelling and is the reason why I name this blog… 779 more words


Movie Star Surnames

Many movie stars have fairly well-known names, like Robert or Scarlett. But what if we stepped beyond that and looked to their surnames for inspiration? Here’s what you find when looking at some of the most iconic movie stars: 238 more words


Name Calling

Some names like Beauchamp,
get mispronounced
unless you teauchamp,

thought Niamh Cholmondley,

Odds And Sods