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It is common knowledge that Tamils tend to have long surnames and it’s sort of a ongoing joke between non-Tamils that most Tamil surnames will probably end in a ‘nathan’, ‘pillai’, ‘kumar’, ‘nanthan’, ‘lingam’ or ‘singam’. 214 more words


It's Not Always in the Surname

It’s Not always in the Surname
Finding Slave Ancestors & Owners

There is a long standing belief that African Americans adopted the surname of their Owners, when they were set free from slavery. 642 more words

Brick Wall

More notes on naming conventions

The naming conventions below were common not only to Ireland (geographically) but also to the time period. More notes on surnames below.  

10 amazing Japanese holidays you won't want to miss--in February!

Riding on the heels of Setsubun, a day when Japanese people playfully admonish the demons in their houses (no anti-demon spray necessary; it turns out that most Japanese demons quickly flee the house if you throw beans at them), you probably think all the fun for February is gone. 1,303 more words


What's In a Name


What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.


In this hectic, fast paced, relatively indifferent world we often forget that given names actually have karmic meaning. 2,060 more words


#todaysconclusions 06/02/15

Being told you look 28 years old is a result for a 32 year old.

There are perks to not having a beard.

You don’t get a slice of lime with a whiskey shot. 54 more words


Barnes and Musgrave Families of Wayne County, North Carolina

When I started researching my husband’s Barnes line, I knew they had Wayne County, North Carolina roots. My husband’s father and his Aunt Helen had told me that their father, Ernest Barnes, had been born in the Goldsboro area in 1885, and that the family had lived in Grantham Township. 504 more words