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Secondary Sources: Newspapers Online

I am preoccupied with the final editing of Gypsy and the Bird Man, a cultural family history. I wrote about my mother’s fund raisers and realized my memory lacked specifics. 531 more words

What's in a name?

Chris and I have been married almost five months now, and just last Thursday finally received our marriage certificate. (Phew!) The best part is that I am now officially, government ID certified, a Howard. 576 more words

Recently Updated Rootsweb Database - 2016

It has been a while since I have updated this Blog, so here is a new bit of information.

This is a link to my recently updated “Rootsweb” Database (family tree) for my Silver/Silvers family connection: 27 more words


It Does Not Make Sense Episode 2

I don’t get it. One of my cousins who had been married for nearly 20 years and divorced for the past 2 or 3 years is still using her ex’s surname. 336 more words

Spanish Surnames

In Spain children typically are given their first name followed by two surnames.

The first surname represents their father’s surname and the second represents their mother’s surname. 37 more words

Tracing Your European Ancestors

Surnames with: Twins, Triplets, Quads + More + Babies Lastname!!

Things have been trout slapped or general things like names on maps or even identification have been slapped since before the dawn of time in the milkyway, we find as twins, triplets and quads or more have there surname slapped at least in this area of space when they are born or formed. 60 more words

Open Typalatic

Webinar Tonight: What's In a Name? Every Surname Tells a Story

Surnames tell a fascinating story about our ancestors’ past. From origin to meaning, migration to frequency, come learn how to find and include that story in your own family history.

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