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Surname Start Up

These are just a few to get started.

Fuchs, Fox, Butler, Ogle, Hoff, Huff, Bird, Eversole, Young, Houk, Dunkelberger, Denton, Allen, Baker, Derrick, Shrader, Wear, Zirkle, and Womack. 21 more words


Genetic Origins of Ashkenazi Jewish Pfeffers

Pfeffer means pepper in German. Variant spellings are Pfefer, Feffer and Feffer. It is not known how exactly my Pfefers got this name, but legend has it that it derives from a 17th-century German baron named Von Pfeufer/Pfeuer. 822 more words

Ancestral DNA

Dictionary of 50,000 surnames and their origins published

From The Guardian . . .

“What’s in a name?” Juliet asked as she and Romeo tried to puzzle their way around the troubling problem of their warring families.

82 more words

Resarching Mary Kane Doran of Belfast, Northern Ireland

I’m hoping to find out more about the second wife, Mary Kane, of my Irish great-grandfather, Bernard Doran. His first wife, Mary Hall, was my direct ancestor, but it always helps in family research to look at all sides. 703 more words

Family Names

Names and surnames

Words & phrases

贵姓                  guìxìng    What’s your surname?

姓  (V. & N.)    xìng          surname

贵                       guì            noble

名字                   míngzi     name

叫                       jiào           to call; to be called… 236 more words


Subconscious Symbolism: Personal Names and the Street We Live On ... by Alice ..

Dear Ones,

This video is about how our given names, surnames, and the street we live on can have a subconscious influence on us … 34 more words

Unconscious Symbolism

Message Boards - McKimmey Children in Loudoun County, Virginia

As a sort of record keeping mechanism and for general interest, I’m going to try posting some of the more interesting message board queries I find – and my responses – to the blog. 806 more words