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What's in a name?

“What’s in a name?” asked Juliet in Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet.  She had just learned that her lover’s surname belonged to a family that was her parents’ enemy.  1,187 more words


Three Regarding A Name (2015)

1. First.
2. Last.
3. Ones hard to pronounce.
Unless it is yours-
Then the sound easily pours.


Name News: Rebels, Angels, Stars, Storms, Struggles, and Flawed Heroes

Picken Out Baby Names
A couple of years ago the blog featured celebrity parents Liam Picken, an AFL footballer, and his partner Annie Nolan, who had just had twin girls… 1,091 more words

Celebrity Baby Names

Keeping Up With the Jones´s Don´t Laugh If Your a Williams

I wasn´t christened when I was a baby, it was a sort of an invisible exclusion at school that I had neither been christened or even had a middle name, add into it that I have a very unusual Welsh first name (Nia) and a very common Welsh surname – … 820 more words


Marriage of Herbert Barnes and Sadie Fitzgerald, 1914

This image is of the marriage record of Herbert Barnes, age 24, of Wayne County, NC and Sadie Fitzgerald, age 21, of Johnston County, NC . 307 more words


Friday Fun - 14 Aug 2015

Hello there,

I don’t really know why, but I just though I’d mess about on google (great fun), & look up a couple of my Great Grand Uncles (brothers of my Dad’s Grandmother) Arthur Merriman & William Rowland Merriman (both dying in the 1st WW) 64 more words


N is for Names

Names are interesting things: we place so much weight upon them as a part of who we are, even though we had absolutely no say in the name we reeived. 969 more words