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The Junk Bins of Akihabara

Akihabara, Tokyo has transformed over the years. In its present form Akihabara emerged from the ruins of a devastated Tokyo after World War 2 when the entire district was burnt to the ground. 1,067 more words

Classic Hacks

More army aceness: Swedish wool jacket from 1956

I’m not quite sure why, but lately I appear to have been veering off the straight and narrow menswear track and more into the undergrowth of vintage and army gear. 1,168 more words


A Look At Buying Military Bolt Action Rifles PART 1

Many of the military rifles that end of in shooters hands are a little bit above  wall hangers said to be good shooters, but often  come with defects that make them inaccurate at best or dangerous to use at the worst. 1,239 more words

Scattered Shots

... the " You Have to Be Kidding " issue [#military gear]...

.. a school district in California has purchased a surplus piece of military equipment …

.. it is , to wit , a MRAP , a redesigned mine – resistant vehicle that has been developed to replace the Humvee .. 66 more words

Personal Opinion

Why tax credits are the sign that George Osborne has deficit desperation

We commonly assume that when a person is rooting around in the bins for food, they have reached a low point. They need to have a look at themselves and  we need to help them. 772 more words


Tepid economy could hit Liberal balanced-budget timetable

Canada’s budget watchdog says a deteriorating Canadian economy will make it difficult for the Liberal government to balance the books in four years as promised, but the finance minister cautions it’s too soon to say how the downgraded forecast will affect the government’s fiscal plans and deficit target. 1,023 more words