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There are lies, damned lies, and Provincial debt statistics: Provincial debt grew under both the BC NDP and the BC Liberals

* This is the final segment of a four part analysis of BC’s economic performance under the BC NDP government(s) in the 90s and the BC Liberals government(s) since. 3,363 more words

Conspicuous productivity


First, it was conspicuous consumption. Then, it was conspicuous philanthropy. Now, apparently, it’s conspicuous productivity.

According to Ben Tarnoff,

the acquisition of insanely expensive commodities isn’t the only way that modern elites project power.

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Milk Wars

The US president and the Canadian prime minister are clashing over milk markets in their respective countries.  Are we at war, at least a trade war?  489 more words


Income and wealth—the top and the very top

Skellington is right: in my post on Tuesday, I did not separate out people at the very top from the rest of those at the top. 342 more words

Trade likely a top issue on Pence's Indonesian trip

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

JAKARTA • Indonesia is seeking to stay out of United States President Donald Trump’s bad books, using a visit by his deputy, Mr Mike Pence, next week to reassure him on its commitment to free and fair trade. 579 more words

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Sale, Sale, Sale, Everything Must go!!!!

By now Canadians are starting to get the picture that Justin’s Liberal Government is not working on behalf of Canadians, rather for the globalist. The days of our National Government investing in our country, maintaining a surplus, tax-breaks for middle income families, and placing Canadians first, is now over. 573 more words

Calgary city council approves a $23.7M rebate to taxpayers

With only a few months before Calgarians head to the polls for a civic election, taxpayers can expect a small rebate.

On Monday night, council members voted in favour of rebating the 2017 provincial tax room equalling a one-time return in the amount of $23.7 million. 200 more words