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f(x) (에프엑스) - Surprise Party [Hangul, Romanization & Translation]

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Hangul Lyrics

Ooh ooh~ ooh ooh ye-yeah~ ye-yeah~

특별한 날 입으려 준비해놓은 미니 드레스
예쁘게 보일까 거울 한 번 더 비춰보고 714 more words


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f(x) (에프엑스): Surprise Party

Victoria | Amber | Luna | Sulli | Krystal

Ooh ooh~ ooh ooh ye-yeah~ ye-yeah~

teukbyeolhan nal ibeuryeo junbihaenoheun mini deureseu
yeppeuge boilkka geoul han beon deo bichwobogo… 229 more words


Planning A Little Girl's Surprise Party

Hey friends! Today’s post is about planning a terrific surprise party…and honestly, I can’t think of anything more fun. Having planned many events in my day, pulling off big surprises have to be my favorite accomplishments. 660 more words


105 Year Old Woman Requests Hunky Firefighters For Her Birthday Party

A 105 year old British woman requested that Hunky Firefighters climb through her window at the senior center for her Birthday. She got her wish! At 105, why not! 231 more words

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