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What a Night! - Friday Fictioneers

Hey!  It’s still Wednesday night.  I’ve just returned from my week in the sun in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  While waiting for my flight, the airport had WiFi so I though I’d check out Rochelle’s email for… 198 more words

Friday Fictioneers

Elegant at Eighty: Nanay Odeng’s Surprise Party

Eudosia most popularly called as “Nanay Odeng” a retired music teacher celebrated her 80th birthday last April 1st 2017 which was her exact birth date.  Her closest relatives and friends gathered altogether on this day to be with her. 182 more words


Throwing a Surprise

Surprises when successfully done provides an extra special feeling to both organizer and the subject. Self-fulfillment to the Organizer while extreme happiness to the subject (or should I say Euphoria). 380 more words


Surprise Party Rengar

Hello Guys and Gals, Today I bring back my very first skin. But, with all new stuff! 183 more words


18th Birthday Celebration - Part 2

If you have not read my last post, then you wouldn’t be aware of the fact that I recently hit my second “milestone” birthday! If you did know that already, then I applaud you. 691 more words


Surprises & Bikinis Are Not Swimsuits

How to throw a surprise party for someone who detests surprises:

  1. Anticipate the needs of the person the surprise is honoring, and make those a priority.
  2. 1,366 more words

18th Birthday Celebration - Part 1

WHOA! Okay, this is for sure the absolute last time that i take a break from writing! This is honestly my favorite thing to do, and I have missed it so much! 715 more words