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Surprise Party Rengar

Hello Guys and Gals, Today I bring back my very first skin. But, with all new stuff! 183 more words


18th Birthday Celebration - Part 2

If you have not read my last post, then you wouldn’t be aware of the fact that I recently hit my second “milestone” birthday! If you did know that already, then I applaud you. 691 more words


18th Birthday Celebration - Part 1

WHOA! Okay, this is for sure the absolute last time that i take a break from writing! This is honestly my favorite thing to do, and I have missed it so much! 715 more words


Album Review - Surprise Party

Confession time: This is my first time listening to Surprise Party. I’ve seen their name on bills since I graduated high school. I’ve heard they’ve had some pretty rowdy shows. 923 more words


Party Time

I promise I’m alive, and here with the final installment for throwing a surprise party!

So to start, with the party itself, you should be talking with the birthday boy or girl, several weeks out laying foundation work so you can manipulate/verify timing. 89 more words

Casualty Of Casual

Happy Birthday To Me

Here I am at 32. I have a pretty magical life and several many adventures ahead of me. I’m so grateful for all of the amazing gifts life has given me. 571 more words

All Falling Into Place

When you throw a surprise party, you as the host are always more suspicious that the guest of honor suspects something than they are. A few weekends ago, I threw a surprise 30th birthday for the hubs, and I played the anxious, nervous role to a T! 434 more words

The Planner