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My Surprise Birthday Party

Birthdays used to be my favorite during my childhood. Decorations, candles, Being a fairy princess for a day, dreaming to eat the flower of the cake and many more exciting thoughts used to give me sleepless nights and shiver to happiness. 240 more words


124. Thorn in my pride


‘Lau, have you got the ‘on the day’ list?’

‘Good morning, Cal, how are you? Me? Lovely of you to ask. Yeah, I’m good thanks.’ 8,997 more words



A little over a week ago, I decided that I was going to throw one of my closest friends a surprise welcome home party. She had been gone from camp for close to two months. 680 more words

Welcoming Wonder

I love certainty. Motivated by a strong need for safety and security, I am all about imagining and planning for every possibility so that my well-being is guaranteed. 790 more words

Intentional Living

4th of July and Things

Hey you all! It has been awhile (I feel like I have been starting every post off with that, but hey it is the truth). Everything has been so busy! 600 more words


Giftwrapped Serendipity

“Everything precious can be replaced.” ~ Victoria Stuart

I sent out a prayer
to open myself to the next
level of being in relationship.
Hoping to experience ease and pleasure. 238 more words


Let The Party Happen

I still remember the knots that formed in my stomach as my 16th birthday approached.

To me, it felt high stakes. I wanted to invite everyone—guys and girls, my crush and his friends, favorite teachers, friends in college and beyond it. 763 more words

Katy Johnson