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It was just your average Saturday night… except for the fact that I had just pulled off one of the most successful birthday surprises ever. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I do a pretty epic job at throwing surprise parties. 842 more words


My perfect 21st

My name is Tolakele Talitha Silo and I was born on the 27th of March 1994. I recently turned 21. Ok that was boring. How about… 1,991 more words


A little over a week ago we surprise my boyfriend and one of my best friends for their 21st and 22nd birthday party. And it was totally awesome! 159 more words


Chapter 18 of Fifty Shades Freed: Maximum Put-Offitude

So…once more into the breach. I guess.

This chapter is really just more of the same thing from last chapter. Ana worries about her dad, and Christian tries desperately to focus the attention back onto him. 1,380 more words


Derek Hough's surprise 30th birthday party - Pictures & Videos

What a great birthday seemed Derek had yesterday with family, friends and people who love him at the set of Dancing with the Stars! So glad seeing everyone there surprising him! 462 more words

Derek Hough

Happy (Surprise) Sweet 16

My Mom told my sister the day before your 16th birthday you have to visit a relatives house, as part of some religious ceremonial happening. Of course this religious practice was fictitious, fabricated in order to get my sister out of the house. 434 more words

Birthday Party

Surprise Party 

My best friend is graduating from photography school tomorrow night. We decided to throw her a surprise graduation party tonight after church! It was a success and she was so surprised. 28 more words