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My Surprise Party!

I’m still in shock!

At the end of April, I celebrated my 18th birthday. Recently, I have moved to Tunbridge Wells where I am in a different area to my friends. 764 more words


Surprise Surprise!

Well, I’m not quite Cilla but I certainly had a good go at providing my parents with a surprise.

This year, in July, it’s their 40th Wedding Anniversary (Ruby) so my brothers and I planned them a surprise party which took place last night. 293 more words


Surprise Party + Cupcakes

A close friend of mine from school is moving to Australia over the summer, so some friends and I decided to throw a surprise party for her. 548 more words

Bon Appétit


Let me  begin with this:  I always unintentionally ruin surprises that people have planned for me.  Maybe I’m too observant?  Maybe I ask too many questions?   964 more words


32nd birthday of surprises

I hadn’t thought ahead too much to my birthday this year. It’s funny how after the angst of turning 30 passed, my birthday just became a bit uneventful again. 553 more words

 Am I Too Angry?

Sometimes I know I have anger management issues. It was really bad when I was an angsty teenager, but even as an “adult” I have trouble expressing it in healthy ways every once in awhile. 244 more words


I was at the point that when I woke up, I felt every single beer from the night prior. Even if I just had like one or two with dinner, it weighed me down a tad the next day. 372 more words