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Where the Heart Is

I lay on my bed, my eyes closing as the weariness melted from my fingers and toes. Every day at Mid-Realm Academy was like a week at a marine boot camp. 2,004 more words


Jumble Spoiler - 11/06/17

Visual Description:  The surprise party.

PHECR  =  PERCH,  BLAFE  =  FABLE,  RASPIN  =  SPRAIN,  VIRTHE  =  67 more words


Those Lying Eyes

I learned something somewhat troubling about myself this past week. I’m a hell of a good liar.

The good news is that normally I don’t lie. 925 more words


How to Pull Off a Surprise...Successfully

Surprise! Nothing is better than a good surprise! I love getting and giving them! From a surprise trip home, a special gift, or a surprise party, I’ve been able to pull off a lot of successful surprises this past year. 498 more words


Another Year of Pumpkin Patches, Omaha Visits and Halloween

Every year, my husband and I have a good time getting ready for Halloween. Our neighborhood has a lot of kids, who seem to bring their friends because we get A LOT of trick-or-treating traffic. 777 more words


fast fun

Everyone agreed

To grab carry out pizza

As easy supper

It was not fancy

Just cheese and pepperoni

Happy, full tummies

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben


Stonington Vineyards - Surprise Party on a Budget

Wine and cheese plates are sort of my family’s “thing.” In a time when other families packed tuna sandwiches and PBJ’s, my parents were packing entire charcuterie boards in the picnic cooler, with multiple types of cheese, crackers, grapes and meats. 470 more words