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biting my tongue

some days i’m shocked that
i have enough of my tongue
left to even talk


Sandy likes what she sees! The next page of Saving Christmas

So, it looks like Dr. Seuss wasn’t being quite honest when he described the Grinch. He forgot to mention his huge dick. It looks like Sandy’s already noticed it. 13 more words

Taboo Comix

Sudden willingness to get married?

Met a friend today; he is in his 40s, and for the near-5 years that I’ve known him, he has maintained a stance of “I don’t want to get married”. 203 more words


Traveling with Closed Eyes

Would you say yes to travel without knowing the destination? A new interesting experience has emerged in France. This concept is certainly exciting. For some of us, not worrying about the question ‘Where could we go?’ means a lot. 360 more words



Dreams 05.09.17

I definitely had another false awakening today. I remember being in a tropical, beachy place. I was once again preparing for something, nothing important I don’t think, maybe it was some kind of recreational activity. 148 more words

The Old Book

I chanced upon it but to-day;

While searching in a dusty nook,

And found, though long since hid away,

This old and small moth-eaten book. 49 more words