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Twin mom questionnaire

Q. What do you do when both babies are crying?

A. Very rarely do both twins demonstrate equal distress at the same time. I’m not saying they don’t cry at the same time, they do … but usually you can tell which one truly needs consoling. 275 more words


Totally surprised!

No joke. I’m surprised I still know what to post after seven months. And out of those seven months.. I have posted every day, consistently, for five months. 232 more words


Never be surprised when God answers..

OK so today starts with a bit of a testimony, woke up with a lot of things on my mind after counselling yesterday and really was in the middle of a storm, my head felt like it was blowing up and I was not coping at all, but this time I called out to God and just said, God send me protection I don’t want to do this. 480 more words

Yes, You! My priority

“You are definetely my TOP priority.”

It must be so nice to hear those words from either your parent, boss, and specially a significant other. 289 more words

Midnight Thoughts And Rants

At Beginnings or Endings

Surprised …

To be –

Still –

So near the

High level bridge:

Cars thumping

On their

Temporary routes

Between one shock

And the next. 60 more words

Poetry Perhaps?

Varied Vocabulary Vital for English

Another beautiful day today. It is a little hot in Delhi, with people bustling in and out of their apartments, getting ready to begin their day. 172 more words


11 months

Eleven Months?!

These sweet girls are getting so big and it’s hard to believe we are less than a week away from their 1 year birthday.   985 more words