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It seems like for every month of consistent and profound prayer, I go through two months of rather dull and less-than-motivated time with God. Sometimes I’m able to pull through the stagnant moments by reminding myself that it’s in the challenges that I grow the most, or by recognizing the beauty of coming to Him when His presence doesn’t feel as strong. 612 more words


She says, “You’re asking for something…” and she proceeds to tell me about how it will take patience, diligence, persistence, and such. And I agreed with the later part but I had to say, “Actually, you’re the one asking for something.” Truth. 161 more words

The New ASM

The first time life happened to me was May 27th, 2016. It started off as an ordinary day and turned into one giant “what the… 140 more words


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The Trump Show is addling our brains and blinding us to what matters

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Like many American political journalists, I spent much of last week entranced by the drama surrounding Devin Nunes’s memo about the origins of court-ordered surveillance of Carter Page. 794 more words


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