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23 years

Biologists tell me to beware lest my body will swallow me whole. I’d believe them but I quake with indifference, my heart is not what it used to be. 122 more words



After an unseemly war, indeed any conflict worth its salt, holding hands with the foe in a see-through wrought iron creaky elevator makes for the perfect imaginative indignity. 359 more words

'Faceless' by Diego Bardone, Milan.

In a world of celebrity injunctions and increasingly strict privacy laws, it can be difficult for street photographers to assert their creativity, argues Diego Bardone. 117 more words

Recorded Evidence


I stand beneath layers

of my sedimentation,

as if the very air

has turned to silt

settling to the sea floor.

I know no tendency… 41 more words


Surreal Portraits by Antonia Mora of Spain.

Double exposure portraits by Spanish artist Antonio Mora blending dreamy landscapes and architecture with images of beautiful faces Mora found online.
His seamless way of mixing various concepts together evokes a sense of mystery adding that the portraits “open a crack in our collective memory allowing us to watch, though only for an instant, the hybrid beings who populate our deepest dreams.” … 59 more words

A Game That's A Surreal Recreation of the 90s Internet

(Source: kotaku.com)

Hypnospace Outlaw is an alternate-reality Internet simulator set in 1999. It captures that half-remembered, vaguely sinister strangeness and freedom of the early Internet uncannily well. 303 more words


1437. The Bearpit (133)

I believe this to be the best piece I have seen this year, and one of the best that the artist, Tom Miller, has produced to date. 123 more words