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wash of grey

there was a rough outline—the skin scratched its way across the ground like light—a flow etched its way deep in self—the sky closed its drapes—a big wash of grey—open only to the ones that remained—they crossed their arms and rubbed their brows with wet arms—shoved their hands into their pockets—the sky answered with misty rain—a dampening of damp—a twisting staring mixing line of grey—they shuffled their feet—closed their eyes until the sky turned soft then the dissipating movement started—with dashes of crumbling pale cross stitched cyan—they answered with tears of deep gold. 115 more words

Creative Writing

Psychoville – Dark, Surreal, and Completely Brilliant

Take a collection of some of the strangest characters, each of them with a terrible secret and a dark past that binds them all together and you have the denizens of Psychoville. 772 more words


Surreal Photography: Getting Started

I love epic photo composites that fill me with wonder and transport me to an exciting, new place. I often find myself getting lost in the conceptual art of photographers like Erik Johansson, who thoughtfully sews together surreal landscapes and whimsical themes. 372 more words


Rejections, Rejections...(and a poem)

The rejections are rolling in, and I sigh and file them away. Every now and then, I look at the poems that weren’t a good fit for a particular magazine, and I wonder if I should change my writing style. 220 more words

Creative Writing

Bury My Heart

I looked at the starry sky once more. Altair was there as always. Its light filled the sky with tenderness. I could even feel its warmth touching my frozen heart. 1,150 more words