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Writings From a Younger Me #7- Happy Birthday

(No date on this one, but most likely from about April/May 2013) 

Annnd we’re back with the sketches! This time I’ve used the names Hugh and Stephen in the script itself, which makes life easier. 264 more words

The Wedding Scene

The ice was cracked and spiky
The glass was smashed and green
The water black and filthy
But her hands were soft and clean

He was tall and wore a soft felt hat… 178 more words


You Arrogant Yanks Are All the Same

Outside of time and space I perch with Charles

Dickens. We sit on a cold, concrete porch step

in the middle of the English rain.”I have… 117 more words


Regarding an Almost-Nightmare

A poem written after I watched Donnie Darko for the first time:

Wake up, Donnie.
The bed has been made and he wants to sleep. 99 more words