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Hands-are-Shelves ( vi )

I walk
clementine circles of the palm
The palm is a pond
Cold distilled blues, purple haze howling
The disrupted cornea of a mountain… 142 more words



Hands-are-Shelves ( v )

What is the reckoning of a misplaced arm
as the wrist
cuts through the atmosphere
Twice in each halved circle

Every harvest the body must disintegrate… 196 more words


Collages and animated GIFs – The latest strange creations by Matthieu Bourel

Collages and animated GIFs – The latest strange creations by Matthieu Bourel
A selection of the latest creations by French artist Matthieu Bourel, who  uses old images, photos and illustrations to create strange and surreal portraits. 51 more words

Masticating To Food Porn

Be happy.

Just do it. Be happy. Force yourself. Fight with yourself over it. Fight and win.

I’m not kidding. About that anyway.

I mean, if you have a goat, then you might be kidding. 487 more words


Popartistic Paperwork

Examples of a mix of newspaper bits, water, oil, colour or all of them.

Mostly taken against a sunny windowpane and digitally re-worked.

Here we are with a reminiscence to my only Pop Art friend James Rosenquist at the beginning. 28 more words


Twin Peaks: The Return (2017, Showtime) Episodes 1-4 Reaction

(Episodes 1 and 2 are On Demand along with Showtime Anytime where you’ll find episodes 3 and 4 before they air this Sunday. New episodes begin June 4th.) 610 more words


-“Trust thrives near the stinging nettle which acts as a guardian angel protecting us from getting hurt.” – thought a little dung beetle the philosopher.