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Standing Miles Apart

I looked at the lake today,

it stretches my mind for miles,

an always distant harmony

suggestive … listen to me.

How often would I wonder… 82 more words


Still life with a chopped - off rabbit's head

05.53 AM. The interrogator watches me try to scratch my nose with the restraints tying me to the chair.

“You stand convicted of involuntary manslaughter. How do you plead?” 179 more words


The Art of Michelle Araujo.

Artist Michelle Araujo used acrylic on wood to paint these brilliant and detailed pieces.
Beautiful and Surreal. Well done Michelle.

See More Images via Michelle MIA Araujo | EMPTY KINGDOM.

Metamorphosis Variations

As I awoke one morning, from a blue-dark night of drinking and uneasy dreams, I found myself transformed into a cockroach.
Figures it’d be a cockroach, skidded a deadpan between a head full of swollen thoughts.  781 more words
John Biscello


The sun sunk low in the sky as she closed her eyes. Down, down, down, she fell – sucked into the deepest sleep. The desire to submit was too overpowering, so she let the darkness take over her body and mind. 441 more words

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