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The Spy

If you look, you can find him every night. Lurking.


Laurie Basset - redefining Collage art

Laurie Basset is a young artist who does not understand how to be conventional. Based in Montreal, Canada she produces breathtaking collage imagery blending clear forms with fashion photography, plants, lines and what else. 351 more words


Fall from the skies

When I lost the beverage
The can poured from the skies.
Skies and skies…
Total in total.
When I lost the leverage.
The crab fall from the skies. 40 more words



It’s tragically amazing how you are able to break your heart from a thousand pieces

to a million more.


I feel like I was placed in a strange paradigm, somewhere my soul can’t breathe; my mind can’t fly; a place where I exist but I do not live. 153 more words