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Unmitigated Disaster Pants!

The money errs! Inside the alphabetical divine solos the exposed sector. A trolley progresses within the inertia! The financial triangle cants an unsatisfactory composer. The lawyer cooperates! 177 more words


An Expeditious Retreat

Rose ought to have a better introduction than this. I was in my mid-teens, mulling over gritty reboot fairy tale retellings that I could do, and she was one of them. 945 more words



December 09 Rambling

Dancing fields of dandelion dreams nestled in the warmth of the sun. I am tossing around her waist as I watch the hunger in my mind rise. 130 more words


Fetus in Fetu

I was too young when I made you
Skinny limbs and glass-like eyes
Staring into the bright future
But with each passing year the world grew smaller… 102 more words