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Super-Imposed Love

I was seeking a greater resolution
Wishing to bring life into focus
Love, I thought,
Would throw into sharp relief
The chiaroscuro background, 223 more words

Salvador Dali: a surrealist in art and in his own life. Catherine Ingram and Andrew Rae explore Dali’s eccentricities, artistic tendencies and personal struggles in an engaging biography

Catherine Ingram, This is Dali. Illustrations by Andrew Rae

Published 2014 by Laurence King Publishing, 80p

Salvador Dali was an eccentric, an unconventional man both in his art and personal life style. 505 more words

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Prerealist Creative Exercises

A truly prerealist work is one created simply, honestly, and spontaneously with (hopefully) little interference from external stimuli. ‘External stimuli’ may include drugs, alcohol, previous teachings or influences, consciousness, purpose and intent – depending on your situation and beliefs. 2,048 more words


I Am Not an Object (After Man Ray)

Repeal the 8th is a call for the government of the Republic of Ireland to hold a referendum on a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. 62 more words