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A truly prerealist work is one created simply, honestly, and spontaneously with (hopefully) little interference from external stimuli. ‘External stimuli’ may include drugs, alcohol, previous teachings or influences, consciousness, purpose and intent – depending on your situation and beliefs. 2,048 more words



Prerealism originated in Windsor, Ontario, Canada back in March of 1995. Originally, it was developed in conjunction with the local open-mike poetry scene. Prerealism’s mission was simple: inspire people to create… 140 more words


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Throughout history, there are easily identified periods of revolution, upheaval, and revolt which are undoubtedly linked to an explosion in artistic expression. Eventually, this develops into an organized, coherent movement of some sort. 2,025 more words


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Comparison to Surrealism

Surrealism was clearly a study of objects. By reconstructing – through word, thought, and paintbrush – those overused, commonplace items that surround us in our conscious state, the surrealists attempted to change notions of reality by pointing out the hidden meanings of objects. 1,562 more words


Importance of Art Education.

This is based on my thoughts lately and discussions with friends and passionate art teachers around.

I was blessed to have wonderful art teachers as I grew up and even now, who encourage me to draw as I please. 490 more words

corpse one-hundred fifty-seven: napkin ring

Found myself out and about without a sketchbook and the usual assortment of pens, so we took a part a paper napkin ring and I don’t remember where we got the pen.

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