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IV:10 Attaining the State of Krishna

When we read things in these verses that sound like ‘shoulds’, what is really being presented are characteristics of God/Truth and the Real You. When you manifest these characteristics as Krishna has done, you are on your way to attaining His state. 1,083 more words

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IV:7-9 An Avatar Through the Ages

We have discovered that Krishna, in his extraordinary wisdom, has employed the art of governing his supernatural power to manifest himself in this world. Now we will learn why he does this, and when. 936 more words

Ancient Mystical Writings

IV:4-6 The Supernatural Power of an Avatar

It is said that in each age, God manifests Itself in the Relative realm of this world. How and why this happens is revealed in the next few verses.  727 more words

Ancient Mystical Writings

IV:1-3 The Ancient Imperishable Teachings of Yoga

At the end of the last chapter, The Yoga of Action, we discovered that everything Lord Krishna taught Arjuna had been around for a long time and had become lost, but we have listened in and now have these teachings for ourselves.  1,057 more words

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III:38-41 The Lost Teachings

Thank you for all your gurupurnima greetings and gifts. May you be spiritually and prosperously blessed through out the year.  ¶

What is it that hides our inherent power from us? 804 more words

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III:36-37 Outfoxing the Force

What is it that causes a person to act contrary to what will bring them what they seek? 


36… 751 more words

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III:33-35 Liberation! Conclusion

Better one’s own dharma done poorly than another’s done well. 


Everyone, even the Wise, acts according to their own dharma.
1,016 more words

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