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III:30-32 Liberation!

If you are interested in God, think only of God. If you think only of God, all your actions will be God-actions. God-actions are free of karma. 989 more words

Ancient Mystical Writings

III:28-29 Fast Track to Freedom, Conclusion

By persisting with the practice of the teachings as prescribed by Lord Krishna, enlightenment begins as simple knowledge that you trust to be true, but do not entirely experience. 559 more words


III:25-26 How to Save the World, Conclusion

Self-reference: By making progress in your own spiritual development you help to save the world and everyone in it. By pursuing the fulfillment of your desires they may possibly come to fruition. 515 more words


III:22-24 How to Save the World

The verses on action in this chapter are critical to one’s success in the spiritual journey. They demonstrate two kinds of action. One that is done with intention, and one that is spontaneous. 517 more words


III:21 Going for God, Conclusion


Whatever a great person does, thus do others. Whatever standard that person sets the world follows.

We are all familiar with this phenomenon. 483 more words


III:20 Going for God

Improve yourself and serve the world through progress—every step you take pulls every one of us with you. 

Lord Krishna continues giving Arjuna good reasons for going forward with Karma Yoga as represented by the battle of… 542 more words


III:19 Heaven Within, Conclusion

Now that the previous verses have shown us what Heaven Within will be like, we must find out how to achieve it. 

BHAGAVAD GITA, CHAPTER 3, VERSE 19… 505 more words