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69 - 72 The Awakened State Reveals the Real

Bhagavad Gita, chapter two, verses 69 – 72

That which is night to all beings is day for the sage. That which is day to all beings, is night for the sage.
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67 - 68 Fixing Bumps In The Road

Bhagavad Gita, chapter two, verse 67 – 68

Verses 67 and 68 are in answer to the dilemma presented in verse 66: “There is no intelligence or meditation for one whose senses are not restrained, and for one who does not meditate there is no serenity. 766 more words


66 The Secret to Happiness, Part 2

There is no wisdom for one who is not yoked. And there is no meditation for one who is not yoked. Without meditation there is no serenity. 871 more words


64-65 The Secret to Happiness, Part 1

If you’re on the spiritual yoga party line you will have heard that you should strive to not have attachments. But I’ll bet you haven’t heard that it isn’t you that is attached, but your senses. 738 more words


63 Knowledge of the Mysteries

From anger arises delusion. From delusion, the wandering of memory. From the wandering of memory, the destruction of intelligence. From the destruction of intelligence, one is lost. 833 more words


60 Obstacles to Meditation

The aggressive and tormenting senses forcibly carry away the mind, Kunteya (Arjuna), even of a man of wisdom and understanding. —  Bhagavad Gita, chapter two, verse 60… 773 more words


61 Outsmarting Obstacles

He for whom all the senses are held in restraint, sitting intent on Me with his senses under control, his wisdom stands firm. —  Bhagavad Gita, chapter two, verse 61… 668 more words