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Trees gone on west side of school

Construction has started on single family homes to the west and north of the new Sunnyside Elementary. There’s a sliver of trees that haven’t been cut down yet, but I don’t know if they’ll remain after development finishes on the west of the school. 80 more words


Swales decrease toxic road runoff on rainy days

A few weeks ago I whipped up a quick-n-dirty analysis of how much road runoff will be dumped into rivers after development in Grandview Heights. The rough answer was that on a really rainy day, more than two olympic-sized swimming pools worth of road runoff would go right into salmon streams. 226 more words


Examples of trees saved during development

I’ve been working on seeing positive things in my neighborhood, and there are many. First, here are some trees saved during the development that was… 260 more words


The kinds of trees removed for development in South Surrey

After the election, a huge development in Grandview Heights was pushed through despite opposition. The trees are coming down at last, and I’m really really glad that they seem to have saved some of them (please please keep those orange fences up!). 28 more words


Transit funding: The Bateman's plan and Charles Marohn

Jordan Bateman, from The canadian tax payer federation has released an alternative funding plan to fund the Mayor’s plan, let’s have a look at it: 1,120 more words


Golden Lights, Golden Nights

A favourite lighting store of mine, Pine Lighting, had the following lighting on display, the last time I went in. I would love to use these fixtures in a new home……… 123 more words