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How to find surrogacy attorney?

When pursuing surrogacy in Canada you need to know that, surrogacy is legal but altruistic, that means that surrogate mothers cannot be paid for… 289 more words

Find Gestational Surrogacy – My Surrogate Mom

Welcome to my surrogate mom. Get to know about gestational surrogate who makes your family complete.

What is a gestational carrier or gestational surrogate? These words are usually used to describe a woman who carries a child for intended parents and who has no genetic connection to the child she carries. 186 more words

Gestational Surrogacy

Are Surrogate Parenting Services Making Any Difference?

Surrogacy is a process of Assisted Reproduction in which a woman carries a pregnancy under an arrangement or legal agreement for another woman who cannot conceive. 480 more words


Why Surrogacy is not Just for Kim Kardashian

Rumors of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West searching for a surrogacy agency for their third child were finally confirmed with news of a San Diego woman was chosen to… 645 more words

Be A Surrogate Mother

Finding a surrogate mother in California

The question how can find a surrogate mother in California is one that many childless couples ask, and the answer is not simple. Yоu nаturаllу wаnt tо fіnd а surrogate mother who mееts уоur hіgh stаndаrds аnd уоur рsусhоlоgісаl, еmоtіоnаl аnd рhуsісаl stаndаrds. 593 more words

A Personal Post

Hello, friends. As you all know, I’ve had a lot going on recently. This is just a post to get my feelings out. Blogging has started to become a really great outlet for me. 577 more words


India - Demand for surrogate mothers persists, medical bodies call for liberal laws

Source:  The Indian Express

Recently, 48-year-old Pune resident Rajashree Patil used her son’s cryopreserved semen for a surrogate pregnancy. Her son, Prathamesh, had died of brain cancer two years ago. 102 more words