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Who is the Boogie Woman? or America, a place you can never leave.

It was the 8th of June

and not everything was lost,

but much

out on parade,

a war machine called the people a riot

And dispersed- 184 more words

Surveillance State: Anti-Drone Defenses for the Privacy Minded Citizen

Anti-Drone Defenses: Some Ideas Are Better Than Others

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This is an interesting and very funny article for the simple fact it raises some very important questions for the Civilian Operator who wants to keep his Private life well,  51 more words

Current Events

Goodbye Named Persons, hello self-control

So at long last the UK Supreme Court has blocked the Named Person scheme suggested by SNP. That is what I’ve expected and personally hoped for, due to… 682 more words


Shit Happened While I Was Sleeping

Today I read a story about a three-stage rocket that has just put a spy satellite into orbit.

“… a respected independent satellite analyst said before launch that he believed the payload likely is the first in a new series of communications stations designed to relay imagery from current and future high-resolution optical spy satellites. 437 more words

TraffickCam Puts the Police State in Your Hotel Room

Big Brother is here. But he’s not just in your cell phone and on the street corner watching you, now he’s in your hotel room. A new app called TraffickCam lets users upload images of hotel rooms they stay in, which somehow is supposed to help the police and surveillance state help victims of sex trafficking. 1,004 more words

The Corporate-Government Complex

Life In My Panopticon*

*Above photo by The Guardian. Read about the panopticon here: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/jul/23/panopticon-digital-surveillance-jeremy-bentham

Over the past year and a half, my life has been completely transformed by other people without my consent. 1,107 more words