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Dutch Police Teaching Eagles to Capture Renegade Drones

Notice they use the words “renegade” and “law-breaking” in reference to the “types” of drones targeted. One can assume with laws in America becoming more and more restrictive concerning drones, we may be seeing trained Eagles in the skies in the U.S very soon. 259 more words

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Sharpen your Cyber-Skills: How to Make Your Own NSA Bulk Surveillance System

OF ALL THE NSA surveillance documents Edward Snowden leaked, some of the most important exposed the spy agency’s so-called XKEYSCORE program, a massive system for vacuuming up and sifting through emails, chats, images, online search activity, usernames and passwords, and other private digital data from core fiber optics cables around the world. 614 more words


Sharpen Your Cyber-Skills: NSA Hacker Chief Explains How to Keep Him OUT of Your System

IT WAS THE talk most anticipated at this year’s inaugural Usenix Enigma security conference in San Francisco and one that even the other speakers were eager to hear. 550 more words


Obama Regime Moves to Gain Tech Industry Compliance in “Terrorist” Hunt

The Obama regime has faced much resistance from Silicon Valley tech giants in the relentless drive to put all Americans under the watchful eye of Big Brother. 719 more words


1984 in 2016: The unblinking electronic eye.

Every month, more or less, I go and pick up my daughter at the San Jose Airport, and then I send her back to her mother the same way after a few days or a week. 364 more words

Surveillance is the Business Model of the Internet

The Internet of Things That Talk About You Behind Your Back

SilverPush is an Indian startup that’s trying to figure out all the different computing devices you own. 528 more words

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