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Dennis J. Bernstein | Coleen Rowley interview: Surveillance State Goes After Trump

Our mainstream news is saying that…the Russians own Trump, and basically that this has undermined our democracy and our electoral process. That part of it we have seen no evidence of. 2,733 more words

Mainstream Corporate Media

Monday Book Review: "Normal" by Warren Ellis.

Does Normal by Warren Ellis end abruptly, wrapping up the mystery too quickly or is it just the right length to make it’s point about the way the world is headed? 675 more words


UNRIVALED Surveillance State Monitors Every American Citizen! | Lee Camp

Redacted Tonight host Lee Camp makes an excellent point: living in a surveillance state is not normal…

UNRIVALED Surveillance State Monitors Every American Citizen! | Redacted Tonight… 80 more words


Actor Tim Allen likens Hollywood to Nazi Germany

Allen, 63, best known for Home Improvement, currently plays an outspoken conservative on the sitcom Last Man Standing. He is also one of the few actors in Hollywood to profess having conservative leanings. 294 more words

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Must Reads For The Week 3/18/17

Portable 3D Printer Builds A Tiny House For A Tiny Price, by Adam Williams, at newatlas.com. Increasing output with less imput (becoming more productive) is how economies grow. 512 more words

Must Reads For The Week

Ron Paul Institute Admits Americans Live in a Police and Surveillance State

Those of us who said Americans were living in a police state were once called tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. We were nutcases, cranks, and crackpots because the man on the TV convinced John and Jane Q. 975 more words

The New World Order

Video: Ron Paul Predicts #Vault7

He saw the war, the market meltdown, the police state, and the surveillance state. The messages of “Brave New World” and “1984” seem like fact now, and looking back at this Ron Paul speech, it’s almost spine tinglingly accurate.

See it below:


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