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Predictive Policing

The Los Angeles Police Department will soon begin using data from data-mining company Palantir that will further target police activity and presence in designated “hot spots.” 569 more words


The Constitution in the National Surveillance State by Jack M. Balkin — A Summary

Balkin, Jack M., “The Constitution in the National Surveillance State” (2008). Faculty Scholarship Series. Paper 225.

This article discusses the specific case of the United States of America. 1,024 more words


Pursuing Passion Brought Me Here

Nineteen Eighty-Four is No Longer Fiction

A lot of my fitness friends have asked why I’ve become so hot in regard to global affairs and have all but abandoned my pursuit to becoming a well-known personal trainer. 591 more words



“When whole communities like East L.A. are algorithmically scraped for pre-crime suspects, data is destiny, says Saba. ‘These are systemic processes. When people are constantly harassed in a gang context, it pushes them to join.’…

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Surveillance State

They watch

From a bird’s eye view,

The people walking down the streets.


Who have done nothing wrong

Nor plan to

Are still being watched… 55 more words


Facebook is a tyranny – and our government isn't built to stop it

America’s founders didn’t envision the power of the corporation. We need a new structure for self-governance that can counter 21st-century monopolies

Melissa K Scanlan  The Guardian… 757 more words

Constitutional Rights

The Elder Sibling Is Watching You

These people are gathering intelligence on all Americans of all ages that use social media. They want to make sure they have the goods on any and all Americans who might, someday, become “persons of interest” to the feds.

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