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Oh you really couldn’t make it up. Recent terrorist outrages have prompted various European politicians to call, with more or less complete technological illiteracy, for encryption to be weakened so that the security services can spy on us more effectively. 221 more words


Review - The Last Good Man by Linda Nagata

Rating: 9.0 (out of 10)

Linda Nagata’s brand of military science fiction does not take technology for granted. She does not write “boys with toys” adventure stories or jingoistic thrillers where the good guys and their gadgets save the day from the fearsome foreign menace. 266 more words

A Good Leak

 The result of all this is liberty lost — as innocents have their privacy invaded and, as we know, sometimes even revealed to the public for political purposes — and our safety compromised, since the NSA repeatedly discovers that it had all relevant communications of killers before the killings but does not connect the dots until too late, as in Boston, San Bernardino and Orlando; and the same can be said for our British partners in Manchester and London during the past two weeks.

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MAY 24 2017: UK Declares Martial Law: Troops On Streets As ISIS Prepare False Flag


May 24, 2017 Baxter Dmitry Editor’s PicksNewsUK 27

Over 5,000 military personnel have been ordered to take over law enforcement on the streets of London, as the British government imposes martial law and ushers the nation towards the next phase of the New World Order. 

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Welcome to the Panopticon

Did I ever mention that I have a shitty job? Yes? Well I’m going to mention it again.

I have a shitty job.

It’s laughably shitty. 1,033 more words

Rulers Don't Care About Your Safety, Nor Can They Keep You Safe

The three Jihadi killers who perpetrated the London Bridge terrorist attack were armed with knives, despite it being illegal in the UK to carry knives and other weapons. 1,969 more words


Where to Begin?

Coming into this research project, I knew it would be a daunting task since the project would entail many different layers. I would first need to define some key terms, like what exactly an imperial presidency is. 300 more words