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The Surveillance State Expands With No Resistance


In this episode Spiro covers some of the stories available on Newsbud’s Daily Picks. Obama expanding US war powers allowing special forces to team up with the CIA and operate outside of conventional war zones. 42 more words

Daily News

What Obama could do to curb Trump's power

President Obama said during the campaign that he’s worried about somebody like Donald Trump with access to the nuclear codes and all the other powers of the Presidency.  146 more words

War And Peace

The Espionage Act and the Cult of Secrecy

(Published originally at Wrath-Bearing Tree in September 2013)

The most important compromise that allowed for the passage of the U.S. Constitution was that there be included a series of amendments called the Bill of Rights, which guaranteed certain freedoms to the individual, a counterpoint to the Articles of the Constitution itself which merely delineated the powers of the branches of government. 2,563 more words


Morning Meditation

Human civilization will only survive with great love or great control. As the instruments of self destruction multiply with each passing day, we are confronted with a future where right action will emanate from the open heart of every citizen, or wrong action will be monitored, rooted out, and controlled. 41 more words


No Place To Hide - Glenn Greenwald

No Place to Hide serves as a literary companion to the Academy Award-winning documentary Citizenfour. Where documentary-maker Laura Poitras presents the government-shaking revelations provided by Edward Snowden in film, Glenn Greenwald presents them in written form. 1,353 more words

Non Fiction

America’s Call for Change

Terrence B. Wakai

Americans have wanted change for a very long time. A real fundamental change: a revolution.

They have wanted a change from the neo-liberal ethos and arrogance that the elite of both parties and their Pravdian media enablers represent. 132 more words

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