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Killer Grid: 5G Networks and Frequency Warfare on You (Videos)

by N.Morgan

SGTreport and Deborah Tavares expose one of the most insidious and silent weapons being used against the masses worldwide.

The horrific 5G networks rollout and takeover. 2,622 more words

Mind Control

The Case for Disbanding ICE


ICE, the immigration and customs enforcement agency, is out of control.

You’ve seen the stories. They’ve become ubiquitous over the last year. People who have lived in the U.S. 1,058 more words


Reality Winner and the Perils Of Idealism

Perhaps you do not clearly recall the name Reality Winner.  In the cast of that whistleblower show shaking up the hidden shadows of power and control these past few years, she seems to have slipped a few notches from the limelight, leaving the major players, such as Snowden, Manning, Greenwald and oh yeah, that Wikileaks guy stuck in the embassy, to the revolving headlines. 1,464 more words

It Can Happen Here

If you call a bookstore in Florence from a telephone in New Jersey, the government’s computers will be alerted. A federal agent will download the digital copy of your conversation, even though it was only about ordering a book.

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What It’s Like to Live in a Surveillance State

Imagine that this is your daily life: While on your way to work or on an errand, every 100 meters you pass a police blockhouse. Video cameras on street corners and lamp posts… 1,543 more words


A Conspiracy of Silence Assaults Privacy

The Colonial reaction to the British use of general warrants was to take up arms and fight the American Revolution.

It’s time boys. — jtl, 419…

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Aadhaar and Privacy: Mutually Exclusive?

Since the introduction of Nandan Nilekani’s brainchild in 2009, the Aadhaar Project has garnered much media attention – both positive and negative. From its comparison to the United States’ Social Security Number to questions about privacy and big data, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding Aadhaar and its validity in India. 823 more words