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Pentagon Web-Monitoring Operation Exposed

The Pentagon has been violating U.S. federal law since the 1990s by failing to provide an audit to the GAO, making it the only federal agency that has failed to do this. 221 more words


Space Fence: Connecting the Surveillance and Transhumanist Agendas

By Makia Freeman | The Freedom Articles

The Space Fence is a massive, planetary-wide, space surveillance system currently being constructed that aims to monitor you all the way down to your DNA. 1,331 more words


Big Brother isn't just watching

When we go on the web, our digital footprint is being left behind. What does that mean you ask? This means the information about you exists on the Internet as a result of your online activity. 283 more words

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Drone (2017, dir. Jason Bourque)

A bereaved father vows to get revenge on the drone operator who killed his family. Flawed (too soapy in places) but nevertheless interesting drama about the moralities of surveillance, drone usage, and private military contracting. Strong performances throughout.

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Finnair Igen?

 Below is a copy of my correspondence with Finnair regarding a cancelled reservation that was made a few weeks earlier.

From: finnair.plus@finnair.fi
To: Tero Auvinen… 1,655 more words


Kaspersky: Nsa Worker's Computer Was Already Adulterated With Malware

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Refuting allegations that its anti-virus artefact helped Russian spies abduct classified files from an NSA employee’s laptop, Kaspersky Lab has appear added allegation that advance the computer in catechism may accept been adulterated with malware. 748 more words