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Executive Summary of The Perseid Collapse books by Simple Man

No, I didn’t just insult the owner of Backwoods Survival Blog by calling him a Simple Man. Like an author that uses a pen name, I can only assume that the creator of this comprehensive readiness/survival site desires privacy—in the form of anonymity. 170 more words


A review of a great story!

I also read and still own this wonderful book. It is an amazing homage to the indisputable abilities of the American Indian in survival and living with the land around them.

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Stranded, by Don & Stephanie Prichard, a book review by Susan Karsten

Set in the early 1980s, this book defies easy categories…because it’s so strong in many of them.  Adventure (of course), romance, suspense, mystery, inspirational.  I was eager to read this since I so enjoy stories of survival. 156 more words

Book Review