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Tools and Tips for Starting A Fire Outdoors

Whether you’re camping or lost in the wilderness, knowing how to start a fire is important. However, it’s not as simple as rubbing two sticks together or lighting a match. 464 more words

Survival Gear

The Assault Backpack - AR500 The Armored to go

AR500 Armor has a new weapon in the fight against Active shooters!  Stand-by for the, “The Armored Go Pack” review.

One of the most common things people think about in today’s society is Active shooters and are we prepared enough to survive.   392 more words

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Spec Op's Backpack

When you are being deployed one of the first things that your unit gives you is what?  Yep a backpack.  I was called up to support Operation Enduring Freedom and after MPS, guess 406 more words

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Checklist of Essential Wilderness Gear

Have you ever thought to yourself: “I’m just going on a short hike so I don’t need to worry about taking anything with me. I’ll just do that 5-mile loop up and around the alpine lake. 222 more words


Gear List Considerations

About Generic Gear Lists:
Everybody has lists. Lists are popular. So I guess we will do one too, and you can add to it (what you think we missed) in the comments section. 1,243 more words


The History of Firefighter Uniforms and Equipment

Firefighting is an incredibly hazardous profession that requires a set of skills and equipment in order to deal with emergency situations safely and efficiently. This means that firefighter tools need to be in optimal condition at all times. 377 more words

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Your Quick Guide to Survival and Pocket Knives

Whether you’re scouting, hunting, hiking to enjoy nature or out camping with the fam, being prepared when you are out in the wild is essential and your survival knife is a crucial tool to have. 62 more words

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