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The Titanium Hiking Staff Project

I like to hike in the woods. A stick comes in handy on steep sections of trail, and it gives my arms something to do. 861 more words


Survival Straps Free Shipping Offer

I believe that everyone should have Survival straps in one form or another. I have the bracelets and a key chain but did you know they sell them in just about every accessory you can think of? 166 more words


Early Style Camping Gear

Starting in the upper left and moving more-or-less clockwise: small tomahawk, portmanteau, stoneware jug, braided buckskin cord, patch knife, buckskin bag for brass sundial compass, wool bonnet (tam o’shanter), trade bead necklace, small gourd for salt, pewter beer mug (could possibly hold water too), canteen gourd, Knife River flint blades, needle case and bone needles, strike-a-light and char-cloth box, wooden bowl and spoon, buckskin bag, bone handled eating knife, waterproofed leather bag, bark tanned belt pouch, buckskin neck bag containing spare fire kit, net shuttle holding hemp line, sewing kit in buckskin bag, wooden needle case with needles, argillite pipe with buckskin bag, fine hemp line, extra blanket pin, belt, pampooties (ghillie shoes), bamboo container containing larger bone awls and other bone tools, in the center, shoulder bag. 17 more words

Primitive Technology

What To Have On Hand: Important Tips For EDC

Within the past few years Everyday Carry (or EDC) has exploded in popularity, and not just amongst law enforcement either. Civilians and those concerned with emergency preparedness have also taken up EDC. 595 more words

Tactical Gear

Common Utility Gadgets Offered For Selling And Buying Online

Stunninggadgets.com is wonderful online trading portal and website which offers quality products to the online buyers and the clients and the customers. The portal offers unique products at discount and such products are extremely useful and they are commonly bought by the people online. 245 more words

Apple IPad Mini 3 Bluetooth Keyboard

Altoids Survival Tin Review

Altoids Survival Tin Content Dump

Just came across a really great video for an Altoids Survival Kit from Chris Thorn where he shows you what’s in his Altoids survival tin. 220 more words

EDC Gear

Sawyer All In One Squeeze Water Filtration Review

What Would You Do IF There Was No Clean Water?

This is a big concern for any person or family, and that’s why I carry a  267 more words

EDC Gear