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"Ares" the God of War Fighting Knife! Spartan Blades 1

This Knife is a blade to fear!  Outstanding REVIEW on the Ares – Fighter Knife.  Share it!!

Who and what is Ares?  Do you know he is the Greeks “God of War!”  That’s 320 more words


What helps you protect your family at night?

Last week all heck broke loose and we had to evacuate up into our cabin in the mountains.  Things are pretty tough right now with the family scared to what might happen if people 235 more words


The All-American Bino Harness Review

A comparison and review of the Alaska Guide Creations Kodiak Cub and the FHF Gear medium binocular harness and why you should use a bino-harness. 2,574 more words


20170608: Water Purifying by Sunlight! Rural or cities, cheap system, do it yourself!

Contact me about anything you need explained, I learned this trick some where close to 50 years ago. Desert survival trick. You can make these easy, and with basic supplies any where. 87 more words

Five More Pieces Of Gear That Will Help You Survive

In the last post we talked about the first 5 C’s of Survival developed by Dave Canterbury, which is criteria for gear you should always have in your pack.   721 more words

Wilderness Survival

Code name "Sparrow" Best Lock Picks Military can have

Do you own a set of lockpicks?  Do you feel the importance of having some around?  Well, you better read this then!

It was a moonlight night, as I set here in the bushes making sure no one was around. 539 more words

Military Gear

Survival Gear - Five Items That Could Save Your Life

If you’re a minimalist day-hiker there’s a few pieces of gear you should take with you that will help assure your survival if you get lost.   1,534 more words

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