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Survival Drugs - How to Using Old Drugs for Survival

When it involves survival drugs, I create no claim of being an professional. I am, after all, a mere layperson with no medical training. On the other hand, I do possess a decent deal of logic thus when one thing appears a bit off, I do my own analysis and make choices based upon information and not upon supposition. 374 more words


Emergency Survival & Outdoor Adventure Gear

Emergency Survival & Outdoor Adventure Gear
Get Prepared 

31 Piece Survival Kit

Emergency Survival Guide Emergency Blanket Matches Signal Whistle 2 Firesticks 12 hr. Lightstick Pencil Note Pad Salt Packet 4 Antiseptic Pads 4 – 1” x 3” Bandages 4 – 3/8” x 1 1/2” Bandages 2” x 3” Elastic Patch Bandage 3” x 3” Sterile Pad 2 – 4” Adhesive Strips Compass Poncho Signal Mirror 50’ Orange Trail Tape 10’ Snare Wire 2 Razor Blades Needle, Spool of Thread 2 Safety Pins 12’ Nylon Rope 30’ Fishing Line 2 Fish Hooks 2 Sinkers 7” x 10” Waterproof Pouch 35’ Nylon Cord Reusable 8” x 12” PVC Pouch5 hr. 912 more words

Survival Food

Personal Water Filters & Drinking Water Treatments

No Matter where you are in the World if are in a Desperate times or quench a thirst in the Great Outdoors, or even if needed for Survival Purposes you want clean Germ Free Filtered Water… 417 more words

Survival Food

Paracord Is Your Friend

I don’t know about you but I love Paracord. It has so many uses. It is light weight and really strong. Paracord that has 550 on it, means it has a breaking strength of 550lbs. 280 more words

Preparing and Defending Your Home

It’s always important to defend your home against normal break-ins and there are a number of ways to make sure your home is protected. However, in the event of an emergency or disaster you might have defend your home yourself or even abandon it, which requires an entire different set of preparations. 490 more words

Survival Gear

10 Facts That May Save Your Life - Be Prepared

Most people can go through their life without being put in life-threatening situations, but sometimes, remembering what to do in such a case can make the difference between a tragedy and a scary memory. 493 more words

Survival Quick Fire, Light & Starter Tools

Need to Start a Fire Fast? or How about Adding Light to the Situation
Here you will find Quick Light/Fire Tools for your Survival & Adventure Needs! 630 more words

Emergency Survival Tools