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Forgotten Gems: Theresia - Dear Emile (DS)

For me, survival horror games have lost their edge. I remember actually getting scared while playing Resident Evil 2 ‘back in the day’ and have been saddened at the state of the genre since. 1,575 more words


Agony: Escape or Suffer for Eternity

Everyone has their own idea of a “personal hell”. It could be stepping on Legos, reliving troubling times, or screaming children. The actual hell is much different though from Agony’s perspective. 408 more words



Welcome back. Today we’re covering Barotrauma, brought to us by Undertow Games, formed by the developer of SCP Containment Breach, released in Alpha in 2015 and still in progress. 872 more words

Indie Spotlight

The Last of Us

The Mona Lisa of the modern gaming generation. It really is an amazing piece of artwork and has one of the most gripping and emotional narrative I have ever come across in a game. 881 more words


Resident Evil (Bio Hazard)

Another great franchise I am a fan of. Resident Evil released on Playstation on March 22nd 1996, now it is strange that this is one of my favorite games as when this was released I was 6 years old and the prospects of zombies or mutants terrified me. 1,423 more words


Don't Play "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard" Alone

The last couple installments in the Resident Evil franchise seemed like a departure from the horror survival games that were first introduced by Capcom in 1996. 502 more words


RIFTS: Daxim Spectre

PLAYER: Parasite™
GMKermit B.

CAMPAIGNRIFTS: Survival Horror
PCDaxim Spectre (Dax)
SUMMARY: “Died in the Wool”, Bastard Soup Killer… 2,353 more words