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Resident Evil 7 to premier at E3 2016!!

Great news Resident Evil fans! We will all be getting our first look at the new installment in the franchise at this year’s E3 as promised by CAPCOM. 344 more words

Eternal Axiom

Giant snake ain't got nuthin'

Even I sometimes need a break from playing and writing about 30-60 hour JRPGs by Squaresoft and Atlus. I wanted something short, and there was an HD remake of an old 2002 remake of the original… 905 more words

Pop Culture And Its Discontents

The Disappointment Within "The Evil Within" and What It Means For the Survival Horror Genre

Recently, I found myself revisiting The Evil Within, a 2014 title whose marketing campaign toted it as a sort of “survival horror revival.”  A… 2,811 more words

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Opinion Piece: Do Horror Games Have A Future?

Do Horror Games Have A Future & How Have They Changed?

By: Dylan

You slowly creep down the dark hallway, the moans of the undead can be heard through the walls and the small flicker of candles are the only thing lighting your way. 598 more words


The Evil Within: Good Morning Krimson City! - Screen Peekers (Episode 43)

In this episode, Sebby finally gets on the bus. Of course, it’s a bus–of DOOM! Will Jeff defeat the Bane-face? Can J.D. get over the fact Jeff can’t shoot for crap? When does The Ride END?

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Clock Tower 3 Review - PS2

                                                 Clock Tower 3

Synopsis: A young British schoolgirl (Alyssa) at boarding school receives a letter from her mother asking Alyssa to go into hiding until after her birthday. 1,354 more words


Archers Asylum - Outlast

This game.

This fucking game.

I got this game for free, at launch, for the ps4, through my ps+ subscription and I have yet to beat all of it. 481 more words