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Love, Lies and Opposable Thumbs

July 19, 2014 by M. Talmage Moorehead

I wrote this in a comment: “Love is impossible without trust. Trust has been undermined by the popular notion that honesty is optional. 17 more words


Should Those Living In Poverty Be Allowed Political Power? Yes,They Should Lose Their Voting Rights.....And Their Lives As Well!!

An excellent question that will be greeted with controversy but that is why this very website exists, to push the limits of the mind and to exercise unabridged freedom of speech.   469 more words


Survival Of The Weak

“The weak have taken the earth!  And for this I was betrayed, with their false gods, idols, systems of the weak!  No more, for I have returned…” 1,151 more words

Personal Narrative

Winning Away

Most neighborhoods have an alpha leader. Cool, calm and a real badass.

This  being the first weekend of college football season, I’ll use a football analogy. 44 more words

Jim Rudolph

Survival of the Fittest...Alpha Male Explained

How to increase  your Testosterone and why it matters. 

I try to keep this site gender friendly, however there are some subjects that I need to help my fellow brochachos out.

1,229 more words
Health And Fitness

Body Only: Week 2

I started out so well!

First, Monday’s hour-long Level 2 lower body yoga routine and Thursday’s lower body bodyweight routine were harder than I expected… 254 more words


Evolution for Dummies

Atheism is a faith based religion.  One of the tenets of this religion is abiogenesis, life beginning on it’s own.  Another is evolution.  It is difficult to get atheists to talk about abiogenesis, because of the inescapable requirement of faith it brings.  1,442 more words