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Survival of the Fittest

Prompt Day #318: Pretend that you are an abnormal teenager, taking final exams. Answer the following essay question as brutally graphic as you can. “Explain Darwin’s concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ citing specific examples from the animal kingdom.” 885 more words

Writing Challenge

How to Party If You're a Dainty Daisy-Butt

“Ha, funny“, you might mutter to yourself upon beholding the title. But you’re mistaken. This is not fun. This is a survival guide. It’s for the people who cannot leave the bed for several days after a night out because alcohol wreaked havoc in their bodies and left an apocalyptic wasteland in its wake. 711 more words

College Student

Thinking Out Loud

So… I’ve been offline for a while now. I’m not sure there’s a valid excuse for it so I apologise to the little following this blog has for the break in transmission. 280 more words


Blackout Poetry: xxxii

human beings daily evoke aggressions

we escape nature with pain or consequence

the give-and-take of life dishes out pleasure in conquest

everything at high speed bamboozles man


The Eagle Says, a Poem


If You Want to Save that Pigeon,

How Do You Expect the Eagles to Live?

The Pigeons Eat Rice, the Eagles, Meats

This, is the Rule of Survival, Up Here, in the Skies… 138 more words


Tin Can Empathy

This is the third of a series of three stories about humans and Mechans in conflict. Here are links to Part I, and Part II… 5,922 more words


Dude: You'll Never Believe What Happened to Me! (Actually, You'll Totally Believe It...)


So here’s the deal: At some point, my goal is to once again post regularly here.

Maybe. Probably. Likely. Soon. But later.

A lot has happened in the last few months, which many of you know if you’re… 511 more words

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