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fragile frames hold loads heavier than them
odd paths, thick weeds through which they pertain

they have families to feed
nature provides them their need… 91 more words


Health and Wellness Center to Move Farther From Campus to Separate the Weak from The Strong

With winter approaching, JHU administration has announced that the Student Health and Wellness Center will be moved from 31st Street to the campus of Towson University. 207 more words

The Challenge of Peace

Peace is a challenge sometimes.

We are steeped in a ‘fighting’ mentality in this world – that we must fight, or be fought with, for everything.¬† 205 more words

Why is it easier to talk to a stranger?

Since childhood you’ve been told not to talk to strangers, but as you grow old, why is it so that a lot of times you find it easier to have a deep conversation with a stranger? 472 more words

Fodder For Thought

Dr. Ali's Pre-East Course Part 3 - How Darwin Liberates and Freud Incarcerates

Majid Ali, M.D.

We Become What We Observe and Converse About.

I have walked in Darwin’s foot steps. His name appears in the titles of four of my books. 1,105 more words

Voices From The Pre-East Course

Is acid rain eating away at China and the United States?

K. D. Koratsky’s book, Living with Evolution or Dying Without It, is a heavily researched, scholarly work that gathers what science has discovered since Darwin’s discoveries and fills in the gaps explaining why evolution has something to teach us if humanity is to survive. 982 more words