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Texas shooter was an atheist, mocked believers in God

I saw some images purportedly taken from his now-deleted Facebook page that showed that he liked a bunch of atheist pages, but I wanted to hold off until we had some actual comments from people who knew him personally. 1,225 more words



Hello beautiful people!!!… :)

Today i am going to write about something that i have learnt in my life till now and i follow it too…. 503 more words

The problem(s) with atheism

In this day and age, many tend to discard religion and the supernatural as myth and fiction. But does the no-God, 100% natural world really make sense? 1,153 more words


Survival of the fittest

Survival of the fittest

After watching the documentaries, ‘Inside Job’ and ‘Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve System’ and some research…

I am awed, how fast greed and capitalism and derivatives get out of control!!!!! 171 more words

Lord of the Flies

By: William Golding

Lord of the Flies by William Golding was a very interesting book, as I finished it since the last time I wrote the recent blog about this book it got a lot more interesting. 267 more words

Survivalist Elves?

A small metal door lay against the side of the hill. It piqued my curiosity, caused a shiver to run along my spine, and then I laughed at the sheer ridiculousness. 225 more words

A Writer's Life

Is Love Noxious ?

​When someone advised her to take care of herself ,

That’s when she found how much she loved herself.She yelped and said “Mind Your Business !” the perfectly imperfect words that are not to be said to those who loves her.Yet she did yell, in her shrieking unsettled voice,she did . 64 more words