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Ode to the 'Unfit'

My utopian mind fabricates a vision 

A universe where survival is for everyone

No race to become the fittest

No desperation to perform the best… 67 more words

The fly on the table

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I heard a fly buzzing by my bedside table today, it was annoying me, thinking of where it’s dirty little fly legs had been and what it was touching now. 335 more words

Free Your Soul

Live and let live, or live and let die?

We’ve seen what happens when species is lost from an ecosystem. Actually, we are continuing to see this happening in pretty much every ecosystem on the planet. 684 more words


Shock Wave

Lighting up the horizon

It’s incoming, now

The warmth, then devastation

You’re flat on your back

Clawing dirt, gasping for air

You’re stuck, overwhelmed

Then movement, it’s possible… 25 more words

Competition is Universal Rule of Nature

Universal rule of nature demands competition,
Get early before saturation to your destination,
‘Grand Design’ conspires for ‘survival of the fittest’,
Conscious effort can do wonders; do pay attention!


Metamorphosis from Naivety to MD


‘But Med School provides perhaps the best substantiation for Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection. For here we see in its cruelest form the survival of the fittest. 32 more words