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What is Globalization? ūüĆŹ

An interesting way to think about this is that Globalization is comparable to a jungle. It sorta runs on the rule of survival of the fittest. 812 more words


Survival of the Fittest - The best/worst urban assault course ever

A couple of weeks ago I participated in the 2017 Survival of the Fittest event in London. My entry was haphazardly thrown together at the last minute, hoping to squeeze one more race in this summer. 717 more words

Race Report: The Gauntlet Games

My first Gauntlet Games was in Cardiff in 2015. It was also my first obstacle and first muddy race. Taking on the 10K version meant I completed a 5K trail run followed by a 5K obstacle course. 1,546 more words


Existential Balance

The struggle in the social domain, I think , on an interpersonal level, is to find a balance between the Darwinian power struggle in the evolutionary realm, and the bonds of compassion and understanding we forge with strangers to form an in-group, in the long term, where we can rely on each other, and trust each other and mean something to each other in this life. 60 more words


Creations without a Creator?

Creatures like this are proof to me that there is a creator. Can an insect will itself over many generations to look like a leaf so its enemies won’t see it? 94 more words


Moses VS Vitamin P: Infiltration

It’s been a few years since my last encounter with Moses, or one of his minions. I was under the assumption that he was either incarcerated, dead, or had become so enraged¬†at his inability to defeat me that he developed a drinking problem which rendered him weak, unable to think clearly, and eventually caused him to lose all interest in our war. 885 more words

Moses Vs Vitamin P