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We Survived

Wet… Muddy… Sweaty… Tired… but Happy?


This was Team Niche last Sunday after completing the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest in Cardiff Bay. We weren’t concerned about our time, we’d ran together, sweated together, took a dip in the White Water Rapids together, and most importantly, bonded together. 869 more words

Reasons to believe: the evolution of morality?

These are a few open questions to atheists.  I don’t want to make light of the real moral difficulties that these examples present but at least this post points out that the discussion has nothing to do with atheists.   1,106 more words

Christianity / God / Religious

Spider Update

Finally The egg ball burst and a bunch of baby spiders have emerged into the world. That was a very long pregnancy, if you can call it that. 99 more words


and two years later.....


I am still running and will update my running diary in due course. I have completed lots of running and cycling events in the past two years, including Nightrider and the Mens Survival of the Fittest. 61 more words


It's All About Survival

Why do flowers bloom at different times of the year?

Why do some birds migrate long distances and others stay in the mountains during the winter? 250 more words


How are the renovations going?

The question on everyone’s lips. Aside from how is life without windows but let’s be positive here. Here are a few pictures of how things are today. 99 more words


Today's Litigious Society is Killing Our Common Sense Abilities

Anyone else out there feel that today’s litigious society is ruining the survival of the fittest evolutionary trend and making us a weaker overall? Lets face it some people need to let their blood lines die out rather than reproduce. 792 more words