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Natural Selection

Natural Selection is a theory which suggests the occurrence of evolution among organisms which help the future generations survive in the world. Evolution has been discusses and observed over the ages, since the time of the ancient Greeks and was first witnessed in the 20th century. 717 more words



Choices are minute, they are all around asking for our attention. We choose with experience, age and gained knowledge. Every choice has its own difficulties for no success can be gained without struggle and life will never be a piece of Swiss cheese to slide smooth. 458 more words

Kindness as Part of Evolution's 'Survival of the Fittest'

A great read from Scientific American about how kindness fits in with Darwin’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’. Check out the article here.

Monthly Summary: August

  • Miles run this month: 109.69*
  • Number of runs this month: 13*
  • Garmin Record: Farthest Run 18.07 miles

* As I only use the figures from my Garmin Forerunner 10 these figures do not include the run where I didn’t use it because I’d forgotten to charge it! 691 more words


Is offering buffet a good idea?

The “food park” (looks and feels more like a beer garden) that I am currently leasing a space in has had a bad year so far and seems to be getting a lot worse.  853 more words



When hominids became intelligent, their natural disposition towards envy, greed, and lust took on a new dimension. Natural selection being thrashed, they had more opportunities to satisfy their greed and seek pleasure. 783 more words


Depression is a bitch and I want a divorce.

I’ve been with her for years. She was always there. I was comfortable with her. Her flaws were manageable. The damage she caused every time she came around was easily repaired. 448 more words