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The Non-Update, and Other Frustrating Things

At one point in time, I will make a page to fill up just with my non-updates. My two second, I-just-remembered-I-have-a-blog updates, in which I have so much that can be said but nothing that will be said. 63 more words


Survival of the Fittest - Edinburgh. Event #28

What happens when you combine the somewhat hilly streets of Edinburgh with the genius that is Rat Race?

I’ll tell you, you get the best Urban Obstacle Course Race in the country, that’s what. 919 more words

Is it better for two to face a fate?

While the soil beckons a spectral star
from a plum purgatory
on the western sky into its nightly bed, 162 more words


You know… A lot has transpired and changed over the course of evolution, and yet, not a lot has changed. Darwin’s evolutionary theory of the survival of the fittest may have only been propounded in the case of natural selection or reproductive success back when it was ideated, but I don’t think Mr. 805 more words


The HORRIFYING Beauty of Equity & Selfishness

E before E.

Equity before Equality I think. What you get is what you have, is what you work for, is what you deserve depending upon context. 646 more words

Social Issues

367. Savage

I am a savage.

I remember my days in the jungle.

The feel of mud ‘tween my toes.

The rush of adrenaline,

From head to toe. 76 more words


Love, Lies and Opposable Thumbs

July 19, 2014 by M. Talmage Moorehead

I wrote this in a comment: “Love is impossible without trust. Trust has been undermined by the popular notion that honesty is optional. 17 more words