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The 5 Worst Mistakes Gun Owners Make

By  Nicholas O. - Off The Grid News

Gun ownership is a fundamental civil liberty, but just like all rights, it requires responsibility.

Here are five mistakes that some gun owners make, and how you can avoid them: 50 more words


Bushcraft Skills: Foraging for food

By Chris Ruiz – The Bug Out Bag Guide

Feeding yourself off the land can be a challenge even in favorable conditions and is one of the most important bushcraft skills to learn.   399 more words


Gunshot First Aid For Preppers: What You Need To Know

By Mahatma Muhjesbude – SurvivoPedia

In the greater preparedness schema, most preppers share common needs for generally similar equipment and resources. Firearms, and the protection and security they provide, are near the top of the list. 94 more words


A Hole in the Dark: Techniques for Maintaining a Dark Camp

 By Bolo – The Prepper Journal


“When the system breaks down, we all break down.” – Sgt. Barnes – Platoon

Tactical camping is a great way to develop and sharpen many essential survival skills.

792 more words

How To Make A Life-Saving Survival Kit For Your Child

By  Priscilla Cash - Off The Grid News

Natural disasters, unstable governments and economies, plagues and other dangers seem to be on the rise. The chances of going through life without facing an emergency on some level are becoming less and less. 434 more words


Cutting Tool


When in a survival situation, or just out practicing bushcraft, a cutting tool is an absolute essential.
Without one, you’re going to be extremely limited in how long you can survive and the important activities you can perform. 14 more words

Survival Skills