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Here’s Why a Prepper Homestead May Not be a Good Plan for Survival

By Daisy Luther – The Organic Prepper

Lots of preppers are convinced that they’re going to “live off the land” should the world as we know it come tumbling down around our ears.  3,021 more words


Essential Suggestions That Will Help You Negotiate the Wilderness Alone

By TheSurvivalPlaceBlog

We all like to think about what we’d be like in a survival situation, but many of us will never experience that. So, it’s all hypothetical of course. 521 more words

Survival Tips

When your job is your passion

Scorching sun, 38-40° in shade, two young guys are briskly cutting wood. On a nearby meandering path lizards are crawling. Despite the heat and the numerous thorns, spines… 1,214 more words

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Survival Guns: How To Clean Your Ruger 10/22

By Fred Tyrell – SurvivoPedia

Remember our series on how to keep your firearms in top notch condition? We talked about cleaning your revolver and your  120 more words


If I were a prepper … …

Source: Doomsday Preppers.

Two of my favorite bloggers are Dmitry Orlov, who thinks industrial civilization may collapse at any moment, and John Michael Greer… 603 more words

The Passing Scene

Tracker Scout Skills - Camouflage

Of all the wilderness skills, the Apache Scout skills of camouflage and stealth are the most inclusive of all, integrating all other physical and awareness skills together to one purpose.  27 more words

Survival Skills

Here’s How Easy It Is To Die In The Wilderness

By Mahatma Muhjesbude – SurvivoPedia

Too easy. Because Mother Nature will kill you the first chance she gets!

Are you wondering why these allegations about the primary resource for the whole humanity? 87 more words

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