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The Government Knows Something We Don't

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By The Survival Place Blog

After some digging around the political archives, we have discovered that almost all governments have some form of strategy for surviving a zombie apocalypse. 551 more words


7 Things Your Doctor’s Not Telling You About Coconut Oil

Written by: Amy O’Donnell

Do you notice more coconut oil in your grocery, discount or health food store? Coconut oil is everywhere, and in everything, from food to beauty products, as more people discover its benefits. 678 more words


The Simple, 7-Ingredient Compost Tea That Will Revolutionize Your Garden

Written by: Trent Rhode

Earth, by its very nature, is in a partnership with microbes of all kinds. From the deepest seas, to the highest mountains, microbes such as bacteria, yeast and fungi are a key part of our planet’s ecosystems, performing vital functions like making nutrients bio-available to plants and animals, and helping our soils maintain structure and moisture. 892 more words


SoCS Mar 25/17

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “march.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

The obvious direction for this (it seems) would be to go with March.

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Stream Of Consciousness Saturday

The Prepared Home: 5 Prepper Projects to Start in the Spring

By Jeremiah Johnson – Ready Nutrition

ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, as many of you know, planning is an important aspect of emergency preparedness. Each year, you should make new plans and practice your new skills.  1,009 more words


10 Survival Skills Your Great-Grandparents Knew (That Most Of Us Have Forgotten) - Howtoprovide

Our modern society is highly dependent upon we’ll call the “system.” Not only do we rely upon utility services to bring us electricity, water and natural gas, but also on an incredibly complex supply chain which provides us with everything from food to computers.

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Hobbies That Will Save Your Life!

By The Survival Place Blog

The great thing about life is that you gain experiences. It could be that you enjoyed a camping trip last summer, or playing 5-a-side soccer every Tuesday night. 1,023 more words