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Emergency Survival Kits

Power outages … severe storms … no worries! With a little planning, you can keep your family calm and safe during short-term emergencies.

By Matthew Stein… 1,820 more words


Be Prepared to Survive

Be Prepared to Survive

In the event of economic crises, sweeping natural disasters, or other massives disruption of the political and social order, will you be prepared to survive? 3,958 more words


Because it's all about survival

You may be in this situation by choice, or because of bad luck. The good news, if it’s by choice, this probably means you have some level of survival skills and… 273 more words

Survival Skills


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65 Pieces of Survival Wisdom From the Great Depression

By: The Survival Mom

It was the best of times, it was the very worst of times. America’s Great Depression of the 1930s was a time of starvation and subsistence survival for many families. 1,777 more words


Why Russia props up the dangerous North Korean regime

By Hollie McKay

As North Korea continues to develop a nuclear-weapons program, threatening the U.S. and neighboring countries while starving and enslaving much of its population, the regime of Kim Jong Un continues to receive an increasing amount of both public and private support from Russia. 1,097 more words


I Told You...

You didn’t believe me did you? I abandoned the blog. I’ve thought about it, wanted to write things, but alas I am lazy and there’s been a lot going on! 557 more words