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Survival Skills #3 (How to survive the weather)

Winter does strange things to the mind. It’s a little claustrophobic, actually, pulling back your curtains to discover a mound of snow up to your windowsill, or pulling a door open only to find that you’re going to have to go find a shovel if your planning on actually going outside. 727 more words

What's in a Cupcake?

I first heard about Gigi Butler when I was a music agent at a talent agency located on Nashville’s infamous Music Row.  Someone brought her cupcakes to the office one day. 873 more words

Catching Raindrops

Where there's a will, there's a way #13

[Primitive Technology ]

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About Primitive Technology

“Primitive technology is a hobby where you make things in the wild completely from scratch using no modern tools or materials. 66 more words


Reconnecting to Basic Life Skills: Day 19

Written by: Tammy Robinson No doubt, all of us benefit greatly from technology. Unfortunately, though, there is a payoff for all this convenience: the loss of common skills.

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My brain is tired. There isn’t a single story for which I have the emotional energy to rehash. Some days you just have to let your mind rest, listen to your new favorite song on repeat, play a little online 8 ball with your best friend, and just let the day be what it was. 19 more words

Survival Skills #1 (How to survive in Iceland)

Risk. It’s like monopoly without money. So monopoly, but for the poor. Poor, but powerful. It’s never really explained how all of this militarism is being funded. 663 more words

Class 28/44 - The double birdie pyros...

What does an double bird shooting accountant that was dragged to Survival 101 class know?

That she can overcome pain, adversity, push through physical and emotional barriers, find support in her loved ones, and accomplish something she didn’t think she could do. 660 more words

Wilderness Survival