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How To Guarantee Your Survival Even If You Can’t Get Your Bug-Out Bag

By Rich M Off The Grid News

The need for making sure you have the necessary equipment and supplies for survival can’t be overstated. While it is theoretically possible to survive off of what you simply find, the reality is that the less you start out with, the worse your chances are of survival. 112 more words


What Is Bushcraft: Survival Skills, Tools, & How To Learn

By Chris Ruiz – The Bug Out Bag Guide

The old saying goes “The more skills you have the less gear you need”.  This is a great mindset to have and it provides a clear path on the journey to preparedness.   302 more words


Surviving Poverty Part 1: How to Live in a Van

Joshua Krause – Ready Nutrition

There’s been a few news stories floating around over the past few weeks that have a common theme. In San Francisco, a city with some of the highest rental costs in the nation, it seems that more and more people have been choosing to live in their vehicles. 1,985 more words


Situational Awareness And A 360 Mindset

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

What is situational awareness? It’s simply (not so simple for some) knowing what’s going on around you. Did you notice the word, “around”? 93 more words


Preserving Apples: 3 Simple Ways to Enjoy Local Fruit This Winter

By Daisy Luther – The Organic Prepper

Harvest season is winding down, and we’re busy this week, preserving apples. Today we’re putting up 2 more bushels for the winter. 1,198 more words


Stockpiling For Winter: How To Survive If The Electricity Goes Out

By  Steve Nubie Off The Grid News

Winter months present a unique challenge in many parts of North America due to freezing temperatures. In fact, no other season is as deadly if the electricity goes out. 168 more words


Survival Skills and Survival Training

In these present time, most of the people depend on the convenient things to survive. Nearly everything will come in a second. There are instant foods, instant transportation, instant order and instant product. 246 more words