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6 Old-Fashioned Ways to Predict the Weather

By Jeremiah Johnson – Ready Nutrition

ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, we’re going to cover the weather in this article: how important it is to forecast for bugging out, for your retreat location, and for your operations in a survival scenario.  1,403 more words


Radiological Medical Response Kit: Ideas to Manage Injuries in a Radioactive Environment

By Huples – The Prepper Journal

Seems everyone online is focused on prepping for a nuclear war these days. Shows the stupidity of humanity that this is even a thing but it is, so I thought I’d share the contents of my radiological medical response kit. 234 more words


DIY Fuel: How To Turn Wood Into Briquettes

By Chris Black – SurvivoPedia

Let me start today’s article with an axiom: despite the fact that DIY-ing briquettes is a hard and messy job, if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, you can make a reasonable income by selling (your extra) charcoal/wood briquettes. 63 more words


Les stroud survival tactics

​01* In cold or freezing conditions, the worst thing you can do is let yourself get sweaty. He constantly mentions that if you get sweaty, you should let the sweat dry (he mentions this tip in almost every episode). 799 more words

Mountain Survival

How Duct Tape Saved My Life: Trail Injury on #OptOutside Black Friday

Ok, maybe the title is a little melodramatic. I most likely would have survived the mile and a half hike over the rocky trail.  My life certainly wasn’t in jeopardy on the long drive down the mountain. 1,769 more words


The Ultimate Guide to Bugging In: Preparing Your Home for a Disaster

By The Bug Out Bag Guide

Natural disasters are a rare and terrifying but undeniable fact of life. Sometimes it’s possible to “bug out,” or leave the area before disaster strikes, but flight isn’t always an option. 292 more words