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4 Ways To Preserve Food In A Solar Oven

By Theresa Crouse – SurvivoPedia

There are many ways to preserve food, but how many of those methods transfer to your solar cooker? I decided to check things out and see whether or not you can even use it for food preservation; after all, the temperatures can be a bit erratic and heat is dependent on the sun. 73 more words


Completely, 100 Percent Off-Grid: 9 Essential Foods You Should Grow

By Angela Counter Off The Grid News

Are you ready to feed your family by what you grow and raise? If you want to reduce your dependency on the commercial food supply, you better start now. 176 more words


The Tactical Mindset!

By Orlando Wilson – The Prepper Journal

When people come to me for tactical pistol training I tend to ask them why they want to do the class and carry a handgun and the responses I get are usually the same; … 200 more words

Survival Tips

SURVIVAL – How To Survive

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

To survive under difficult or threatening circumstances requires good instincts and the right knowledge and actions working together for success. 30 more words

Survival Tips

Building a Prepper Community

What is a “prepper community”?

A prepper community is a self-sustaining, self-reliant community occupied by like-minded citizens. Mostly sharing the similar idea of a SHTF situation.

1,184 more words

4 Stunning Long-Range Rifles That Will Shoot Past 1,000 Yards

By Mike S. Off The Grid News

Perhaps the most impressive display of marksmanship is true long-range shooting. Reaching out to a target at 1,000 yards or beyond requires skill, knowledge and lots of practice to do it right. 134 more words


still at it

Have finally accepted that I’ll never be able to go through my life with one all purpose holster, because, unlike men, will never go through life wearing just variations of pants and shirts. 261 more words