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Some Basics on Living a Self-Reliant Lifestyle, Part 1

By Jeremiah Johnson – Ready Nutrition

ReadyNutrition Readers, you’ve been prepping for a long time, and you diligently follow the exchange of information on this and other websites.  1,184 more words


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The thing that i really enjoy in this activity was making fire but the shelter was a mess, i really didn’t liked because it’s too hard.

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The survival skills class was really beneficial for me I learned how to build a shelter using basic tools and how to make a fire quickly by using a strike and  woods. 118 more words

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Survival Skills Course Reflection

In the survival and primitive skills activity I like making a shelter the best because it was really challenging, and there were a lot of skills to learn.  94 more words

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survival skills

A new experience I’m learning in this class, Fernando was my partner and I think we made a good work , we understood and help each other , we almost success in building the shelter we just need to support the end  , it was good enough for the first time.In the other hand we fail doing the fire, I think that we supposed to find a small combustible materials to get the first torch and make the fire bigger. 35 more words

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Christian's Survival skills lesson

I liked best the fact that the class was in the forest isolated from the city. I enjoy learning how to set up a shelter in case  a critical situation happens. 130 more words

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