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Body of Work: Survival Skills and Preparedness Techniques

Below are examples from my body of work of different topics in the categories of survival skills and preparedness techniques.

Foods that Will Survive the Apocalypse… 943 more words

Body Of Work

The Dreaded, "Tell Me About Yourself"

Here is a list of 10 ways to tell potential employers about yourself. These are also perfect responses to questions you may be asked during an interview. 333 more words


Cutting Down Problems: Use These Basic Ideas for Survival

By The Survival Place Blog

There are often problems when you have to survive in the wilderness. So the best thing to do is to plan and prepare for this and make sure you have the skills you need. 553 more words

Survival Tips

Learn to Give FIRST AID! Learn to Save Lives(Yours or Others)


Number of accidents on roads are rising day by day, especially in India. What is a worrisome scenario is lack of awareness about FIRST AID Treatment among most of riders and vehicle owners. 529 more words


Seizonjutsu (Ninja Survival Skills) Creating Fire with Char Cloth

☯ BUDO RYU KAI ☯ (School of the Warrior Way)
Authentic Ninjutsu & Classical Samurai Bujutsu
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How I Plan on Bugging In

By Huples – The Prepper Journal

There are multiple articles, videos, and books about bugging out and a few on bugging in. My aim here is to throw a bit of thought on the bugging in concept from my unarmed Canadian perspective. 315 more words


Hardcore Walking Dead Survival Tips for Preppers

By Jeremiah Johnson – Ready Nutrition

Seriously, folks, I know you’re all probably fed up with zombies, especially since this is an election year.  Political zombies aside, I wish to mention this series of pop-culture, “the Walking Dead” can be (I stress “can be”) more than just an entertaining series.  1,244 more words