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IrfindingVegan | On1y (the determined)| Prologue

I must be a very determined person. Twice over. But let’s start at the very beginning.

About three months ago, this digital agency group head who I have done a project for and done initial consultation on one other project called me for another initial consultation on another project. 1,715 more words


Best Practices Basics

When small entities do business, they (we) must try harder. Developing and maintaining a sterling reputation that creates a trusted brand that generates good word-of-mouth and referrals is how we succeed in business. 484 more words

Survival Strategies

How to get an Idea ? Dig deeper about what an idea is supposed to be.

Blogged by :  Ayush Mitra

When we see this word a line strikes in our mind – “what an idea sir’ji!” Isn’t it? But what is idea? 491 more words


Survival Strategy #22 - Community

We humans are deeply social creatures, even those of us who are introverted. I am a mix of both introverted and extroverted traits – I need alone time and other people time almost equally. 399 more words

Survival Strategies

Bad hearing days

Everyone has good days and bad days; we probably all have strategies for coping with that.  I’ve found it useful to have specific strategies for bad hearing days – those times when there has been an embarrassing misunderstanding or some other depressing hearing loss-related event.  463 more words

Power Through Stress

There are two types of people in this world—those who make things happen and those who allow things to happen to them.  Reader friend,  I know that you are the first type,  a mover & shaker take-charge Freelance professional who knows how to make good things happen. 556 more words

Survival Strategies

Thoughts from an assault survivor in philosophy

An anonymous guest post:

Over the last few years, the the philosophical community has begun to take public notice of sexual harassment and abuse in our profession. 861 more words