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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

Those in the crisis communications sector of public relations will have a very Merry Christmas indeed.  Your client list is growing and billable hours are overflowing! 1,218 more words

Survival Strategies

Barnie the dog, & a reflection on the future of grief.

I’m not so much of a pet person. I had a dog for a while during a short hippy phase of my life living in Bath. 963 more words

Reflections On Bereavement

The Importance of Doing Absolutely Nothing

Having too much to do is a national epidemic and, in many ways, a status symbol. Americans work more hours than citizens of any other developed nation in the world, according to the International Labor Organization.

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Business Trends

The Great College Loan Swindle

America as a country has evolved in recent decades into a confederacy of widescale industrial scams. The biggest slices of our economic pie – sectors like health care, military production, banking, even commercial and residential real estate – have become crude income-redistribution schemes, often untethered from the market by subsidies or bailouts, with the richest companies benefiting from gamed or denuded regulatory systems that make profits almost as assured as taxes.

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In defence of my coffee out

I have a really nice coffee machine at home. I even have a mini-presso for Cranky. I live 30 kilometres from town. But more often than not, I have my coffee out. 616 more words


Overcoming Income Inequality

Happy Halloween! Today, we’ll take a look at one of the ultimate Trick or Treat scenarios, the business model known as the Global Economy (the most recent version, that is—trade has been global at least since the glory days of Timbuktu) as well as other factors that will impact your income.   1,143 more words

Survival Strategies

Choose your tribe wisely

Research has shown you become like the five people you spend the most time with.

Source: Choose your tribe wisely

The wine shop manager, grocery store employees and staff at the YMCA.