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Getting and Giving Advice: Who to Ask, Frame the Question

We’re back with more thoughts and suggestions regarding how to navigate the matter of business advice, giving or receiving.  Previous posts have explored how to effectively give advice and the importance of using tact when advice is offered.   780 more words

Survival Strategies

Decline of the American Dream

We analyzed the cost of living and median income levels in 74 U.S. cities to find out where you can still obtain the American Dream across the country.

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Survival Strategies

On which Spool are you winding up your Future?

Little Nightly Thoughts
by Business Exploration

Using evolutionary scenarios can help to take decisions based on limited information when building new business, launching new products, opening new markets…  779 more words


Vacations Are Good For Business

The Memorial Day Weekend is approaching and with it the start of summer and the most popular vacation season. Perhaps it is the legacy of the Puritan work ethic that has caused the mixed feelings that many in the U.S. 629 more words

Survival Strategies

IrfindingVegan | On1y (the determined)| Prologue

I must be a very determined person. Twice over. But let’s start at the very beginning.

About three months ago, this digital agency group head who I have done a project for and done initial consultation on one other project called me for another initial consultation on another project. 1,715 more words


Best Practices Basics

When small entities do business, they (we) must try harder. Developing and maintaining a sterling reputation that creates a trusted brand that generates good word-of-mouth and referrals is how we succeed in business. 484 more words

Survival Strategies

How to get an Idea ? Dig deeper about what an idea is supposed to be.

Blogged by :  Ayush Mitra

When we see this word a line strikes in our mind – “what an idea sir’ji!” Isn’t it? But what is idea? 491 more words