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The next time someone advises you to "move on", send them here to learn about "continuing bonds"

Ever since I first lost my daughter, I instinctively knew that “moving on” was not the right turn of phrase. Surviving grief, coping with grief, living with grief seemed much better at describing how I experienced my life now. 854 more words

Reflections On Bereavement

Exercise a POWER SWOT

Many will have come across the SWOT analysis tool.  It’s simplicity also has its downside.  It has been so overused that often people stop thinking beyond the strengths and weaknesses.   72 more words

The Hidden Edge

Survival Strategy #19 - Calmness

In my observations so far of people that I think are not only surviving but actually thriving, one of the things that they all seem to have to in common is the ability to maintain a constantly calm attitude no matter what is going on internally or externally. 80 more words

Survival Strategies

Survival Strategy #18 - Self-Acceptance

For me and my understanding of the world, the concepts between accepting our own faults and working on our own faults has been tricky. Something that I am still learning is that these two ideas aren’t mutually exclusive – in fact, they are helpful to each other. 186 more words

Survival Strategies

Brooklyn Nine Nine = Fantastically Funny Find

As a lazy, low-maintenance girl, watching TV is a critical survival strategy for me in order to let my brain recharge and refocus. Unfortunately, lately I haven’t been having much luck with finding TV shows that I find enjoyable to watch and can actually recharge with. 158 more words

Survival Strategies

Have LinkedIn and Medium Killed the Old-Fashioned Blog? - HBR

Have LinkedIn and Medium Killed the Old-Fashioned Blog? – HBR.

Publishing exclusively on LinkedIn or Medium is indeed the right choice for some people, particular if you are a new or intermittent writer. 

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Survival Strategy #17 - Maintaining Self-Awareness

Possibly one of biggest challenges I’ve encountered in getting through life so far is maintaining self-awareness. It can get really difficult not to take criticisms personally, or to remember that our failures don’t define us, or to know what steps are necessary in getting out of a rut. 445 more words

Survival Strategies