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Write an Effective Business Letter

All writing is about the intended reader (that is, the audience).  Whether it’s a book, song, movie, opera, website, marketing brochure, grant proposal, or fundraising letter, the one priority for the writer to keep in mind is that the intended recipient matters most.   486 more words

Survival Strategies

Is running bad for your knees? Surprisingly, science says “no”

Source: Is running bad for your knees? Surprisingly, science says “no”

I stopped running over ten years ago to preserve my surgically repaired knees.

Two years ago I had difficulty on the way down from a 7200 ft climb up to Hanging Lake.  13 more words


Doing Business As

To forge a successful career as a Freelance consultant requires courage, resilience, possession of marketable skills, relationships with people who are willing and able to help you get hired into one money-making opportunity or another, an affinity for selling, the discipline needed  to set goals, a talent for big picture thinking and setting strategies, and an understanding of human nature and motivation. 617 more words

Survival Strategies

Survival Strategies on how they affect Your Health and Well-being

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed where you could not think yourself out it or change how you were feeling?  You really wanted to change but the feelings of stress and overwhelm persisted.  650 more words

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Summer Into Winter: Driving Tips from a Contrarian!

What could be more contrary than to publish lessons in wintertime survival in the middle of summer? In the spirit of fun and public service I submit the following suggestions in the voice of Fareed Zakharia of CNN, whom I believe would likely agree. 290 more words

Stronger Muscles, Longer Life - OU Medicine

Over a 15-year period, older adults who regularly strength trained were 45% less likely to die than those who didn’t. In fact, their risk of death from heart disease was 41% lower.

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Survival Strategies

Larry The Lobster, Saved From Stockpot, Dies In Styrofoam Instead - NPR


Animal activists had teamed up to save a 15-pound lobster, at least 60 years old, from being dinner. They shipped him to a Maine aquarium — but the story doesn’t have a happy ending.

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Survival Strategies