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The secrets of ZeniMax Media Co.(Bethesda Softworks) Fallout Games

(1) Stock Market Trading (GetRichQuickScheme);
– Tested in Fallout3, and Fallout Vegas.
– Works with Laser Guns, Plasma Guns, Missle Launchers, Grenades(Keep these light weight rarely found broken ones for StockMarketTrading technique), 32 pistols, 10mm Guns, 10mm Submachine Guns, Leather Armor and etc. 870 more words

Bethesda Softworks 2008 Game

How to cope when an experiment "fails"

When I first started my PhD, I knew that science experiments could and would fail. I thought I was prepared for this and at the start I was. 537 more words


10 Smart Survival Strategies for the Woman Living Alone

By Gaye Levy – Backdoor Survival

Most preparedness information out there seems to assume that everyone is part of a family with a mom, a dad, three kids, and a dog. 249 more words


Survival Guides – Ten survival strategies for woman living alone

Most preparedness information out there appears to assume that everybody is part of a family with a mommy, a dad, three kids, and a dog. Or, if not that, an extended family that has brothers, uncles, and a grand-pappy. 302 more words


Procrastination: Wrestling the Demon

The Bible named procrastination as one of the Seven Deadly Sins, classified as Sloth, that is, persistently failing to do what one should do. Evil exists when good (men) fail to act. 520 more words

Survival Strategies

Procrastination and Productivity

Who among us has not allowed a deadline to approach because we just could not pull ourselves together and do what we needed to do? Some things we just hate to do. 544 more words

Survival Strategies

Survival Strategies in the Wild

Okay, nature trekking is likely the best experience you will ever have. Nothing is more pleasant than watching creatures, the winged animals, the trees, the streaming waterway, the smoothness of the environment, the effortlessness of nature, the green fields and the entire experience of being far from the city life is unique. 192 more words