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Survival Strategy #7 - Comfort Zone Expansion

Comfort zones are where we feel most at ease, like we can handle anything that happens within that arena. It’s commonly understood that the expansion of a comfort zone is a desirable and important event since our survival as humans depends on our ability to take risks, succeed with those risks, and grow. 268 more words


Survival Strategy #6 - Expectations

Some of the most difficult aspects of life for me personally are expectations. I expect that I will master something much faster than I can, or I expect that people will behave a certain way, or I expect that I will look good regardless of how lazy I am and how little effort I decide to put into myself. 153 more words


North Atlantic Clam That Lives for Centuries Yields Insights on Cardiac Aging | NCCIH

The typical heart in aquatic invertebrate animals such as clams, oysters, and mussels has many strong similarities to the human heart. The Arctica islandica, or ocean quahog, is the longest-living, non-colony-dwelling animal ever identified; so far, the oldest identified specimen survived to age 508 (age is identified by counting shell growth rings).

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Survival Strategy #5 - Dignified Failure

Failure is an inevitable yet horribly unpleasant occurrence. We can fail at almost everything imaginable, from our speaking abilities to our work to our families to our hobbies. 241 more words


Survival Strategy #4 - Big Picture

Sometimes, normally exhilarating motivations and interests are just not enough to keep things going and getting through day to day life, particularly if something overwhelming is contributing to your life, like a new job or other major lifestyle change. 121 more words


Survival Strategy #3 - Flexibility

A skill that has been (and still is sometimes) personally very difficult for me to learn is to be flexible with regards to various situations. It is very natural and normal to want things to go exactly how we want them. 160 more words


Survival Strategy #2 - Habits

Usually, we associate the word “habits” with poor ones – drinking too much coffee, eating too much sweets, and so on. What worked for me is realizing that habits can be good and the best part is that habits intrinsically have their own momentum that will keep you doing them even if you’re not consciously aware. 244 more words