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Don't Drink the Water

We’ve always been told not to drink saltwater, specifically referring to the ocean. It’s traditional wisdom we don’t question, but why not? We question everything else. 1,197 more words

I'm an Old Man Who Has Seen A Lot

               Just a Grunt

The first pearls of wisdom I’ll offer to my readers are : “Don’t wish your life away.”

Everyone does it. I wish I was old enough to drive, to vote, to have a credit card, wish I was at least a sophomore so I could date that junior and maybe best of all … to drink beer. 1,725 more words

The War of the Ostrich and the Owl

There was once a fable of the tale of a dispute between an Ostrich and an Owl that goes something like this:

One day an ostrich and an owl were discussing the day’s events when they spotted a snake slithering stealthily towards an unsuspecting mouse. 1,700 more words

I Can't Believe I'm Lost in the Woods!

It’s understandable, it’s a normal mental attitude that “It can’t happen to me.” But it can happen to anyone, yes including you. A wrong turn, a freak late spring snow storm erupts, the truck breaks down and we’re forced to walk miles in unfamiliar environment. 1,847 more words

How it began

Hello and Welcome to my new blog … Ziva’s DIY Battery Restoration.blog

What inspired this creation? Good question.

Perhaps unfortunately, I didn’t have a life altering experience or a vision of some sort. 418 more words

5 Top Must-Have Things to survive a big disaster

One says our lives are but fleeting moments on this earth. We just don’t know when a Big One would strike us. Our experts have since pointed it out to us–it is not a question of which, but a question of when. 464 more words


Brockley Street Art Festival 2017

Last month saw the return of the Brockley Street Art Festival for its third year brightening up Brockley and Honor Oak with a series of ten new murals placed up adding to the previous two festivals many creative additions to this corner of South London. 207 more words

Street Art