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When Self-Preservation turns into Dysfunction

Let’s talk about coping mechanisms. Everyone has them. They all come from some degree of trauma. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you have grown up in this world, someone or something has wronged you. 726 more words

Building a Prepper Community

What is a “prepper community”?

A prepper community is a self-sustaining, self-reliant community occupied by like-minded citizens. Mostly sharing the similar idea of a SHTF situation.

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Day Zero - Bug Out

Day Zero, not the 2007 movie with Elijah Wood and Shane from The Walking Dead. Day Zero, as in the day the SHTF.

Apparently, the term “day zero” has many different meanings. 639 more words


More Than a Standard Error

First Lesson of the Week

Through this first week and a half of school, I realized that I’m going to be doing a lot of reviewing and remembering from freshmen year biology. 440 more words