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Peace and writing

I haven’t been writing. Or to be precise, I’ve been producing scraps, disconnected fragments that work on their own but that won’t lead anywhere. There’s a quality of concentration that’s left me recently, about the same time that the irrepressible urge to get things out of me once and for all faded into something fainter and more manageable. 596 more words


First World Survival Techniques

“Dane, we gotta do somethin’. I’m dyin’,” complained Brett as he leaned out of the window of Dane’s car.

“I know. The air conditioning died yesterday,” said Dane. 289 more words


A Matter of Days

The expression ‘Old School’ was originally used as a derogatory description, though the term has evolved as retro became cool. I would describe A Matter of Days… 494 more words

Book Reviews

How to Survive Family Get-Togethers

Really just may God have mercy on your soul when it comes to family gatherings. They never go well. There’s just no version of them that is not terrible. 543 more words


Starting to start over

I’ve officially started over. I’m in a new city, in a new house, with two new jobs and a bundle of freelance work. It is terrifying and exhilarating and also very, very ordinary. 671 more words


A Broom is My Snow Blower or How to Survive an Ice Storm In Charlotte

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

We don’t need a snow blower in Charlotte. We just need a broom and perhaps to puff out our cheeks, pucker our lips and blow. 807 more words

Family Life

TV Show: Remote Survival

I just saw an episode of this show.  The premise is, they take two people and dump them separately in some remote area.  Each has a pack with a few items in it and a bunch of cameras on them, along with radio gear.  389 more words

Emergency Preparedness