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Artichoke -- Survival Techniques

Most gardening books say that artichokes cannot be grown in the low desert of the southwestern United States.

As summer air temperatures routinely surpass 110 degrees, the hot soil can rise to around 150.

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Less time, more writing?

My latest experiment in writing is now underway, and so far it’s been yielding up some surprising results. Yep, after years of working freelance or taking on limited time contracts in the hopes that these jobs would give me enough money and time to write, I’ve now got a full-time job. 718 more words


Time To Get Trained!

“There was no such thing as a fair fight. All vulnerabilities must be exploited.”
Cary Caffrey

With society spinning out of control in some areas, it is a good time to get trained in hand-to-hand self-defense, firearm safety and firearm techniques! 55 more words


Building a Primitive Hut

This guy is going to survive us all. I swear it.

He creates pottery, starts a fire, builds a house and makes his own stone tools for Pete’s sake! 108 more words


Chinese firelighter bracelet field test

This is a paracord bracelet I ordered online from China as it, purportedly, has a firestick and whistle as part of the locking mechanism.
I decided to try it out whilst out walking in the bush and these are the results. 208 more words


The music and the noise

I’ve got music back. I can’t believe I ever let it slip out of my life. But I did, I lost it for years.

How did I lose it in the first place? 982 more words


Peace and writing

I haven’t been writing. Or to be precise, I’ve been producing scraps, disconnected fragments that work on their own but that won’t lead anywhere. There’s a quality of concentration that’s left me recently, about the same time that the irrepressible urge to get things out of me once and for all faded into something fainter and more manageable. 596 more words