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THE GATEWAY GARDEN: WEEK 1 (prepping the soil and garden area)

Garden season is here and we are going to plant our first garden here at the new house. I went to a few sites looking for tips on how to get started. 670 more words

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Off Grid: 18 Uses for Tin Cans

“Makeshift Knife – As you probably already know, the edge of a tin can’s lid can be very sharp. So if you need to cut something and you don’t have a knife, just use a tin can lid instead”.  12 more words


The hump

The hump is always there.

It doesn’t matter how much I want to write. It doesn’t matter how much I love the process of writing. It doesn’t matter how hungry I’ve been to get to my desk and get pen to paper, finger tips to keys. 580 more words


Survival: When There's no Water

Double up on hand sanitation.  Fill a spray bottle with liquid castile soap, water, and a copious amount of tea tree or other anti-bacterial essential oil,  10 more words


Backpack Must Haves

Not all places in the world have reliable electricity. Having a trusty headlamp in your backpack will allow you the power of sight whenever you need it. 30 more words


Survival: Make Fire

There are a ton of creative ways to start a fire, whether you’re in survival mode or you just want to watch it burn. Here are 17 methods to enhance your preparedness, or if you just want to start some bad ass fires:  10 more words