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Bushcraft, Survival, and Wilderness Resources

Back in my younger days, a lot of years ago, the Internet was theoretical and the only source of information available to John Q. Public who was interested in learning more about the wilderness, woodcraft/lore, and outdoor related activities was the local library, book stores, and outdoor related retailers. 948 more words

Backwoods Travel


May has quickly become a contender for my least favourite month, coming second only to the ever reigning and deeply dreaded December.

Let it end as quickly as it began. 8 more words

Lalala I'm not listening 😭🙉

***post may be triggering****

For some reason I am completely ‘triggered’ this evening. I don’t know why. Maybe writing the post about self harm, Maybe feeling sorry for myself, maybe feeling lonely and having no one here to hold me. 647 more words

Artifact weapon -- the crap ideas just keep on coming

A day or two ago there was an interesting– and disturbing — post in MMO-C, laying out some data mined details of the costs for switching artifact weapon specs in Legion. 1,206 more words

Warlords Of Draenor

You can't beat me down

Since you don’t know me, let’s start here. You can’t beat me down and he/she can’t beat you down either! I lived in an emotional abusive marriage for 14 years and had 3 children. 153 more words

John Man's 'Ninja: 1,000 Years of the Shadow Warrior'

If you’re an avid “South Park” fan, you’ll probably recall the episode when the boys start a ninja club. Dawning the garb of the archetypal shadow warriors, the boys’ parents, as well as the rest of the town’s outrageous citizens, think the imaginative children have joined ISIS. 678 more words


White-Throated Sparrow

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”

~ Camille Pissarro, (1830-1903) Danish-French Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist painter

A White-Throated Sparrow peering at me from the safety of a lilac bush.   28 more words