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Minecraft Survival Update

This is a update video on my survival world on Xbox One. In this video I show the automatic farms I have built as well as something cool in the nether, and a few other things. 10 more words

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

The Unstoppable Force


Abuse can slow you down. Way down. When you spend your life dealing with what seems like an unstoppable force, it’s hard. You get stuck in survival mode and forget how to actually live life. 266 more words


A Life in Exile: Surviving the Day with These Five Favorite Foods

If you’re being exiled to a private island and your captors will only supply you with five foods, what would you request?

I thought it would be easy to pick five foods I’d want from my captors. 337 more words



There’s a 2014 Cars.com commercial that opens with a team meeting in a conference room.  When asked by their boss if they were all on board with a proposed idea, one guy in his dramatic attempt to demonstrate his  refusal to be a “yes man” among his sheepishly agreeable colleagues dismissively  retorts, “No, this is a stupid plan!” He then irreverently tosses what looks like a copy of the plan on the table.  499 more words

Take me to the yellow brick road? 🙏🏻👠

Iv wrote in a previous blog that I am determined to do as much as I can to get better and that is exactly what I’m doing. 393 more words


No one can create
The rain
Never arrived
Neither did the fears
All become a reality.
It is alright to forgive
Yourself first, 22 more words