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The melding of Christianity with Environmentalism (part 3)

In part 2 of this writing I finished with a question. In this last part I will answer it:

A final question, Why do you think Jesus always referred back to nature when he was creating a parable in order to get his point across? 710 more words


The Evolution of the "Ambi" Fighter

Ambi= Ambidextrous; The ability to use the right and left hands EQUALLY well.

 Being a military history buff, I really enjoy studying the progression/evolution of tactics and weaponry in warfare through the years. 1,481 more words


Day 16 - Adaptability...

Today was my Friday this week. As I have limited vacation days I have learned to use them wisely. I take advantage of long weekends and extend them getting the most bang for the least amount of used days. 270 more words

So why talk politics

I’ve occasionally gone all political in my posting but I do see it as a part of prepping and obviously I don’t know what I’m talking about when I discuss politics. 818 more words


Top Four Basic Surival Supplies

Food and water are the top two priorities when it comes to survival, but even the best pre-packaged supplies will not last forever.  While you can trade food and water for other supplies, they do not protect you from harm and they will not help you in any way beyond nutrition. 311 more words


Machine Wars by Michael Pryor

Machine Wars by Michael Pryor. Pub. Random House, 2014.

An excellent easy to read futuristic fantasy for intermediate and junior high school students from a writer that I have just caught up with. 246 more words

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