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A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab

Do you ever look at your shelves of books and think “This book has been here too long.”? That’s how I’ve felt about A Darker Shade of Magic – I’ve had it since 2015 and I’ve been recommending it to bookstore patrons for just as long, but without admitting that I hadn’t read it. 527 more words


My Own Ladder

“Flying without wings
Seeing with blinded eyes
Leading without goals
Producing without products
Building without materials
Earning without workings

The lifestyle of the ants
The lifestyle of the lions… 1,315 more words


Faltering ... Then Standing Firm Once More

When I dare to delve into the information on Nano-particles, chemical sprays and toxins, bio-engineering of foods, and geoengineering of the weather, I hang my head and cry for humanity … just a little … and then I listen to these. 93 more words


Love, Time, and Loss

When someone you love and treasure becomes absent from your life, it leaves a void that can never be filled. It’s a heartbreaking loss, whether it’s brought about by death or the ending of a relationship. 587 more words

Everyday Writer


“Longings of the night

Plight of the light

Dreams of the walking

Dreads of one, sleeping

And an existential crisis

Followed by

A scream

Off an abysmal struggle… 64 more words