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Therapists & Business Trainers as Mindfulness Teachers – Implementing Kahneman's S2

Comments added by Tony Ayaz, Business Trainer, to a recent LinkedIn article* deserve a post in themselves, not only for the important points he raised, but also as reminder of the mindfulness skill he calls “read-listening.” … 996 more words


Winter is... Over

Well, we’ve done it. We have managed to make it through our first “proper” winter all in one piece. We won’t listen to all of the locals who keep telling us that it might have been the warmest winter ever, as we think, not seeing anything above zero degrees for four months is plenty cold. 717 more words


Hit the gym

This is actually an alternate version of an image I made a while back for a set of zombie stickers. This one is a tad less gross. 149 more words


Mar 3 Conclusion - New Enemy, but lots of broken things

I decided to get very little done today; and when I say “decided” I mean a bad turn of events and a looming frustration caused me to get few things done. 130 more words


5th wheeling toward home

Forecast looking pretty cold and slick. Ugg. “Slip sliding away”

Travel Nurse

Surviving Winter

In the effort of
I shovel
to the back of
the house

Along the path
I find
a drooping tree
in the snow… 58 more words


Valley of Death

Wind whips whispering want

each step a sip of winters wailing

and springs unfortunate delay.

Sky dangerously dark above

earth languidly unaware of soles

pressed defiantly deep upon it… 122 more words

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