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The Best Beginners Knife for the Bush!

I have owned a few knifes over the years, ranging from cheap steel to expensive hand-made peaces of art. I have owned a few Morakniv knifes and once i got my hands on this beauty I did not go back to any other Mora knife. 443 more words


Cactus Gravestone

A beach left with only the lick of sand dried every orifice of its juices except for what would excrete solid. Rolling around a few pasty stones in a pooting bowel one might cup and mold a sturdy enough castle to grind and wet flesh enough to quench thirst. 20 more words

Forget everything...& Remember this 

Via elephant journal

Everything that has happened along the way—forget it.
Forget about the first love that broke your heart.
And forget about the last break too.

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How to survive being lost in the wilderness: part #1

Wondering off into the wilderness would be considered reckless unless you took the proper steps to ensure your survival if anything where to happen. You may be asking yourself what those steps would be. 470 more words



I feel my fists clench
As they are thrust into my pockets
A shelter from the blustery winds
And unforgiving tides of
This Winter Solstice… 214 more words


When This is Over.

In Heatmiser’s ‘Half Right’ Elliott Smith sings,

‘Well you shouldn’t doctor yourself

Well I pictured somebody else
Someone who looks like
What I look like…’
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