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Adam Survives....but for how long?

Hello folks!

So I’ve been hyper busy these last two weeks building sets and painting things for our Alaskan Arctic Adventure Vacation Bible School that runs Mon-Fri starting tomorrow. 123 more words


some questions for my fellow queers living in the south

  1. do you wonder if you’re not passing well enough?
  2. do you wonder if you should wear heels and lipstick more often?
  3. do you internally scream that you would be passing if you lived in san francisco or new york?
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Fear and Obedience

I have forced myself to start reading again.  I never really stopped, but the hunger I once had for the written word gave way to pressures of life, exhaustion, and plain depression.   696 more words


Week 3 - The Wolf

The Wolf

Summer storms have come back today. 

The heat mixes with the sun and the rain condenses,

Builds to a crescendo and I am almost soaked on my way to the subway. 73 more words

Survivors of Vigilante Stalking / Targeted Individuals of Gangstalking : Document, Document and then Document

That piece of red tape was put there on June 24th or early on June 25th (Sunday). More later.

(Read at the bottom regarding how to keep the very few essentials with you at all times.) 503 more words

Sound of annoyance

Unplug the crowd
and burst a sphere of silence
Around me,
If you love me.
Decibels in millions are irritant
And have their nemesis
In hugs, avoidance, and personalization.
Accept reality, ignore its sound.


Transformative CRAZYWISE Event

In a small town in the heart of the beautiful Brecon Beacons in Wales, UK, an event was held that had a transformative affect on many attendees. 430 more words

Personal And Planetary Evolution