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Encounters With God: Survival Dream

I was in a desert land. It was a dry and desolate place. In the distance was New York City. As I and three other people I didn’t know began to walk towards the city a tornado formed and began ripping through houses and throwing around debris. 464 more words


Feeling Sad, But Mad -Cognitive Dissonance

‘Feeling sad, but mad’, is a confusing combination of emotions to experience as an Empath dealing with a Lesser, and/or Mid-Range Narcissist.

~ The Seesaw ~ 66 more words


Pass It Down

As he walked down the halls of his old schools

He passes by his old yearbook photo on the wall

He wished he could’ve told his younger self… 415 more words


Brands You Need to Know – Everyday Essentials – Pinch Provisions Emergency Kits

Good things come in tiny packages and Pinch Provisions is no exception. Pinch Provisions sells a line of personal care kits and mini emergency packets that will help anyone in a pinch. 699 more words


Children's Book Launched

Dear Oncology Limited Blog readers,

For the past three years I have been writing and illustrating a children’s book called ‘DRIFTING’ and it is finally done! 257 more words