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Epiphany On The Glacier


Searching For The Hermit In Vain

I asked the boy beneath the pines.
He said, “The master’s gone alone
Herb-picking somewhere on the mount, 3,421 more words


Little Old Me.

I don’t know where I’ll be in two months or two years. This place has chewed me up and spat me out on many occasions but I’ve turned around and fought back “Fuck you!” Look at me, I’ve made it. 41 more words

Feeling Good


It is a time for long and thorough reflection

Of the gifts comprising my endless collection

I see value in the things that go most unnoticed… 190 more words

I'm Still Alive Part 6: Escaping the Fire

“Get on the ground. Now.”

Right after the man said that, six others came rushing out from the bushes and adjacent building, their guns aimed at me. 1,303 more words


Vital Numbers

How many ex-servicemen can still quote their service number?
Yet can’t remember their mobile phone number.

Yep, that would be me.

When I want a number of great importance I ask the wife. 560 more words


Cutting through the fog.

A Warning: This post was written in support of a self-harm awareness programme and contains some emotionally graphic imagery.

Well then, you go to the beach, walk into the sea blindfolded.  313 more words


Sheep Saviour!

As he is a published author with superior writing skills (I can only draw pictures) I asked Al Mennie to draft an account of the sheep saving episode from my perspective. 283 more words

Al Mennie