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June 21, 2016.  That’s the day I began this blog.  The day that I began to put myself out there for anyone to see.  And judge.   387 more words

Project Noah - Month Four

You are probably going to hear this several times over the next few weeks but my life is currently insane.  I am so busy and I keep thinking I’ll get a handle on it.   356 more words



It has been days, or probably months;

I can’t remember very well.

I have drank the silence like liquor,

Which has mapped my bones and skin. 85 more words



She is like a chameleon. Hiding in plain sight. Merely blending in with her surroundings.

Her camouflage is becoming increasingly easy to put on each day and harder to take off each night. 77 more words

Mental Health Journey

At times we are afraid to ask a question
because we suspect a certain answer.

Sreejana Chettri.


Sometimes u want your doubts to be proved wrong
so that your faith in humanity is strengthened.

Sreejana Chettri.