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When Peaceful Protesting Fails

If there’s one thing I cannot stand about the left, it’s the overly emotional, overly sensitive, politically-correct, namby-pamby bullshit that they’ve attached themselves to like tumors and then they refuse treatment. 623 more words

Lost in Your Dreams

Dreaming isn’t just going to bed and seeing things, it’s experiencing a whole new world. You get to run away from the things that haunt you during the day and live a different life. 2,162 more words

The Earthquake Survival Strategy...

We have had some excitement here in my area of Washington State. Two days ago we had an earthquake. Now, generally we don’t get squirrely about earthquakes in this area because we get tiny rumbles every so often. 552 more words


An unintended outcome

Faithwriters.com challenge entry 19th January 2017 – Intermediate – Topic: Brand – 1st Place

Their arrival passed unnoticed; the rustle of the bamboo blind no different to any other breezy night. 727 more words


Homeland Security Gone Rogue

Scott Keller is working hard with the rest of his family and those who have joined them on the farm to survive in this post pulse dystopian world. 187 more words

Book Reviews

You Can't Save Everyone

Mark Bishop and Maeve Tildon are struggling to survive in the mini ice age that is worsening day by day. Bishop realizes that in order to stay alive that they must relocate to more favorable conditions. 200 more words

Book Reviews

Survivors’ Guide: The 9/11 Terror War

The War on Terror is a misnomer, war is Terror, as all those who have been in one will tell you.

The Terror War contributes to Global Warming in many ways. 928 more words