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TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 4b: Buying a House

Ah, sweet! I actually have an extra point, so even if I do buy a ‘house’, I can still afford five gallons of water. Also, it’s nice that they come with plastic containers too. 487 more words


ah here he is

here he is!
the man wearing the woolen cap,
driving the fancy cars ,
all those crumbling cake beings
turned into dignified sects.

Ah… 131 more words


TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 4a: Good Morning Geb

I wasted an entire two gallons of water taking a shower yesterday after my ‘bathroom’ catastrophe. At least a few liters was just my attempting to replace toilet-paper with a ‘bidet’ of sorts… Honestly, I really don’t want to talk about that, so I’ll skip past it. 608 more words


TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 3: Midnight

I can’t believe it’s still night time! I’m starting to get a little worried… No, I guess I’m way past the point where I have the capacity to get anxious anymore. 509 more words



“I don’t know, ask the kid.”
Her eyes glitter in the torch light.
“There’s a kid who lives here. He went upstairs.”
“Look man,” she says, dropping her shotgun aim. 212 more words


and then

Rsading in “the New York Times”
about the animal rights activist arrested for giving pigs water
in a slaughter house,
listening to a talk by Tolle… 153 more words


Watch "Eckhart Tolle The Awakening of Consciousness" on YouTube

i liked very much the quote
“it sleeps in the stone
dreams in the plant
awakens in the animal
becomes conscious in the human being.” 16 more words

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