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Mental Health Hack

Even with the effective treatment that I have found through Dr. Crosby and Haus of Clarity, I still have down days just like any normal person. 162 more words


Fight Flight Freeze- Sarah Doughty

“There’s a reason it’s called fight, flight,
or freeze. Inaction is not your fault.” 208 more words


Fire Kit

Today we take a look at my Fire Kit. As with all the things we do in life, we must study, practice, and modify what we do based upon what works best for us. 19 more words


Prudently, people keep away from the strong
n consciously, stay away from the vulnerable.

Sreejana Chettri.


It’s perfectly normal to dislike someone, even for no particular reason as
such but it certainly ain’t reason enough to disrespect one for the same.

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Bug Out Bag – BOB. We’ve decided that over the next few months we are going to start developing a BOB. Living in N. W. Indiana we are faced with the chance of tornados and power outages. 153 more words


Close to the end...

When I started blogging, my goal was to be disciplined enough to write one years worth, 52 weeks, of blogs on surviving.  I jump in and out of my own sexual abuse survival experiences; while trying to find something that is humorous or will interest you the next.   633 more words