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State of Decay 2: All Skill Trees

**The only 2 skills I’m not 100% are Scouting and Sharpshooting. These are all otherwise accurate as of 6/20/2018


My Will is Great

Give yourself grace enough, and time to understand the interchangeable nature of these two entities. Acceptance that no one moment, or many strung together, is merely black and white. 116 more words


Tragedy of Wanderer


Tragedy of Wanderer:

“Survival betrays glory; Glory, for it demands defiance, as if to keep oneself together even if the failing, falling pieces would not fit back but rather are bound to leave behind a fallen castle displaying the crime to the world unashamed. 121 more words

The Town that Time Forgot

After an arduous trek through a cave that felt like it went on forever, then crossing a gorge that seemed like miles across, I found myself in an eerily quiet town. 1,624 more words


I Lost my Job After my Child Died

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; I lost my job after my child died.

Wow. Nothing like life kicking you when you’re down, huh? … 1,443 more words

Bereaved Father

Not till we are lost, do we actually locate ourselves.

Sreejana Chettri.


Pop Idol

Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut • Find the Fin’s poster • 5G • 17.57% of gamers unlocked this

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ve probably seen the meme that goes around the Internet mocking someone with an extensive game library and ‘nothing to play.’ I feel like that sometimes, but I can usually find something to fill the void that I’m happy with and willing to give a go to for as long and as much as I can take at any given time. 278 more words