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Love, respect, and approval are our basic needs, too.

You are unique. Even identical children have their own independent fingerprints. God created us; mankind, in his image. God gave us rights of love and acceptance, respect, forgiveness, and approval. 218 more words


Day 111

Friday June 19, 2026

Tired at end of long day—long week. Going to read from “Deep Survival” by Laurence Gonzales (2003) for a while and then go lay down in bed. 61 more words


The Planet's Tired Of Eating Our Waste

Photo by Frédéric Paulussen

For some reason (which looks an awful lot like insanity) some brilliant people thought building nuclear power plants was a great idea. 170 more words


# 337 (a choice not to)

That haunted face of yours,

it followed me back home.

How you hit your little brother

without even blinking. You said

“Don’t look!”, but I couldn’t unsee… 111 more words



“Dad, there’s so much blood, I can’t-I can’t, I’m gonna be sick!”

He can see the baby’s corpse out of the corner of his eye.   1,715 more words


How to sail through a disaster like a boss!! Ok!! 5 ways to..

Apparently I am going through an alarming natural high that normally hits people in depression. after this you hit a dangerous low. That’s what Sam the champ says. 383 more words

Harmless Buffoonery

My Top 5 Do's to survive online dating

So I thought the last post might have been a bit negative, dating isn’t as bad as all that. So I thought I’d get my top 5 Do’s in there as well. 455 more words

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