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Take a step into the unknown
Leave the warmth and comfort of your hearth
Reach out with your heart to lands unknown
Listen to the wind for it carries with it tunes yet known… 51 more words


Settling in to rural life...

Imagine someone who jumps at the slightest thing. Who absolutely cannot watch horror films, and sometimes even has to hide at the more tense bits of Midsummer Murders. 697 more words

Travel And Spirit

The Hero Gotham Needs, But Not The Hero It Deserves.

Sometimes you need a hero… I mean game, a game to pull you out of the FPS, RPG, battle royal mindless dribble that sometimes becomes your gaming life.  361 more words


Review - Guide to Combat Shooting Mastery and Active Shooter Defense


Shooting stances

Grips – 2 hand – one hand – off hand

Explanation of firing techniques

How to identify your dominant eye… 25 more words

Self Help

June 17, 2018 My life as a cancer survivor Part 2 // Mein Leben als Krebs-Überlebende Teil 2

— Deutsche Version weiter unten —
As I’ve already written in my last post life is really great ever since I’m back in Tuebingen – going to school, working on a farm, spending lots of time with my friends and just generally being done with treatment, being alive and being healthy is really awesome. 1,280 more words


A letter to my 32.7071 year old self

I hope you are done with your absurd ritual of updating carefully curated instances of a feigned happy birthday out there. And I also hope you are bored of the gratitude you’ve had to express to the ones who wished you so religiously because Facebook sent them a reminder mail to wish this loser and also partly because they themselves are anyway useless and idle.I never really wanted to write this post. 1,216 more words



to stand still,
inviolably still,
in the vortex of fire,
and bear true witness;
every bloom
holds within its tenor
the epitaph of it ashes, 41 more words
John Biscello