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Song of the Day

Time for some “nuevo flamenco” and Canadian content in one fell swoop. Tell me if this one gives you shivers. Because it has that effect on me pretty much every time I hear it. 12 more words

Song Of The Day

Ch1 L27: Beliefs - part III (Taboos)

  1. Fighting Death was the starting point of our journey throughout which we’ve explored how we’ve evolved to survive [1]. We’ve seen that our emotions were the first tools to evaluate and learn from experiences and they dichotomically categorized experiences into two groups of the good and the bad [2].
  2. 1,497 more words

The Meaning of Life and Why the World is so Curropt

Hi, I am a sixteen-year-old boy and I believe I have found out everything about life and how it works. I am going to try and explain it the best way I can in the simplest way possible. 1,829 more words

The Division, I Laugh At Shields!

Body Shield? You think that stops me? Look there is a little window. I wonder if my bullets fit! Watch to find out!

For live gameplay, join me on twitch! twitch.tv/chivashon


The Big Instrument

“Bong!” There are footsteps. Then again. “Bong!” More footsteps. “Bong!”

No, it’s not a bell-ringer practising his repertoire. It’s a farmer walking along his row of water tanks. 440 more words


What Outstanding Tools Make Quality Disaster Survival Kits?

What outstanding tools make quality disaster survival kits? These tools should be in your home emergency disaster kit. The change of seasons is upon us. The severe weather that marks the shift from winter to spring is here. 1,626 more words


Gear up for family adventure

Must-haves for exploring the great outdoors

Get out and enjoy the great outdoors with these proven products that will keep you going – climbing, camping, fishing, hiking, mountain biking and doing whatever you do in the wild, in style, comfort and with gusto. 888 more words