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For Best Results, Walk Away

We knew we were in trouble when our 3 1/2-year-old son Matt would sit at the table for up to 2 hours, refusing to finish his dinner. 431 more words

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Middle School? Challenge Accepted! 5 Helpful Tips for Parents

On the first day of 7th grade my English teacher declared, “I hate 7th graders. They’re whiny, immature, and just generally unpleasant.”  As I listened to scary Mrs. 616 more words

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A Letter to Insecure Teenage Girls (from Someone who Used to be One)

Dear Insecure Teenage Girls,

Whether you’re reading this at 13 or 19, you’ve probably experienced quite a ride already. I’m sure you heard plenty of advice, jokes, and stories from your parents and other people older than you before entering this stage, but it’s still nothing like they talked about. 3,350 more words

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