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Regardless of how you feel about SESTA and FOSTA, it works

I am NOT going to get into any Debates, or “what if” scenarios, you can disagree or agree down in the comment section, voice your thoughts or opinions, just keep it respectful ( on this blog) 810 more words


Survivor Spotlight: Larissa Jensen

In October 2014, I was 42 years old, married for close to 15 years, mother of two boys ages 8 and 10. My full time job is hectic and my schedule is always packed. 2,077 more words

Blood Clot Awareness-survivor Spotlight

Billie's Story

My name is Billie.
I’m 38 years old.
I have survived multiple brain injuries and surgeries.
I am tired .
My story is long and I often feel as if I’m boring others’ with my woes. 2,346 more words

Survivor Stories

I've Got Mad Skillz - Anger Regulation in Fragile Homes

There are many ways to describe people who have amazing and sometimes uncanny abilities. Typically we all know one person who has some variety of oddball talent that is completely useless, yet privately we are jealous. 2,373 more words

My House Burned Down In A Fire

By Meredith Thompson

In Virginia, we are blessed to have four distinct seasons, and we often get a brief taste of seasons within seasons. In early November 2015, summer made one last visit with temperatures in the mid-70s and keeping above 60 in the evenings. 1,534 more words


A Hurricane + Two School Shootings

By Erika Lovegreen

I was in an interview years ago and was asked about what makes me unique. I told the interviewer that I had a pretty incredible story. 792 more words