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Survivor Spotlight: Desirae Baird

It all started on June 13th 2014 like any other ordinary day.   I was getting up to go to work as usual but on this day I began having severe pain and on the right side of my chest, right lung,  I felt as if I couldn’t breathe.   348 more words

Blood Clot Awareness-survivor Spotlight

Wild Parties, Rape, And The High School’s Troubling Response

A series of high school parties hosted by a parent culminated last year with accusations of rape, child abuse and battery, upending several students’ lives and prompting a federal civil rights investigation into one of California’s wealthiest school districts. 219 more words

Rape Culture

This Just In: 1 in 3 West Virginia University Women Surveyed Report Being Sexually Assaulted

Most students say they feel safe on West Virginia University’s main campus, but 1 in 3 women surveyed reported being sexually assaulted, and 10 percent of the female students responding said they’d been raped. 145 more words

What's Happening On College Campuses

MSU Survivor Stories, Records Reveal 'Sexually Hostile Environment'

She told Michigan State University she was sexually assaulted by Dr. Larry Nassar during a visit to his campus office in 2014 for treatment of hip pain. 521 more words

What's Happening On College Campuses

Former Gymnasts Describe MSU Doctor’s Sexual Abuse On 60 Minutes

The U.S. women’s gymnastics team – for all its success over the past few decades – has become embroiled in a dark and disturbing scandal concerning sexual abuse.   156 more words

What's Happening On College Campuses

Survivor Of High Profile Serial Rape Case Pushes Change In Oklahoma Law

A survivor of a high profile serial rape case is trying to change laws in Oklahoma.

Danielle Tudor moved to Oklahoma last year to be closer to her grandchildren, and said she was shocked to find out how lax laws are here regarding rape. 237 more words

Rape Culture