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When does the fear end?

Does the fear of recurrence ever truly end for a breast cancer survivor and how do we negate its power over us?

Read one woman’s experience in this great blog post

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What I Learned from Sprinkles

I am writing this post 24 hours after the passing of “Mr. Sprinkles.” For 17.25 years, Sprinkles was our family dog, a Bichon. He came home with us when he was 8 weeks old in 1999. 987 more words

3: Self Care is not following a script...

This one is really simple. There is very much a formula around the space of implementing self care; knowing when to self care, what works for us personally, and sometimes even needing to methodically implement it. 254 more words

Jennifer Peacock-Smith

FAQ: Chronic vs Acute Abuse

Today’s post is a biggy. Not that there is ever anything small about abuse of any kind, but another blogger asked me a question the other day about the word Chronic and what it is. 1,870 more words

Jennifer Peacock-Smith


​My name is Krystalina Eddy. I was diagnosed with multiple DVT’s from my ankle to my groin area of my right leg and multiple bilateral pulmonary embolisms on February 5th 2013. 78 more words

An anxious Piece of Pottery

I made this bowl the other day, … (well, this is only the underglaze, those pencil lines will burn off in the kiln and the colours are all actually bright and dark). 442 more words

Jennifer Peacock-Smith

Breast Cancer Conquerors

Breast cancer treatment is a long drawn battle for the patient and her family and it is always a joyous moment when they finish their… 60 more words

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