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Survivor Spotlight: Beth Williams

 I had hip arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn labrum on February 2, 2017. The surgery lasted an hour and I was in recovery for 4 hours due to severe nausea from Percocet. 1,150 more words

Blood Clot Awareness-survivor Spotlight

Redefining Rape [Pt. 1]: Gender

In the public discussion and of rape, the term “women’s issue” tends to be synonymous. It wasn’t until my own rape as an adult that I realized just how skewed and dangerously misguided the public perception of rape actually is. 463 more words

Survivor Stories

Columbia University Student Is Suing After She Was Raped TWICE In Her Dorm

A Columbia University student sued the Ivy League institution on Tuesday, saying university staffers were apathetic and unresponsive after she reported being raped and harassed multiple times on campus. 259 more words

Rape Culture

FYI: ‘Revenge Porn’ Is A Form Of Sexual Assault

Actor Mischa Barton has become the latest in the long line of victims of what is commonly known as ‘revenge porn’. Her ex-partner secretly filmed her engaged in sexual activity and has been touting the videos for sale. 215 more words

Rape Culture

Survivor Calls On Trump Military Leadership To Confront Nude Photo Scandal

How many times have we seen military harassment and sexual assault scandals unfold on television, only to be followed by a replicated statement read by top brass condemning the actions and promising justice, accountability, and “zero tolerance?” 179 more words

Rape Culture

If You Read This After I'm Gone

It was just supposed to be a mammogram. A few weeks earlier I had gone to my doctor to inquire about an unusual hardness behind my left nipple. 908 more words


Survivor Spotlight: Debra Lynn Kleid

My blood clot was 05/21/2015 where it effected my entire left leg , my abdomen and my lungs.

I woke up one morning with heaviness in my leg and shortness of breath. 110 more words

Blood Clot Awareness-survivor Spotlight