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How I Overcame My #Depression, One Haircut at a Time

By Antonio Gonzales

I was depressed for what seemed like a lifetime.  Around friends, I was the life of the party.  But, when alone, I felt desperate for love.  612 more words


Grandma Goes to Rehab

By Kevin Ridgeway

I was six years old and told by my uncle
that we were going on a treasure hunt
through grandma’s house, and if I found… 193 more words


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This poem beautifully ties together generational addiction. Sad but true.

Sex and the Young Survivor

By Emily Cousins

My husband said all the right things to me after my lumpectomy. He told me that I looked beautiful and feminine and that he found me very desirable. 708 more words

Survivor Stories

Happy V-Day: Celebrating Navigating Uncharted Waters' 6th Anniversary!

We all need healthy love in our lives to thrive and find joy.  Yet, abuse survivors are conditioned to confuse abuse with love.  We don’t recognize healthy love when it walks in the door.   245 more words

Domestic Violence

Lymphedema Workshop

Lymphedema is a common and debilitating problem in patients suffering from Breast Cancer. It affects 7-15% patients who undergo axillary lymph node clearance as a part of their cancer management. 114 more words


Homeless for More Than 20 Years, Part 2

By Antonio Gonzales

In this second part of my story, let’s continue focusing on the plight of our homeless brothers and sisters, and how they are continuously misunderstood. 446 more words


Out of the fire and into the slow-cooker

A snake dressed like a fluffy rabbit is still a snake. We eventually got away from our life of poverty. My mother remarried. He was successful and had a lot of money. 1,878 more words